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Rockabye Roblox ID

Roblox is a platform to create games and play them. While making the games, users might require some help in creating come models, meshes, or audio files. To support this, Roblox has added a feature in the library where you can share Models, Decals, Audios, Videos, or Meshes. This feature allows users to fetch these premade material and reduce the time.

Rockabye Roblox ID is one of the tops searched audio files in Roblox. This song has over 2 Billion views on YouTube and is famous all around the world. To add this song in Roblox, users have shared some remixes or remakes of this song. This post has a list of all IDs of Rockkabye song in Roblox Library.

roblox rockabye id codes

Rockabye is a famous song by Clean Bandit, released in 2016. In 4 years, this song has managed to get 2.41 Billion views on Youtube. This song features Annie Marie and Seal Paul as their main vocalist.

What is Rockabye Roblox ID?

Rockabye is a fantastic song by Clean Bandit. To add this song to Roblox, we need to have an ID of it. This ID helps you to locate the audio file and add it to your inventory. Since every audio file has a unique ID, these IDs are permanently applied and can be used to locate library files. I’ve made a list of Rockabye Roblox ID in this post!

Rockabye Roblox ID Codes –

Audio codes are already sorted from top favorite to least favorite audio. The list of audio codes –

Rockabye ID Codes

Rockabye ID Codes
  • 1343005600
  • 985909028
  • 4273164023
  • 2179405238
  • 1009024309
  • 2602271903

British electronic group Clean Bandit came up with the song Rockabye. This song featured Anne-Marie. She was featured as a leading vocalist along with the Jamaican dancehall singer Sean Paul.  It was the first song in history to be number one on Christmas and was in the top position in the chart for six weeks. Rockabye was released in the world on 21 October 2016. So totally this song was in the top for nine weeks at the summit of the UK’s single chart, and it was also in the top of charts of in other countries. This song became the number one song in the UK Christmas on 23 December 2016.

Rockabye (Remix) ID Codes

Rockabye (Remix) ID Codes
  • 612548380
  • 970219205
  • 1141928708
  • 1362229012
  • 2248981540
  • 5627485930
  • 890501973

The Rockabye had many remix versions available on the internet. One of the most popular remixes is the Clean Bandit – Rockabye ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie (SHAKED Remix). This remix version has a total of 83,961,685 views to today’s date, and its count is increasing every day. This version of the song has a total of 767K likes on YouTube and has 16K dislikes.

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How to use Rockabye Roblox ID?

How to use Rockabye Roblox ID

Using ID is very simple in Roblox. Using this ID, you can add the Rockabye song in your inventory. To use Rockabye Roblox ID –

  1. Open Roblox’s website and log in.
  2. After logging in, go to{ID} where, {ID} is your numerical ID.
  3. For example, if your ID is 123456, then your URL will be
  4. Now open the URL and press the green GET button. This will add the audio file to your inventory, and you can use it anytime.

Rockabye Song Lyrics –

Call it love and devotion
Call it the mom’s adoration (foundation)
A special bond of creation, hah
For all the single mums out there
Going through frustration
Clean Bandit, Sean-Da-Paul, Anne-marie, sing, make them hear

She works the night, by the water
She’s gonna stress, so far away from her father’s daughter
She just wants a life for her baby
All on her own, no one will come
She’s got to save him (daily struggle)

She tells him “ooh love”
No one’s ever gonna hurt you, love
I’m gonna give you all of my love
Nobody matters like you (stay up there, stay up there)
She tells him “your life ain’t gonna be nothing like my life (straight)
You’re gonna grow and have a good life
I’m gonna do what I’ve got to do” (stay up there, stay up there)

Lyrics Credits – LyricFind

Final Words –

Rockabye is a very famous song over the Internet. This sensation has created an urge to add this song to Roblox. Many users recorded and added them to Roblox Library, but they were removed due to copyright issues. This post only contains noncopyrighted Rockabye IDs.

Make sure you bookmark this post to save the list of handpicked IDs.

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