400+ Vibe Music Roblox ID Codes [2021]

Vibe Music Roblox ID Codes

Roblox Library is a huge place where the users publish multiple items. These items include Meshes, Decals, Plugins, Audios, Videos, or Models. Together, all these items make it easy for both the developers and game players to enjoy the platform easily. Moreover, the majority of the Library is made up of audio files. The simple reason for this being, everyone likes to listen to songs in their game.

Vibe Music Roblox ID Codes are the list of IDs of all the popular and famous songs over the platform to enjoy your time in Roblox. Since 2016, everyone likes to listen to vibing music by using their Boombox. This enjoyment created a need for ID codes of songs as these IDs cannot be remembered every time.

What is Vibe Music Roblox ID Code?

Vibe Music Roblox ID Codes

Roblox released an update in 2016 with a new feature to listen to songs while playing the game. However, this feature is not free and requires you to buy the Roblox Boombox to play any song. Similarly, Vibe Music Roblox ID Code is a numeric ID of vibe music. This music can be played on Boombox by using the corresponding ID. In this post, I’ve made a collection of 400+ vibe music to listen to in the game.

How to use Vibe Music Roblox ID Codes?

Using Boombox Roblox

Using Vibe Music ID Codes is similar to that of any other ID Code. If you have Boombox in your inventory, you can use this code directly by following steps –

  1. Open your Radiobox/Boombox.
  2. A window will appear asking you to enter the numeric ID of the song you want to listen to.
  3. Enter the ID Code from the list below.
  4. Press Enter to play the song.

Now, your character will lift the Boombox on the shoulder and start playing Vibe Music according to your ID entered.

Vibe Music Roblox ID Codes

Vibe Music Roblox ID Codes 2

The table consists of all vibe music or similar genre songs to enjoy your Roblox time. The list is already sorted according to relevance. Let’s jump right into it –

Vibe Music NameID/Code
lil peep Vibe975485247
lil skies – feel the vibe4978913580
Put Your Head On My Shoulder Aesthetic (by Mirk)5255122859
Marikit Donnalyn Cover (by MirkMolon)5403751138
chuckee. – champ cola1349028237
Seconds Away – Soulero155512819
1TEAM – Vibe (sped up)3165184022
Ready Set Go1848267127
猫 シ Corp. – Employees Only (with GōsutoMall)1550601244
BARACK OBAMA4945940713
Snail’s House – ラムネ (ra-mu-ne)566038372
Cutting Shapes1838580934
Joakim Karud – Vibe With Me840178276
Vibe with me1092175230
Golden Eggs1837455246
2 Chainz – It’s A Vibe784699289
Sad Boy Sheldon – The Grilled Fish’s Balled5794453995
Scary Story A1847535288
Sad/Vibe Song4805644310
Calvin Harris Feels Vaporwave Redux5813479190
Imagine Dragons – Believer | RTech Music4684112419
Mega Man Zero 3: Labo – System-a-Ciel298210483
PFUDOR – Death Metal Version 2356856919
Tinashe – Rascal5426956814
The Weeknd – In Your Eyes (Remix)5071332969
Fly Away1843397448
Jinsang – Dusk1504446790
SIGRID – Don’t Kill My Vibe2949993385
Sonic Before the Sequel-Ode To Shattered Illusions158562313
Be A Hero1842960528
Whisper – S O R R Y (Vibe Music Roblox ID)5166435107
@meh but not5226319821
Ohbliv – Afrofreeq1358145552
Lovely Love1845530297
Good Vibes ��2017086139
POCARI ステューシー x 猫 シ Corp – Kitakou, ##1529342112
Panggah Matthaios ft. Soulthrll (By MirkMolon)5449995571
Chill trap beat – VIbes4809353556
Go Go Go Go A1847075274
Liquid Crystal (a)1837713714
Swing Swing Swing!1846107552
Beat Your Competition – Vibe tracks364319796
Beautiful Girl Aesthetic Beenz (by MirkMolon)5277821785
Ben – Smile (Ft. Sophie Meiers) (Prod. nohidea)1329187989
Yanagi Nagi – Megumi no Ame (OreGairu 3 OP)4895566767
I Feel Cool1843564977
Intense Night Time Creepy Background Music1328113677
Massive Vibes – Burn The Stars (TrapNation)1294957278
High Roller1837689021
Ta-ku – Higher (Flume Remix)254367147
Dearly Beloved [ 8BIT ]850214271
�Lofi vibes �5354280442
Sulyap Jr.Crown (by MirkMolon)5616523158
Good Morning Whistle (No Whistle)1838619910
Frat Party Frontin (a)1838028512
Tin Hat Party Time (c)1838076985
DeKobe – Raining1517237960
wunsche – sunday vibes630861230
Don’t Let Me Go1843346793
Back To The 90s OL (Vibe Music Roblox ID)1847189145
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Menu theme1442402736
Karl Son Vibe4977587377
Lady Leshurr – On The Road1314590978
Sakura Trees3407409280
Heart Break, Vibe Tracks.797707569
vJeffri – Vibe With Me4884873492
Massive Vibes – Burn The Stars1098625456
elijah who – skateboard p1208202238
cat vibe song5575996478
Drop It1842762360
Fun – Vibe Tracks1325914276
Chill Vibes1428065742
Josh A – LONELY VIBES1442538943
Humble Vibe Music.4838104223
Wacky Weekend1837700487
karlSON vibe (perfect loop)5377259038
xxtentacion – Ex Beh (not pitched)4489850001
Don’t Let Me Go1843346884
Ghetto Vibes1836252279
Robot Girl1836029344
Distorted Ultrabass1836029551
whereisalex – i wish you loved me.433330170
MILOVES OTW SAYO Badger (By MirkMolon)5446939261
Tropical Paradise1838097392
coffin dance bass boosted5484066074
☆Sleepy Vaporwave Playlist☆4892630320
Matthaios – Vibe With Me || Gorxmane5246413444
Vibe This (A)1846402301
SOUDIERE – USED TO2032847586
Classic Vibe142305337
Motel Vibe2926600265
They Walk Among Us1842688493
idealism – nagashi5308070419
Gato – Don’t Kill My Vibe1118316099
Fly Fly Playa1836769465
pee music4708542555
(Tropical House) MrKoolTrix – Nice Vibes4619731141
Lil Haiti – Good Vibe469629541
SMLE – It’ll Be Okay278269906
Persona 5 Royal – No More What Ifs (Instrumental)5096018827
Chinita Girl Lil Vinceyy ft. Guel (by MirkMolon)5362866762
Fly Fly Playa1837001967
No Go Now1842977305
Build me up Buttercup Aesthetic 2 (by MirkMolon)5249965258
Marshvll – The Vibe (VIP) ft. Yung Fusion [Bass Bo728973661
Tritonal – Getaway425020861
Butter Cup Build Me Up Aesthetic by MirkMolon)5273453618
Deja Vu1837000803
deep october – fell asleep1656553577
Mishaal – feelings (xxxtentacion beat)2778420186
vibe checked john roblox (Vibe Music Roblox ID)5570176889
Gooseworx – Blackhole Blitz5194389266
Deep Synth1843564924
猫 シ Corp. – ̬VERNE ↹ Flights̙1529473999
Together Ne-yo (by MirkMolon)5305968940
MorrisCode – World Vibes221521454
Tyga – 1 of 1441979905
A N I M E V I B E S676415205
SpongeBob – Happy Sponge Chase Vibes3550486820
Tyler, The Creator – Malefriend5333195637
Creedence Revival Clearwater – Fortunate Son2806856587
lil skies – feel the vibe3679280599
Sunday Vibes2560787277
Million Ne-yo (by MirkMolon)5305520778
I’m Gonna Get Up Remix C1847606521
Catch My Vibe1843663426
Fly Away1843426294
Yeseo – Lazy Mary Jane1037370451
WYS – lone4606400466
The Neighbourhood – Greetings From Califournia4950563150
Chill Vibe Music5820938187
Jingle Bells1845570424
Swing Swing Swing! 291846108343
Bad Vibes1843601010
Hit It !1837112769
Elektronomia – Summer Vibes620794503
Yasuo – Windy Samurai444991193
Cookie Kawaii- Vibe (Clean)4966139392
Grass Roots1836719680
Comfy vibes ♫ -By-Comfi beats4901681857
Summer Vibes1836869559
MARSHVLL – The Vibe189901505
XXXTENTACION – rich kid water ft. Sauce Walka4496869103
Toxic Shadow1846756273
Sad/Vibe song 3 (Vibe Music Roblox ID)4808775899
Future Vibes by Qeeo [Future Bass]2440367427
Rude Buster Remix5069904826
Capital Steez – Vibe Ratings (Instrumental)364270813
Believe (Vocal)1843571678
Opening Doors1837135466
Elijah Who – Black Coffee2505579276
Hans Zimmer – Day One (Hydro Mix)298026987
Lovely Love1845531055
Sad Boy Sheldon – Mr.Myself4851067866
To Ne-yo (by MirkMolon)5250393154
cuco – summer time high time3017455609
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 – Fun Tonight1565156720
Taga asa ka Budots (by MirkMolon)5616772625
halloween2 SLOW3106306243
Masego x Medasin – Sunday Vibes931524910
I’m In Love (UV)1835951089
SAINT PEPSI – Just Begun376831751
Maximillian – Beautiful Scars (Nightcore)5494957752
Cookiee Kawaii – Vibe mp34824258129
Jimmy Eat World, The Middle5128876023
Vibe With Me – Joakim Karud860059667
Tik Tok Cookie Kawaii – Vibe4825921097
This is America vibe5929270169
MGMT – Electric Feel (Nick Talos vs. CRW Edit)1184325147
Sarcastic Sounds – “I Don’t Sleep”1367602092
Drop It Drop In (a)1838083095
Your Sunday(Sunday Morning of Maroon5)-Sunny Shin(4904671337
A Short Intermission (Vibe Music Roblox ID)1841404217
Twenty One Pilots – Truce2545091543
Vibe Song5096181028
Filipina Aye Pieces ft. DRO (by MirkMolon)5672818377
Cookiee Kawaii – Vibe if i throw it back is it fas5018867621
summer vibes573753170
Manila Killa – All That’s Left (Feat. Joni Fatora)356350179
Walking On A Dream1838618887
On The Town1842696833
Swing Swing Swing! 591846108102
Assembly (No Vocal Version)1842896507
Jingle Bells1845570417
Stories Untold – Main Theme Song [FULL]2497798337
Sugar Stutters (a)1838080629
7 days to die [Main Menu Music, OUTDATED]298412344
XXXTENTACION – Triumph4502453488
GTA IV TBoGT – Pause Menu Song-7 MINUTES1129159683
When I’m With You – Xxxtentacion3782565631
Chealsea ###### – You’re Not Missing Me1418323572
◇Joe Hertz – Stay Lost ft.AmberSimone (Cabu Remix)1036618565
Misery – Joji ~Chill Vibe~1343291328
quando rondo – bad vibe (feat a boogie & 2 chainz)5128462934
Military Radio Transmission719277839
Shut Up and Vibe Thankful173693931
Karlson Vibe5069728821
Chuki ~ Evening Vibes1744478854
Crystal Clear1842921880
This Animal1842667693
Koji – Conceptualeyes (AniVibe)249616802
Nav – Take Me Simple5236339632
Tom B. X WHTKD – Bad Vibe [FULL]1516831088
Sneaky Ghost1837467266
Campfire Vibes / Sunset Vibes3495646183
[FULL] Conro – Lay Low [Future Bass] [Monstercat]823038755
Axel Wernberg Infinity4602388248
Massive Vibes – Burn The Stars (30 Seconds)1907240926
Get Away ~Chill Vibe~1335148793
internetBoi Vibe //1864257641
The Rocky Face1842725410
��Chris Brown – Come Home Tonight��462160029
fnaf 6 catalog1840843227
The bakery (slowed+reverb)5843753693
Visitor – Coming Home (FM Attack Remix)1305521219
CYBEREALITYライフ – クリスタル t e a r s ~1646006694
sapientdream(slushii) – walls1521902173
MineSweepa – Bad Vibes1383202399
Just Scream1842660676
Slowed Banakula x Llusion5350599456
Radio Song (Half Life 2)159609619
637god – for the vibe (clean)5053881087
Karlson Vibe5017089075
vibe check4096455942
|✩| Moonbyul (문별이) |Eclipse [FULL]5597535335
Pony Vibes [PonyDub]267910078
� Sad / Chill Beat �1137575800
ConsciousTHOUGHTS – beach time1377718983
Asgore (Megadrive Processed)340591823
Dark Magic1837467285
Imagine Dragons – It’s Time | RTech Music4684111714
Tuesday (Harmo & Vibes Remix)910787506
summer vibes – lonely god5007379001
Ariana Grande – Thinking Bout You (GARRY Remix)2780097451
The Will To Chill1847297403
Sad Boy Sheldon – Delirium4850783621
Malayo Ka’man (By MirkMolon)5457301039
BAHT Remix (prod. Jordan)5938883424
Love Is All Around1842922252
Sad Vibes2065644841
Mechanic Vibes – Aggressor462592947
The Kid Laroi -Addison Ra (lofi)4855430038
Digital Thunder (b)1846970718
The Vibe1835519511
Moonlight Guitar (Acoustic)1838620044
Such A Rush1842845307
VIBE CHECKED4334340728
Vibe With Me2744342545
Tilaw ra Soulthrll (by MirkMolon)5618992002
Unnerving Vibe – Danganronpa Distrust4501018190
Cool Vibes Kevin Macleod302307556
I’m Gonna Get Up Remix A1847606454
han – winter (feat. Still Haze) ~chill vibe~1360444173
Dannic, Bright Lights – Dear Life (NOVKA Remix)616971947
with u` – lonely530583591
O K4693649988
(マクロス) MACROSS 82-99 -Fun Tonight (+70 TAKES))335701692
Relax Vibes1445150925
Vibe music4721503572
Good Vibes1842797084
As the Crow Flies1837116989
Pinay Sobrang Fine Kyle Zagado (By MirkMolon)5449751715
Regirock vibing for 5 minutes straight5817409964
루카스 – Claire (Looped)2029015332
Imaginary Ambition – Substance967270083
Debris & RudeLies – Animal (Bass-boosteD)2907530012
Anime Vibes// Beat851295968
That Way (but Lofi)4975818725
Thanos Buster5017338170
Ariana Grande – Knew Better (Instrumental)2691737599
Stereo Hearts1842667239
Sonic 3 & Knuckles (1994) – Desert Palace376120018
������� – thursday vibe641215727
atlas – foibles564900084
Agrume – Lost in the vapor1358195059
chief. – 2:591019403970
Darius – Maliblue254366639
DRIV3R – Install Music [PC]4007056499
Marshvll – The Vibe194299305
Josh A – LONELY VIBES1251004950
Sad Vibe2956641095
alice gas – ferrari (SWAG PART LOOP!!!)5708460062
j’san – waking up in the park ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ5240921736
Sad/Vibe song 24808750632
Demon slayer(Kimetsu no Yaiba) lofi vibe4906871545
We Own It1842979703
driver – OWTC bootleg ~Chill Vibe~1390663573
Game Over3177113679
The Sea1842752641
Fortnite – Planetary Vibe Emote (Lyrics)5417444922
2Pac – Stand By Me1217269653
Mango Fandango – Underscore1842825091
Quando Rondo – Bad Vibe (FAST)4623563990
HM Surf – Didnt Get a Switch For Christmas1361530219
Ash O’Connor – Vibe669932090
Deja Vu1837012022
kudasai – vibrancy4708162823
lil skies – feel the vibe3728129642
Wy-i remix Howls moving castle1430710894
Orca Vibes1683463566
Deja Vu1836769148
Ah! Ah!Ah! Ah! (Summer Vibes Mix)2025816131
Night of the Ghouls1837467198
Lil Haiti – Good Vibe463843723
CHIKA VIBES _ Kaguya-sama_ Love is War4616039823
just a chill vibe2401133796
Convolk – hate (being) stuck in �� ����1415882244
Strange Vibes1840255522
Timmies – Tell Me Why Im Waiting5578307974
Electronic Vibes1835402936
The Park1842776028
CoryaYo – greens355597048
Brown Eye’s Aethistic Justin (by MirkMolon)5276738718
Cookiee Kawaii – Vibe (Lyrics) if i throw it back4920462753
Vibe Tracks – Heart Break1340833207
Fizzy Hippy Dizzy Hoppy (a)1838080413
Karlson vibe (Theme)5065182196
Joe Hertz – Stay Lost468014683
Elon “EDM” Musk – Don’t Doubt ur Vibe4650422631
Zhu vs Kaskade : In The Morning491118105
Y a s p e r x Glimlip – Infused5313604520
I eat Plants for a living – No Accidents1588332133
� Lil Kexd – Anybody ft Lil Dxke & Gunna ��3335846521
Deja Vu1837001653
Skinny Fabulous, Machel M,Bunji Garlin – Famalay2901156211
No One Piano Cover Alicia (by MirkMolon)5293126879
DJ Set1843564781
Trick or Treat1837467234
On The Money1842799104
Jerma does beatbox [vibe music �]4647011126
R.I.P. – Joji & Trippie (slowed + reverb)4851826248
eevee – vibe1186412184
Vibe Ace – Kevin MacLeod1494201446
sunday vibes1010262733
This Time I Want it All (instrumental)1843651968
XyloVexProductions – Crystal [Lo-Fi][Vibe]4860268022
K.Safo & Alex Skrindo – Future Vibes482108957
Wavy – Spooky Scary Skeletons (Extended Remix)1131878279
Fun-Vibe Tracks709809126
CYBEREALITYライフ – オンライン博物館1529346624
Epic Vibe Music5810290105
Night Vibes1839342547
brillion – just close your eyes5306771452
猫 シ Corp. – 臨海都市ボーダム アロエ1529486940
Gooseworx – Starlane Stroll5194388502
Vibe music5104110410
Sonic 3 & Knuckles (1994) – Endless Mine376497456
Go Go Go Go1847075248
That New New1842980184
Radioactive [Full Song] | RTech Music4599800981
Vibe tik toc4725175904
猫 シ Corp. – 東京 HAZE1531996208
Miitopia – World 3 Battle Theme936239275
90’s vibe3321100358
The Poke1835403198
Queens of Noise1837663792
Beach Vibes (b)1837796200
Deja Vu1837021402
Whisper – SKASE NIMOY5166119568
Elon Musk – Don’t doubt your vibe4647401075
Baking a Cake1844138333
猫 シ Corp. – Turtle Islands1529480834
猫 シ Corp. – Alexis1531984266
Electronic Vibes155406910
Jazz, Period. – Chateauguay Tenors “Fast Track”937646620
Magandang Dilag (by MirkMolon)5955328122
RŮDE – Eternal Youth (Slowed To Perfection)5928268358
Taki – Ocean Vibes4516417056
Bring Me The Horizon – Drown (Sad Boy Sheldon Mix)5056820644
Ireland Boys – VIBE5601183332
marshmello – Summer247813691
SCHLATT WALK By Prince Zuko4568024466
Rainbow Aesthetic Justin (by MirkMolon)5276730513
Purple Clouds – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist5783289746
猫 シ Corp. – malibu boulevard1531987702
Whisper – Kinitro5168387975
glue70 – Coral Fumes469226699
Louverture – Serene Vibes [prod. Cairo]3843223529
Sourface – Didn’t realize5154391917
Marikit Juan Kyle Slow Perfect (by MirkMolon)5397326314
Sunny Daze5083224132
Go Go Go Go B1847075299
Nova Bossa Nova1843640051

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Final Words

Roblox is a huge game with millions of items in the library. Over 400K+ audio files on Library make the players difficult to find specific songs on this library. With the help of these Vibe Music Roblox ID Codes, you can easily listen to your favorite vibe music and enjoy your Roblox time.

Happy Boomboxing!

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