Doja Cat Roblox ID Codes To Play Hip Hop [2024]

Doja Cat Roblox ID Codes

Roblox is known for its massive popularity in the game development area. With millions of games published on the platform, the players have tons of choices to play. Almost every type of game is published on the platform making it one of the versatile places to play games. Even you don’t need ultra-fast internet to play any game!

Doja Cat Roblox ID Codes are the numeric codes to play the popular songs from Doja Cat in the game. With the release of Boombox in 2016, it allowed the players to play their favorite song in the game. Although, you need to upload the song first on Roblox Library and then play it using the numeric ID. Using the ID Codes provided in this post, you can directly play the songs without opening the library.

What is Doja Cat Roblox ID Codes?

Doja Cat Roblox ID

In Roblox, every song uploaded to the library is attached with a unique ID number. This number is a unique identification factor for every song. With the help of these ID numbers, you can play the song while playing the game. As a result, the demand for Doja Cat Roblox ID Codes is increasing. As players love listening to Doja Cat, these ID Codes can be extremely helpful.

Doja Cat is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. Her famous songs named “Say So“, “Streets“, “MOOO!“, and “Rules” made her one of the top singers in America. Her songs are so famous that players playing Roblox listens to them all the time. This is the reason why ID Codes are extremely important for playing these songs instantly.

Doja Cat Roblox ID Codes

Doja Cat Roblox ID

All of these songs are working at the time of writing the post. We’ve already sorted the songs according to their popularity in Roblox Library. Following are the list of ID Codes for Doja Cat Songs –

Doja Cat Song NameID Code
Doja Cat – Cyber4700827910
Doja Cat – Mooo!2306865285
Doja Cat- Freak5235364376
Doja Cat – Like That4801012933
Doja Cat – Streets6382311995
Doja Cat – Say So5211116871
Doja Cat – Won’t Bite5158566770
Doja Cat – Juicy6328558465

Doja Cat – Cyber

ID Code for Doja Cat – Cyber is 4700827910. Doja Cat has launched a song named Cyber Sex song released on YouTube on 7 November 2019.  This video has currently had around 24,494,951 views and presently increasing day by day. The song is from the album of Hot Pink, and the Production Co has the company credits.  The song has the genre R&B/Soul and the users can enjoy this song on various platforms such as Spotify, Gaana, YouTube Music, and many others.

Doja Cat – Mooo!

The famous artist Doja Cat released the song Mooo on 31 August 2018, and currently, it has 12,575,502 views on the YouTube platform. This song is from the famous album Amala, and it is categorized in the genre of R&B/Soul. The song is viral worldwide, and it is freely available for the users to listen to on Spotify, YouTube Music, Gaana. Use 2306865285 ID Code to play Doja Cat – Mooo!.

Doja Cat – Freak

Freak is a famous album around the world released by a renowned female artist known as Doja Cat and its ID Code is 5235364376. This song was released worldwide on 06 August 2020 and became a massive hit among the people. Freak falls under the song genre of R&B/Soul. The song is available on Jio Saavan, YouTube Music, Spotify, and YouTube, where users can enjoy it.

Doja Cat – Like That

Doja Cat, a famous American singer worldwide, has released a song, and its title is Like That. This fantastic song is featured with an American singer and rapper, Gucci Mane. It was recorded in the year 2019 and was released on 12 May 2020, and it has famous producers like Tyson Trax and Mike Crook. The song was ranked at 50 ranks in the US Billboard top 100. Use 4801012933 ID Code to play this song.

Doja Cat – Streets

Doja Cat Roblox ID Code (Streets) – 6382311995.

Doja Cat, a renowned American artist, and singer composed a famous song, and its name is streets from her studio album Hot Pink in the year 2019. This song was released on 19 January 2021 under the label of Kemosabe RCA. The song gained its popularity because of the TikTok challenge. The producer of this song is Blaq Tuxedo, and the lyricists are Doja Cat, David Sprecher, Lydia Asrat, Theron Otis Feemster, Christopher Jefferies, Demarie Sheki.

Doja Cat – Say So

ID Code for this song is 5211116871. Doja Cat released Say So as her fifth single from her second studio album on 17 January 2020. This song gained considerable popularity when Haley Sharpe danced to this song and launched it on her social media platforms. Dojo’s song Say So solo version secured three nominations in favor of the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards and Song of the Year.

Doja Cat – Won’t Bite

Dojo Cat launched her Won’t Bite song and featured artist Smino in November 2019 on YouTube and globally with an ID Code of 5158566770. Currently, on today’s date, the video has a total of 11,156,896 views on her YouTube channel. The song was released in 2019, and it is in the genre of R&B/Soul, and it is under the album of Hot Pink. The public can enjoy this song on Spotify, Gaana, YouTube Music, etc.

Doja Cat – Juicy

Juicy is the song by Dojo Cat in her favorite album Amala which was released in 2018. There is a similar type of recording of the music performed by Tyagi in the year 2016. Initially, it was released as a solo version of the track in the Amala album’s deluxe edition. Doja’s Juicy was the first song of her career to get ranked in the US Billboard Hot 100, and it was ranked in the 82 places on the list. Use 6328558465 ID Code to play Doja Cat Juicy.

How to use Doja Cat Roblox ID Codes?


Using ID Codes to play the song can be quite tricky for new players. Follow these steps to start playing the song –

  1. Open Roblox in your browser and launch any game where playing songs is permitted.
  2. After entering the game, click on Boombox from your inventory.
  3. A window will appear asking you to enter the ID Code of the song which you want to play.
  4. Enter the ID Code of Doja Cat songs mentioned below in the post.
  5. Press Enter and start playing the song.

Why do we need Doja Cat Roblox ID Codes?

With the increasing popularity of Doja Cat, the fans listen to her songs everywhere they go. Roblox is a gaming place for more than 500 million players every month. There is no doubt that there are fans of Doja Cat who want to listen to her awesome music in the games. As a result, Doja Cat Roblox ID Codes are easy shortcuts that you can copy and paste to play the respective songs.

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Final Words

Roblox is a massive platform for players to spend their gaming time to good use. With thousands of awesome games, the players love listening to Doja Cat. With the help of IDs given in this post, I’m sure you can definitely play the song without searching the song on Libary.

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