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All 10 Free Roblox Faces and Their Codes

Roblox is a big platform for user-created games. Users in this platform have the freedom to create their own games and Roblox faces sharing with public. In the past 3 years, Roblox has matured a lot in all aspects. It has introduced new items, new game concepts, and many more things. You can create almost everything in Roblox including avatars, clothing, structures, landscapes, etc.

Roblox faces

Roblox faces are part of the purchasable body parts. These faces have different emotions and patterns. Currently, there are 395 Roblox Faces in the official Roblox shop. These faces are free as well as paid. The Roblox shop has a currency system called Robux which 0.35 Cents $ per Robux.

We have a collection of every single free Roblox faces ever seen in the platform since release. This page is updated daily when any new face gets released on the platform.

Free Roblox Faces

roblox chill face
Chill Face

Chill Face

This is one of the most used faces in Roblox. Liked by over 436k users on the catalog page. This free face has characteristics of “Good Face” as well as “Evil Face”

Roblox Face code : 7074764

roblox Knights of Redcliff: Paladin
Knights of Redcliff: Paladin

Knights of Redcliff: Paladin

This is also one of the most used faces in Roblox. Liked by over 63k users on the catalog page. Paladins are the most respected among their companions. This face has a strong swaggy vibe.

Roblox Face code : 2493587489

roblox check it face
Check It

Check It

Liked by over 231k users on the catalog page. This face features a different level of self-esteem. Players wear this face mostly on displaying new of their artwork.

Roblox Face code : 7074786

roblox smile


This face is ruling over the heart of the community. Liked by over 550k users on the catalog page. This face depicts happiness, satisfaction, and thankfulness.

Roblox Face code : 144075659

roblox woman face
Woman Face

Woman Face

This is one of the best female faces in Roblox. Liked by over 215k users on the catalog page. This face is good at depicting sharp emotions.

Roblox Face code : 86487766

robloax classic female
Classic Female Face

Classic Female Face

This has a little smirk emotion. Liked by over 214k users on the catalog page. This is often used to show strong signs of smugness.

Roblox Face code : 4018627046

roblox winning smile
Winning Smile

Winning Smile

This is the best looking face in Roblox of all time. Liked by over 715k users on the catalog page. This face also gives the feeling of “I’m fine” meme.

Roblox Face code : 616380929

roblox man face
Man Face

Man Face

Man Face gives a feeling of strongness in it. Liked by over 45k users on the catalog page. This face also features contempt emotion inside it.

Roblox Face code : 86487700

roblox class male
Classic Male Face

Classic Male Face

This face has a classic smirk but the eyes depicts the honesty in this smirk. This face is liked by over 107k users on the catalog page. The big filled eyes provide an emotion of truthfulness but that smile also states “something’s not right”.

Roblox Face code : 4018617474

roblox silly fun
Silly Fun

Silly Fun

This face has craziness in itself. It’s liked by over 765k users on the catalog page which is the topmost among all free faces. This is mostly used when acting goofy, having fun, and partying.

Roblox Face code : 7699174

These Roblox Faces are a great way to show your in-game character’s emotions. They play an essential role in how we want to represent ourselves in Roblox. These faces are meant to be a fun way to convey our emotions which words sometimes cannot convey. There are many other paid faces that are worth your money in Roblox. Please do check them in the catalog.

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