Taylor Swift Roblox ID Codes To Play Pop Songs [2024]

Taylor Swift Roblox ID Codes

Roblox is a top-growing platform for all the gaming community. With free Roblox Studios, you can create and host a game easily without any prior knowledge of coding. With the introduction of Boombox in 2016, players can play their favorite songs in the game. Each song has to be uploaded to the Roblox library before playing it in the game. So far, there are 450k+ audio files uploaded in the audio section of the library.

Taylor Swift Roblox ID Codes are the list of numeric IDs which can be used to play songs in Roblox. As Roblox supports playing songs in the game, the players love listening to their favorite songs. With the help of the list given in this post, you can definitely play her awesome songs.

What are Taylor Swift Roblox ID Codes?

Taylor Swift Roblox ID

In Roblox, you can upload audio files to save it. These files are attached with a numeric unique IDs. To play the songs in Roblox, you’ll have to paste these IDs in the Boombox window. Since there are thousands of fans of Taylor Swift in Roblox, these IDs will help you to play them instantly.

Taylor Swift has millions of fan following especially in America. As Roblox is famous in the US and the players love to listen to her songs, these ID Codes can be used to play them. Each of these ID Codes is sorted according to their popularity in the Library.

Taylor Swift Roblox ID Codes

Taylor Swift Roblox ID

All the ID Codes are handpicked by the regular players and working up to date. Following is the list of all ID Codes for Taylor Swift songs –

Taylor Swift Song NameID Code
Taylor Swift – Love Story6446959493
Taylor Swift – Red Live6252308317
Taylor Swift – Willow6450159644
Taylor Swift – Superstar1286555205
Taylor swift – Ready for it1108998987
Taylor Swift – Enchanted6456662147
Taylor Swift – Shake it off221264818
Taylor Swift – Bad Blood1640106274

Taylor Swift – Love Story

ID Code for this song is 6446959493. The famous American song Love Story is written by Taylor Swift, and it was released on September 12, 2008. This song was appraised by millions of people, and it was a grand success by selling 15 million in the world by the year 2010. The song was inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet’s well-known story, but the level of music is being twisted with a happy ending.

Taylor Swift – Red Live

Taylor Swift has composed the Red as her fourth song at her studio. The song was launched with the help of Big Machine Records on October 22, 2012, and its ID Code is 6252308317. This song is inspired by the Red, which is usually found in an unhealthy relationship. After getting massive success on this Album, Taylor Swift done a Live concert in New York City. It was a vast successful concert with an incredible amount of crowd.

Taylor Swift – Willow

The following famous song Willow was released by Taylor Swift on December 11, 2020, with Republic Records’ help. It is a chamber fork song with the Indie Folk Orchestration and the beats of hip-hop leaning. This video is a continuation of “Cardigan.” This song was charted in the top Hot 100 songs on the Billboard. And it made Taylor Swift her seventh top hit in the United States of America. Use 6450159644 ID Code to play this song.

Taylor Swift – Superstar

Superstar is the fifth track by the Fearless Platinum Edition, and it was written by Taylor Swift. ID Code for this song is 1286555205. This famous song was released on October 26, 2009. The following piece is being ranked in the “Platinum Records.” There can be multiple varieties of meaning in this song. Still, obviously, the central importance is about an ordinary person falling in love with a famous celebrity or having a crush on a well-known star. 

Taylor Swift – Ready for it

Ready for its Album by Taylor Swift is a song in her sixth studio album at Reputation in 2017 with an ID Code of 1108998987. It was released promotionally single on September 3, 2017. It was struck into the radio on October 24, such as the second official single. After releasing the album, it was in the top ten list of countries such as Australia, Canada, Greece, Hungary, Malaysia, Scotland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.   

Taylor Swift – Enchanted

The famous singing artist Taylor Swift released the Enchanted on October 25, 2010, and it has an ID Code 6456662147. This song falls in the genre of Pop Rock. The enchanted song is one of the famous songs from the Speak Now album. This world-famous song was also featured in the MTV released trailer of the movie released in 2012 named The Vow. The song is inspired by Adam Young, who is the man hidden behind the musical project known as Owl City. 

Taylor Swift – Shake it off

The ID Code for Shake it off is 221264818. The famous song Shake it off is written by Taylor Swift and produced by Max Martin and Shellback. This song is an uptempo dance-pop song in which the saxophone is being at the time of production. The video is inspired by a clumsy dance human being practicing various dance moves and not getting success for promoting this song, Taylor Swift infamous television events such as the MTV Video Music Awards iHeart Radio Music Festival.

Taylor Swift – Bad Blood

Bad Blood was taken by Taylor Swift in her fifth studio album on May 17, 2015. She developed this song with the help of producers named Max Martin and Shellback. The remix version of this famous song was released by American Rapper named Kendrick Lamar. Bad Blood climbed a massive success in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Scotland. This song won many varieties of awards, such as the Grammy Award for the Best Video and also two MTV Video Music Awards for Video of the Year and Best Collaboration. Use 1640106274 ID Code to play this song.

Why do we need Taylor Swift Roblox ID Codes?

Boombox is a famous inventory item that helps you to play any song you want. When using this Boombox, the player is required to enter the ID Code of the song, not the name of the song. As a result, these ID Codes become one of the important items to play the song.

How to use Taylor Swift Roblox ID Codes?


Follow these steps to use the ID codes:

  1. Open Roblox in your browser and log in to your account.
  2. Launch any game which supports using Boombox.
  3. Press on Boombox from your inventory and wait for a window to appear.
  4. Enter the ID code from the below list to listen to your favorite songs.

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Final Words

Roblox has proved to be one of the best platforms in the world. With the increasing player base, the developers are trying their best to introduce new updates in the game. By using the ID Codes provided in the post, you can definitely play the Taylor Swift songs in your games.

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