500 Roblox Music Codes & Song ID [2024]

Roblox Music Codes

Roblox has become a base for all gamers nowadays. With millions of games and tons of customizability, you can enjoy this game as much as you want. Moreover, most of the game features are free and contribute greatly to this platform’s success. With over 100 million players every month, you can get a good experience hanging out in Roblox games.

Roblox Music Codes have become one of the essential things in Roblox. The Boombox allows you to play any music you want with its codes. Unfortunately, without these codes, you cannot play any song in this game. This feature was introduced in 2015 and has been used by almost every player.

As of now, there are no requirements other than purchasing a Boombox to use Roblox Music Codes. Boombox can be easily purchased with 500 Robux, and you’re good to go.

What is Roblox Music Codes?

Boombox in Roblox

Music Codes stands for the numeric ID codes which resemble any song on the Roblox library. You can play the corresponding song by using its ID/Code. But during the process, you have to make sure that the ID code is valid. Otherwise, the server cannot play the song.

Roblox Music Codes List

Roblox Music Codes List

Roblox Library has thousands of music files. We’ve only mentioned the songs which are famous among the players. Following is the music codes list with some of the famous songs on Roblox library –

Song NameMusic Code
Jonas Blue – Mama2842745002
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure765245744
Alan Walker – Routine686514556
Ramz – Barking1395741877
Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise2980426576
Alan Walkers – Spectre2341234054
Rihanna – Only Girl5837334073
Annoying Screech444483839
Chill Audio288464336
Pouya – Void1491198676

Hip Hop/Rap Music Codes

  • 5143574621 (Blixky Gang)
  • 5087633624 (1Minute)
  • 5622649558 (Something Special)
  • 444408326 (Freestyle)

Hip Hop music is also known as Rap Music around the world is a popular music genre that came from American countries. This music consists of rhythmic styled music along with Rap. This music created a Hip Hop or Rap culture in the whole world and the community is increasing every day. This culture was first launched in New York City in the 1970s and performed in Block Parties.

Techno Music Codes

  • 569078634 (Kamiyada – Tokyo Ghoul Freestyle)
  • 201406108 (Nightcore – La Di Da)
  • 381357225 (Petit Biscuit – Oceans)
  • 797854391 (Hollywood Undead – Another Way Out)
  • 4486965817 (Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours)

The famous genre of electronic dance music is known as Techno Music. This EDM is characterized by beats of four by four. It is mostly produced by the DJs for the party. The beats of this music are four by four having a tempo within the range of 120 to 150. This culture was invented in the mid os 1980s and its popularity is increased with the massive amount of speed around the world.

R&B Music Codes

  • 3660298420 (Girls Like Me)
  • 5156930335 (All Alone)

The full form of R&B music is known as Rhythm and Blues and it is a popular music genre that originated in the communities of America and Africa in the year 1940s. This music was initially used in urban American and African music. R&B music mostly consists of guitars and pianos and the popularity increased with great speed from the 1970s to 1980s.

Punk Music Codes

  • 1152566014 (I’m Blue)
  • 2842745002 (Mama)

Punk Music is also known as Punk Rock is a music genre that came into existence in the middle of the 1970s. The roots of the music were rooted in 1960s garage rock the punk band rejected this received in the mainstream of the 1970s rock. The Punk Music term was used in the American Rock critics in the middle of 1970s and in mid-1950s to 1960s garage bands.

Alternative Rock Music Codes

  • 766655306 (Xxxtentacion – Gnarly)
  • 1788787444 (Halsey – Control)

The short form or the also known as alternative music or alt-rock otherwise simple alternative is one of the rock music categories that emerged as underground music of the year 1970s. Alternative Rock Music is becoming widely popular in the 1990s. The culture came into the picture from the countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America and became widely popular around the world.

Loud Musics Codes

There is a completely separate post dedicated to ID Codes for Loud Music.

The renowned artist of the world Michelle Branch launched the song Loud Music. This song was released in the year 2011 and it is in the genre of Pop section. The music critics gave positive reviews on the song and thus it became very popular among users around the world. This song is available on various platforms on the Internet such as Spotify, YouTube, Gaana, Hungama, and many others on the internet.

Country Music Codes

  • 2632531663 (Country Roads)
  • 2598346367 (Ayo & Teo – Rolex)

Western music or famously known as Country music is inspired by the Blues, Old-Times Music, and from a variety of American Folk Music. This type of music consists of ballads and dance tunes which simply consists of folk music and it is mostly accompanied by musical instruments that consisted of strings such as banjos, guitars, and many more. It came from the southern culture in the 1920s.

Other Roblox Music Codes

Following are some of the music codes sorted alphabetically –


Anime Thighs
Ariana Grande


Bad Guy
Billie Eilish


Coffin Dance
Country Roads
Crab Rave


Dance Monkey
Doja Cat


Coming Soon.








Imagine Dragons


Juice Wrld




Let You Down
Look At Me


Mario Screaming
Marshmello Happier
Melanie Martinez




Old Town Road


Pity Party
Pop Out
Pop Smoke




Rap Roblox Music Codes


Savage Love
See Me Fall


Taylor Swift
The Box
The Weeknd
Tik Tok


Coming Soon.


Vibe Music


Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing




Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.

How To Use Roblox Music Codes?

How To Use Roblox Music Codes

Using Roblox Music Codes is one of the easiest tasks in the game. Firstly, you need to purchase Boombox from the Roblox Library. This will cost you around 500 Robux. After that, you can listen to any song anytime and anywhere. To do it, open up the Boombox window and type the ID/Code of the corresponding song. It will start playing the song.

Before jumping on this huge list, please share this list with your friend and let them know about this awesome list.

Final Words

All the songs in this list are handpicked by factoring in their popularity. I’m sure that this Music Codes list will help you find your favorite song’s ID song. Roblox has made our gaming life way easier by releasing the music update. I hope they’ll keep up the good work!

Happy Robloxing!

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