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Cradles Roblox Ids Stunning List [Working September 2020]

Roblox is one of the best platforms to hang out with your friends. With 150M+ new users every month, Roblox is very famous for its unique creative adaptability. Players can make custom games and play with their friends quickly, without prior knowledge of coding. This unique feature of Roblox makes it unique over many other games.

Cradles Roblox Id is one of the most searched ids in Roblox Library. In Roblox, there is a tab called the library. In the library, there are user-generated models, decals, audios, plugins which we can reuse in our Roblox Studios to create games. This library helps us to find many items which we need.

Roblox Audio Library has become quite famous nowadays. There are more than 400k+ audio files shared over the platform. This audio file helps other users to easily use them on a single press. Every audio file has its unique id which you can use to search the files. Sometimes, there are multiple files with the same name, at such scenarios, ids play an important role in finding the correct audio file.

cradles roblox id

Cradles is rock music composed by Sub Urban. It has made its way into the big community of Roblox. It’s loved by all the players.

List of Cradles Full Song Id –

Following is the list of the Cradles Sub Urban Roblox Audio Id List –

Sub Urban – Cradles (instrumental)

This is instrumental version of Sub Urban Cradles. This is probably the best version of cradles in audio library.

Shared by – oranqejulce
Favorites – 294
Release date – May 25, 2019
Cradles Roblox Id – 3217606560


This is slowed version of cradles. Its slowed to 75% of its orignal speed and its pitch is reduced.

Shared by – mochaluxe
Favorites – 81
Release date – May 21, 2019
Cradles Roblox Id – 3203746378

Sub Urban – Cradles 『Daycore』

This is also a slowed version of cradles but little faster than last one.

Shared by – TransFoox
Favorites – 143
Release date – Aug 15, 2020
Cradles Roblox Id – 4738376177

Nightcore – Cradles (Lyrics)

This version is faster than the original version by 10%. So, far this version is the most closely to the original version of cradles.

Shared by – XxO_O4Lifexx
Favorites – 61
Release date – Nov 30, 2019
Cradles Roblox Id – 4475894410

CRADLES | MEMES ( Pitched down )

This is also one of the best versions of cradles. This has reduced its pitch than the original version of cradles.

Shared by – DubSurgeon
Favorites – 112
Release date – Mar 15, 2019
Cradles Roblox Id – 2962728358

Nightcore Cradles [NV]

This the original version of cradles but its mixed with an anime song.

Shared by – Eishetth
Favorites – 121
Release date – May 21, 2019
Cradles Roblox Id – 3202880165

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Sub Urban – Cradles [Music Box]

This is a music box version of cradles. Its very clean and soothing.

Shared by – Comrade_Redmond
Favorites – 5
Release date – Sep 19, 2020
Id – 5710765316

Sub Urban – Cradles (BATCH Remix)

This is a BATCH remix of Cradles Sub Urban. Its not good as the original one but its a good alternative to avoid copyright removals.

Shared by – S_tackk
Favorites – 37
Release date – Sep 24, 2019
Cradles Roblox Id – 3965245429

Sub Urban – Cradles (Instrumental Beat Remake by N)

This is instrumental beats of Cradles Sub Urban.

Shared by – Lonliness427
Favorites – 21
Release date – Jan 23, 2020
Id – 4624419371

Final Words

Roblox audio files have been boon to many people in Roblox Studios. They can create their own games and instantly add the audios from the library. There were more than 20 Cradles Sub Urban added to Roblox Library. But they were taken out due to copyright issues. Without audio, your game just feels like lifeless. Make sure to use Audio files and add audio to your game!

Sub Urban has more than 2.50M+ subscribers on YouTube. Cradles is one of the most famous songs on this channel. This channel has provided many good rock songs.

Which Cradles version was the best among the above?
Let us know in the comments

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