180+ Famous Melanie Martinez Roblox ID Codes [2021]

Melanie Martinez Roblox ID Codes

Roblox Library has millions of items published over it. Ranging from Models to Audio and Video files, all of these are freely available for all the users. Moreover, users are free to use them in their own game or recreate it using some changes. There are currently more than 400K+ audio files published over the library, and it is rising fast. The main reason for this is that the players can listen to these audio files while playing their game.

Melanie Martinez Roblox ID Codes are the codes of the songs represented by a popular singer. Due to her immense popularity, everyone in Roblox loves to listen to her songs. Moreover, as these songs are freely available in the library, players love to use them in the game.

Melanie Martinez is a popular American singer and songwriter who released multiple bands during her career. Songs like Play Date, Class Fight, Mrs. Potato Head, etc., made her very popular in every aspect. Players soon started uploading these songs on Roblox Library to listen to them in the game.

What is Melanie Martinez Roblox ID Codes?

Melanie Martinez Roblox ID Codes 1

Based on the popularity of Melanie Martinez, the players from Roblox started uploading the audio files of her songs on the Library. Now, players can listen to these songs in Roblox by using these IDs. Melanie Martinez Roblox ID Codes list the numeric ID codes of the songs released by her. By using these codes, you can easily listen to your favorite Melanie songs in the game.

How to use Melanie Martinez Roblox ID Codes?

Using Boombox in Roblox

To use the ID Codes in the game –

  1. Open the Boombox from your inventory.
  2. Paste the ID Code of the corresponding song you want to listen to.
  3. Press the Enter button to play the song.

Melanie Martinez Roblox ID Codes –

Melanie Martinez Roblox IDs

All of the songs from the list below are handpicked and are working as of 2021. There might be some cases where the copy-right team from Roblox might take down a few of them. The following list is sorted from most favorite to least favorite on the Roblox Library –

Melanie Martinez Song NameID/Code
Melanie Martinez – Recess Instrumental5309606388
Melanie Martinez – Piggyback (slowed down)4301150782
Melanie Martinez – Carosuel [KXA Trap Mix]3035348046
Melanie Martinez – Training Wheels Instrumental5309343203
Melanie Martinez – Toxic (cestladore remix) (mp3cu335400665
Nightcore Tag You’re It – Melanie Martinez427662890
Dead To Me – Melanie Martinez5023638820
Melanie Martinez ~+~ Drama Club (Clean)4002342081
melanie martinez – fire drill3852447835
Melanie Martinez//Night Mime386631634
Melanie Martinez – Can’t Shake You934707041
Melanie martinez vs halsey342706024
Toxic – Melanie Martinez (Cestladore Remix)143801872
Melanie Martinez – Shizo [Unreleased Audio]5267418467
Melanie Martinez – Soap (Solstis Remix)733548263
melanie martinez Roblox ID – recess3904966391
Melanie Martinez – Carousel (Instrumental Loop)314437773
Test me (nightcore) Melanie Martinez6034165726
Melanie Martinez – Detention3908112818
melanie martinez – drama club5450382212
Melanie Martinez – Mad World934779631
Smoke – Melanie Martinez420633054
melanie martinez – the principal [clean]5518811598
Melanie Martinez- Play Date Remix Slowed5209226276
Melanie Martinez – A Tho u sand Words (Unreleased)718301215
melanie martinez – the principal5499014274
After School EP Melanie Martinez – Field Trip5748233068
Melanie Martinez -Milk and Cookies (Remix)2083561143
nurse’s office – melanie martinez5896678223
Melanie Martinez-Mad Hatter KXA Remix457902152
creppy music box – melanie martinez sample, slowed4916991725
Melanie Martinez – High School Sweethearts3875228657
Melanie Martinez – Paper People3175946163
MCR and Melanie Martinez – Cry Mama (Mashup)523253849
Halsey & Melanie Martinez – CastleDollhouse Mashup533673992
Lana Del Rey & Melanie Martinez – Dark Paradise vs326816030
Melanie Martinez – Coming Over/Band-Aid/Rebound576129956
99 Cent Store Slowed – Melanie Martinez4459969092
✽ Nightcore – Melanie Martinez, Evanescence, t.a.t715416133
Melanie Martinez – Cake Instrumental OFFICAL!568077302
Melanie Martinez – Nurse’s Office3899495835
Halsey & Melanie Martinez – Castle – Dollhouse Mas406955053
Melanie Martinez – Soap (Max Liese Remix)461388387
Melanie Martinez – Teachers Pet3869513257
piggy back – melanie4940967759
Nightcore Copy Cat – Melanie Martinez4681339866
Pity Castle (FM) – Halsey & Melanie Martinez457265710
Melanie Martinez – Play Date (Jonah Kaylor Remix)6038168093
melanie martinez – number s5740370208
Halsey, Melanie Martinez & Troye Sivan – Hold Me D411325574
Melanie Martinez – Drama Club3646152126
Melanie Martinez Carousel (KXA Remix)300841839
Melanie Martinez vs. Troye Sivan – HLB450553812
Melanie Martinez- MEGAMIX PART 3- PARTS IN DESC480732167
Melanie Martinez – Orange Juice4324187691
Melanie Martinez- MEGAMIX PART 4-PARTS IN DESC480737832
Melanie Martinez-Carousel (TroyBoi & JN!CK Remix)976831792
number s – melanie martinez5743494058
Melanie Martinez – Carousel KXA Remix (Loop)341914741
i scream – snow tha product ft. melanie martinez5062967939
The best party ever! Spongebob + Melanie Martinez2582610956
Melanie Martinez – ���4553439313
melanie martinez | soap (steve james remix)3942267430
Melanie Martinez – Training Wheels3104832723
Melanie Martinez- GingerBread man5149966122
Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Megamix525334500
♡ melanie martinez – copy cat4681125259
Melanie Martinez – PIGGYBACK [Music Box]1296090481
Melanie Martinez-Run-Lyrics3267892616
Creep by Melanie Martinez314855510
soaped out – TØP vs melanie martinez358154497
melanie martinez- teddy bear (nightcore)3218026277
Pity Party (Instrumental) – Melanie Martinez459639633
Melanie Martinez Roblox ID – Wheels On The Bus3898358473
Melanie martinez- milk and cookies (nightcore)3218758912
mrs potato he ad melanie martinez5230511631
Melanie Martinez – Soap [slowed]5309442398
Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse510033671
Melanie Martinez – Pacify Her (Remnisense Remix)343338635
Melanie – Brand New Key4452399779
Melanie Martinez – Pacify Her (Clean Lyrics)4342131540
Melanie Martinez – Carousel5004765251
Mrs. Potato Head Melanie Martinez [Music Box]3061996848
melanie martinez – test me5743000869
Melanie Martinez – ######## #### Trap Mix] # minut3458348114
Melanie Martinez – Vinyl Plastic (SNIPPETS)1408511904
[Nightcore] Melanie Martinez – Cake472231729
Melanie Martinez – Glued5730801598
Melanie Martinez – Night Mime450499932
Melanie Martinez – Carousel Instrumental Beat498821967
Melanie Martinez ~ I Think I’m Crazy413081279
Ed Sheeran vs Melanie Martinez! ~Cake~(Mashup)478199267
melanie martinez – lunchbox friends3887694257
Notebook – Melanie Martinez5747321488
Elastic Training Wheels {:} Sia & Melanie Martinez345960020
melanie martinez – note book5743026118
Remember me – Jeremih (Melanie Martinez Cover)787480586
Fire Drill Melanie Martinez (Nightcore)5240177464
Melanie Martinez & Troye Sivan – Dollhouse vs BITE405756940
melanie martinez – extra credit recess5621061716
bombs on monday morning – melanie martinez5253929360
tag you’re it melanie martinez1523786966
Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse Remix (Part 2)485117142
melanie martinez – the bakery5740512845
Miss Melanie1838097115
Melanie Martinez || Carousel (1.25x Version)178731956
toxic melanie martinez5224115425
Melanie Martinez – The Principal3909084193
Melanie Martinez (Mashup) Tha Poppy737863674
melanie martinez – lunchbox friends5458199379
After School EP Melanie Martinez – Glued5748144889
Detention – Melanie Martinez3634253346
Melanie Martinez – Alphabet Boy3905828122
Nightcore Melanie Martinez – Fire Drill5543590700
Melanie Martinez – Creep *cover*341163448
Banks vs. Melanie Martinez – Drowning Soap554043515
Melanie Martinez – Coming Over UNRELEASED SONG568071632
Melanie Martinez ## cent store (NIGHTCORE)5356759957
Detention x Mad Hatter (mashup) Melanie Martinez5431390476
Melanie Martinez Bittersweet tragedy (NIGHTCORE)5362508906
Melanie Martinez – PLAY DATE (Slowed)4954877483
Melanie Martinez vs. Nick Jonas Chainhouse Mashup303589020
melanie Martinez dear porcupine (concert)5352035579
Melanie Martinez ~ Sch i zoo4701839533
Melanie Martinez – Carousel [Trap Mix]2053013970
I Scream Melanie Martinez Full (Nightcore)4868340741
Alternative Megamix Part I – Melanie Martinez ,Tro894504570
spongebob x melanie martinez – best party ever583443659
Potato Falls (Mashup) – Melanie Martinez & Gravity615743451
Melanie Martinez Roblox ID – Dollhouse Instrumental394456799
Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse510034340
After School EP Melanie Martinez – Numb er s5748307219
|)run|< in love – cover by Melanie Martinez5574648251
Melanie Martinez- I Think I’m Crazy ♥442142547
Melanie Martinez Dollhouse (ARVFZ Remix)304327514
☣️ Toxic (Melanie Martinez) NOT FULL (SLOWED) ☣️5677564248
Don’t Cry Baby – Ed Sheeran vs Melanie Martinez383554808
Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse 8-bit487436315
Melanie Martinez – Carousel *Instrumental*241596769
melanie martinez – fire drill ��5267946239
Marte – Melani4513277141
Melanie Martinez – High School Sweethearts4054830950
Ariana G & Melanie Martinez – One Last Pity Party305538890
Fire Drill-Melanie Martinez5245992749
That poppy & melanie martinez (mashup)648482061
Melanie Martinez ~ Copycat4706154897
[Mashup] Polarized Hatter | TØP & Melanie Martinez528496712
Melanie Martinez – Piggy Back1367934272
melanie martinez Roblox ID – nurse’s office5566528414
Field Trip – Melanie Martinez5752378120
Melanie Martinez – Cake5507097384
Melanie Martinez – Dead To Me x Tag You’re It (Req557425367
After School EP Melanie Martinez – Brain & Heart5748224175
Melanie Martinez – Pity Party (KXA Remix)268242620
Melanie Martinez – Orange Juice (FULL)3850682536
Melanie Martinez – Play Date (Ooh Loop)5182192782
Melanie Martinez x Poppy – Pacify Her Lowlif650178885
melanie martinez – field trip5740346070
||φ|| melanie martinez – pity party2712117775
melanie martinez – recess5705466728
Brain and Heart – melanie martinez5747359107
After School EP Melanie Martinez – Test Me5746869499
Dollhouse | Melanie. (Nightmix)2260763507
Where Do Babies Come From – Melanie Martinez275649791
Melanie Martinez ~ Fire Drill (BETTER QUALITY)4883672061
Pacify That ####### (Mashup) – That Poppy & Melani1391885126
Melanie Martinez – Sippy Cup (mashub trndsttr)2130387633
Melanie Martinez – Sippy Cup Instrumental [Full]985422801
After School EP Melanie Martinez – Notebook5748088074
Why Her Mashup Ariana Grande & Melanie Martinez848235749
Mrs Potato Head (Instrumental) – Melanie Martinez695282727
Melanie Martinez duck duck goose5097069506
Melanie Martinez – Teacher’s Pet3908043580
Death of a soap (P!ATD & melanie martinez mashup)833963300
Melanie Martinez ✨Toxic✨(cestladore remix, Male)424207497
Melanie Martinez -A Tho u sand Words (Unreleased)718302078
Race – Melanie Martinez Roblox ID385247436
Melanie Martinez – The Bakery5880290899
Melanie Martinez- High School Sweethearts (s l o w4999332408
Melanie Martinez – Night Mime [Full]1114705079
melanie martinez | lunchbox friends3871466080
Melanie Martinez – Mad Hatter (Instrumental)408237926
Caitlin Michelle VS Melanie Martinez – Lights (T375638595
Cry Baby- Melanie Martinez283669905
Melanie Martinez – Carosuel [KXA Trap Mix]2394048407

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Final Words

Roblox is a home for millions of gamers. Every player loves to hang out and chill for some games with their friends. In such cases, Melanie Martinez Roblox ID codes are beneficial to make your life easier. Bookmark this list to save all the codes!

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