Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Roblox ID Codes To Play It [2023]

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Roblox ID

Roblox is a huge platform where you can customize almost everything. This game has provided the freedom to change everything in the game. From making your own game to joining other millions of games for free, Roblox has given a new vision for gaming among the kids. You can hang out with your friends and listen to music while playing the game. Moreover, you can get paid in terms of Robux if you are good at coding and developing games. There are many games in Roblox, which have more than 1 Billion visits!

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Roblox ID is an ID of a popular song by Set It Off. This song has over 67 million views on YouTube and is loved by the kids. Unlike the default story of deceiving the sheep, this song is a better version of the story itself, along with some music.

Uploaded by a Youtube Artist named Set It Off, this song has received more than 600K likes. This video was re-uploaded as the lyrical version by Decoy and is famous all over the Roblox community.

What Is Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Roblox ID?

In Roblox, a song named Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing is uploaded by many users, and to listen to this song, a respective ID is required. This ID can be used to locate the song as well as listen to it. Most importantly, in Roblox, there is no feature to play the song by their name. Every time you need an ID to make sure you are playing the song, you want to listen to it.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Roblox ID Codes –

All of the IDs below are handpicked and verified that they are valid IDs. Many audio files are often removed from the Roblox due to copyright infringement. But all of these IDs are in the Library for more than 1 year, and it’s very unlikely to get these IDs removed.

Following is the list of ID Codes for the song Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. The relevance of the song already sorts these songs. The most popular version of this song is indeed a Nightcore remake, but you can find all other versions here as well.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Roblox ID Codes –

  • 361773657
  • 942328469
  • 4686886607
  • 3008011806
  • 5403911208

The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing is an expression of Biblical which is initially used for them who are playing the contrary, real character which is dangerous and mostly it is false teachers. Later it was applied as Idiom by Zoologists and its different kinds of predatory table. The first fable showing about a wolf that covered itself in a sheepskin was first told in the 12th century in Progymnasmata, a Greek rhetorician Nikephoros Basilakis work called Progymnasmata. 

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Nightcore)

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Roblox

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Nightcore) Roblox ID Codes –

  • 4589880509
  • 2780913231
  • 2309624846
  • 3037610411
  • 1133285890
  • 123123123

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Nightcore) is released on YouTube for the public on 26 May 2016. This video has a significant liking on YouTube. Currently, it has 27,042,696 views, and its appreciation is increasing every day. Till today this song has 220K likes on the internet. This song is available on the Cherry channel of YouTube. Surprisingly this song has only 14 dislikes on YouTube. 

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How to listen Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing song in Roblox?

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Lyrics

The main requirement to play the song in Roblox is the ID of that song. So to play this song, you need Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Roblox ID first. You can find this ID 361773657 in the post. Now, in the game, tap on the radio button to lift the music box. Now a window will appear asking you to enter the ID code of the song. Now paste the corresponding ID to play the song.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Lyrics

Ha ha ha, this is about you

Beware, beware, be skeptical
Of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold
Deceit so natural
But a wolf in sheep’s clothing is more than a warning

Bla-bla-black sheep, have you any soul?
No sir, by the way, what the hell are morals
Jack, be nimble, Jack, be quick
Jill’s a little w**** and her alibis are dirty tricks

So could you
Tell me how you’re sleeping easy
How you’re only thinking of yourself
Show me how you justify
Telling all your lies like second nature
Listen, mark my words, one day
You will pay, you will pay
Karma’s gonna come collect your debt

Source: LyricFind, Artist: Set If Off

Final Words

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing is one of the most listened songs on Roblox. Since the player base of Roblox is mostly under 18 childrens, they tend to love this kind of music. These musics are educational as well as enjoyabale at the same time. Make sure you bookmark this page to save all the list of this song.

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