500+ Nightcore Roblox ID Codes [2024]

Nightcore Roblox ID Codes

Roblox Library is a big place where you can upload much content belonging to Models, Decals, Audios, Videos, or Plugins. All these uploaded items are freely available for the other players. They can use these items in their playing game or developing the game. There are more than 400K+ audio files on this library, which you can use in your game. With multiple genres and multiple composers, almost every song is available in this library.

Nightcore Roblox ID Codes are the numeric IDs of the songs released as the Nightcore version. The word Nightcore means that “we are the core of the night, so you’ll dance all night long.” Many players in Roblox play the game on the night and love to hear this Nighcore music to enjoy more and dance along with it. All the codes mentioned in the post are all top-rated songs released as the Nightcore version.

What is Nightcore Roblox ID Codes?

Nightcore Roblox ID Codes 1

In Roblox Library, there are thousands of audio files belonging to the query “Nightcore.” Every one of these songs is attached with a numerical ID Code used to identify them. So, by having the ID Code, you can open up the corresponding song’s library page or even play the song in your game. Similarly, Nightcore Roblox ID Codes is the songs’ database released as a Nightcore version to enjoy it without copyright issues.

In the year 2001, the term Nightcore was used as a project name by a Norwegian DJ duo Thomas S. Nilsen and Steffen Ojala Søderholm, known by their stage names as DJ TNT and DJ SOS, respectively. The Nightcore edit term is used to discriminate as a version of the track and increase pitch speed by 10 to 30 percentage. The duo template of Nightcore track in style speeds up by 25 to 30 percent, which means it commonly increases around 160 to 180 beats per minute in a trance or the Eurodance. Nightcore is primarily used in Anime with many YouTube thumbnails for the users to enjoy.

Nightcore Roblox ID Codes –

Nightcore Roblox ID Codes 2

There are thousands of Nightcore Roblox ID Codes as per the library. I’ve made a list of all popular Nightcore songs from the library and made this collection.

Nightcore Song NameID/Code
Nightcore – Titanium398159550
Nightcore – Light Em Up ✗ Girl On Fire587156015
Nightcore – Pretty Rave Girl645108592
Nightcore – Wrap Me In Plastic2631240760
Nightcore – Pretty Little Psycho278497467
Nightcore – Rockefeller Street2914818221
Nightcore – La Da Dee1518997709
Nightcore – Legends Never Die1108902241
Nightcore – My Demons225851431

Nightcore – Titanium

ID Code – 398159550

The renowned artist Noghtcore launched the song on the YouTube platform on 2 October 2011. The title of the song is Titanium. Currently, this famous song has 4,671,133 views on the YouTube channel, and as the day passes on, the count and the popularity of Titanium is increasing every day. At present, the song is having 35K likes on YouTube and only 703 dislikes. 

Nightcore – Light Em Up ✗ Girl On Fire

ID Code – 587156015

The Nighcore is one of the most popular songs available on the world of the internet. This song received a lot of love from the public. Nightcore – Light Em Up ✗ Girl On Fire was launched on YouTube world on 18 July 2018, and currently, this song has 14,333 views on YouTube. This popular song has only 404 likes along with 12 dislikes which is a minimum count.

Nightcore – Pretty Rave Girl

ID Code – 645108592

Nightcore: Pretty Rave Girl this famous song is available for the users to enjoy on the YouTube platform. This favorite song is performed by the renowned artist Nightcore and gained massive positive critics among the public. Currently, this song has 2,548,961 views on the YouTube channel from the date it is launched. This song was thrown to the world on 27 April 2008.

Nightcore – Wrap Me In Plastic

ID Code – 2631240760

The famous artist Nightcore Zodiac came up with the song Wrap Me In Plastic. This well-known song was launched on YouTube dated 18 October 2020. Currently, Wrap Me In Plastic has 9,795,613 views on YouTube channels. The song has a massive number of likes, and till today, it has 152K likes on the channel, and it is increasing every day.

Nightcore – Pretty Little Psycho

ID Code – 278497467

The famous artist Nightcore released an album and titled Pretty Little Psycho. This song was launched on 18 August 2015. The song gained massive popularity among the users and critics.  Currently, this song has 34,200,958 views on YouTube, and the counts are increasing every day. The users can enjoy the video on YouTube and enjoy the music on various platforms available on the internet.

Nightcore – Rockefeller Street

ID Code – 2914818221

The famous artist Getter Jaani was seen in the well-known song, and the title was Rockefeller Street. This favorite song was released for the world in the year 2011. The song was featured in the Pop genre. Rockefeller Street is available for the users to enjoy on various platforms such as Spotify, Gaana, YouTube, and on multiple platforms available on the world of internet.

Nightcore – La Da Dee

ID Code – 1518997709

La Da Dee is one of the most popular songs available on the internet platform. This song is performed by the famous artist Nightcore. It was released on 03 March 2018 into the world of the internet. Currently, this song has 25,519,944 views on YouTube, and its popularity is increasing every day. Till today this song has 249K likes and only 3K dislikes.

Nightcore – Legends Never Die

ID Code – 1108902241

Legends Never Die a famous song by the artist Nightcore, and it is available on the YouTube platform for the public on 28 September 2017. The music has currently had 37,153,411 views on the YouTube channel, and the count increases each day. Legends Never Die available on the enabled time channel on YouTube for people to listen and enjoy, and this song has 364K likes.

Nightcore – My Demons

ID Code – 225851431

The famous artist Nightcore Reality launched the song and gave it the title as My Demons. This song is released on the YouTube platform for the public on 15 October 2015. Today’s date, the song has 58,715,790 views on the YouTube channel, and this song received positive reviews from the users and the music critics. Currently, this song has 494K likes on the YouTube channel.

Other Nightcore ID Codes –

Nightcore Song NameID/Code
Nightcore – Sprawling Idiot2142995292
Nightcore – Darkside5214128914
Nightcore – Royalty1598521629
Nightcore – Stick Together2753352945
Nightcore – Soldier215027934
Nightcore – The Water Fountain1186437971
Nightcore – I’m Blue156461074
Nightcore – Waiting For Love2651479322
Nightcore – Die in a Fire254449715
Nightcore – Courtesy Call651025956
Nightcore – Saints3041124280
Nightcore – Angel with a Shotgun491868843
Nightcore – Counting Stars227066047
Nightcore – Blood Water2808524036
Nightcore – King371645814
Nightcore – Despacito1084506287
Nightcore – Battlefield482412885
Nightcore – Monster3189103853
Nightcore – Really2840983106

Why do we need Nightcore Roblox ID Codes?

In Roblox, many players love to hang out and have fun with their friends. With dancing and chilling, they love to enjoy their time. Nightcore songs are very useful in such scenarios where you have to chill and dance in the game. With the list given in this post, you can easily play Nightcore sounds without any need for external data.

How to use Nightcore Roblox ID Codes?

Using Boombox in Roblox

Just like any other ID Codes, you can play the Nightcore music in the Boombox by using the ID codes given in this post. Step by Step process –

  1. Open your Boombox or Music player in the game.
  2. Now Copy the ID code of your favorite Nightcore music from below and Paste it in the window.
  3. Press Enter/Play to playing.

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Final Words

Nightcore music has made a huge impact on our lives by providing non copyrighted vibing music. Everyone from the world loves to listen to this song, even the Roblox players. This curated list will definitely help you to play your favorite Nightcore song in Roblox.

Do share this post with your friends to make them aware of all ID Codes. Happy Gaming!

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