80 TikTok Roblox ID Codes [2024] – Music Codes

TikTok Roblox ID Codes

Roblox is a famous platform for all budding gamers. This platform has a perfect balance of game developers and game players. With millions of games published over the platform, Roblox is at its peak in player counts. In 2016, Roblox released a feature in the game called Boombox. With this boombox, you can play any music you want and then enjoy with your friends further.

TikTok Roblox ID Codes are the numeric IDs of all famous songs from TikTok. As TikTok went viral in the past 2-3 years, players loved the app’s songs and melodies. While playing Roblox, they had a huge urge to listen to this music. Keeping this in mind, I’ve made this list of 80+ TikTok songs that can be listened to on your Boombox in 2021.

What are TikTok Roblox ID Codes?

TikTok Roblox Songs

TikTok is a huge media platform where the users make video content wither of dancing or making a meme. These videos have a huge reach due to the popularity of the app. There has been some great competition in making the best video on certain songs.

As the player age of Roblox is teenagers majorly. Many of these players love to watch TikTok videos and are fond of the app’s audio system. As a result of this, TikTok Roblox ID Codes are required to make sure you are playing the proper song.

With this list’s help, you can listen to all the popular TikTok hits while playing the Roblox game.

TikTok Roblox ID Codes –

TikTok Roblox ID Codes

Following is the list of all TikTok songs along with their ID Codes. With the help of these ID Codes, you can play the song easily in Roblox. All songs are sorted according to the popularity of Roblox Library.

TikTok Song NameID Code
Y2k, Bbno$ – Lalala5121227233
Kayla Nicole – Move Like A Snake4352053631
The Manhattan Pop – Waltz of the Flowers1838535855
The Weeknd – Blinding Lights6667962245
Cardi B – Wap4511679364
K Camp – Lottery4635746167
Eat Sleep Binge Repeat381474951
Jackboys, Travis Scott – Out West6436370715
Powfu – Death Bed6770272147
24kGoldn – Mood5471741961
Ashnikko – Daisy5321298199
Calvin Harris – Outside396040845
Curtis Waters – Stunnin5332242369
Electric Love – Borns5192165104
Mad At Disney5700151615
Pop Smoke – Mood Swings5336519283
Royal & the Serpent – Overwhelmed5595658625
Saweetie – Tap In5713788248
WhoHeem – Lets Link5646655870

Y2K, bbno$ – Lalala

ID Code for this song is 5121227233. The famous song artist and producer Y2K and the Canadian producer bbno$ came up with the single track on 07 June 2019. And the title of the song is Lalala which was published to the world by Columbia Records, and officially the music video was released on 20 August 2019. Lalala became famous to the world because of the social media platform TikTok.

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

Tiktok ID Code for this song is 6667962245. The famous Canadian singer Blinding Lights launched the song The Weeknd to the world on 29 November 2019. This song was a single, and it was released just after two days of Heartless song release. This song ranked in the number place on the charts of thirty-four countries, including Canada, United States of America. It also was the most streamed song on the Spotify platform. 

Cardi B – WAP

TikTok Roblox ID Code for this song is 4511679364. The acronym of WAP is Wet-Ass Pussy was released by famous artist and rapper Cardi B. The song was launched on 07 August 2020 with the help of Atlantic Records as a single lead song from the upcoming second album of Cardi B. This song created a massive record of highest selling music in the opening week after getting launched.

K Camp – Lottery

ID Code for this song is 4635746167. The famous song Lottery was retitled and launched to the world as Lottery (Renegade). It was found on 01 April 2019. The famous American Rapper K Camp launched this song from his third studio album Wayy 2 Kritical, established in 2019. The song became viral on the internet and went popular after the TikTok challenges which became the first song to reach 20 million views.

Eat Sleep Binge Repeat

ID Code for this song is 381474951. The renowned artist Jordindian launched a song to the world and titled it Eat Sleep Binge Repeat. As the name shows, it says the public relaxes and enjoys the music. This song was released in the year 2020, and it falls under the genre of Dance and Electronic section. The users can enjoy this song on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Gaana, and many other venues.

JACKBOYS, Travis Scott – Out West

Tiktok Roblox ID Code for this song is 6436370715. American record label Cactus Jack Records also known as JackBoys, and its American leader rapper and singer Travis Scott released the song Out West. This song was made for the public on 18 February 2020. OUT WEST was featuring the American artist, rapper, and singer named Young Thug. In the year 2019, after the release of this song, TikTok star Nicole Bloomgarden created the Out West Challenge which a=made the song more popular.

Powfu – Death bed

ID Code for this song is 6770272147. The titled song death bed was launched by Powfu, which is a Canadian song. This song was launched on 08 February 2020. In the Death Bed song, the famous artist Filipino and British songwriter and singer Beabadoobee were featured. This song became very popular on social media platforms, and on TikTok, this song got 4.1 billion plays in March month.

Other Roblox Song Categories

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How to use TikTok Roblox ID Codes?

using TikTok Roblox ID Codes

In Roblox, there is a simple way of listening to songs if you know the ID Codes. To start listening to the songs, you need first to purchase the Boombox from the Library. After purchasing, hop into your game and open up your Boombox. After following these steps –

  1. Open your Boombox. (If you don’t have, then you need to buy it from Roblox Library)
  2. Now, paste the Tiktok Roblox ID Code of the song you want to listen to on the window.
  3. Press the Play button to start playing the TikTok songs.

Final Words

Roblox has introduced many different features in the game to make it enjoyable. With the update of Boombox, you can listen to any songs over it. TikTok has emerged as a big platform for teenagers and other older people to enjoy and watch funny videos. With the help of these TikTok Roblox ID Codes, you can easily play all your famous TikTok clips on the game and surprise your friend.

Happy Robloxing!

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