Despacito Roblox ID Codes To Play Awesome Spanish Song [2024]

Despacito Roblox ID Codes

Roblox is a free-to-play multiplayer game launched by Roblox Corporation. As it’s a free-to-play game, it earns through in-game purchases available through a virtual in-game currency called “Robux.” Many features allow the players to enjoy games made on Roblox very easily. In 2016, Roblox released a similar update to make the Roblox features more appealing. They added a Boombox to listen to songs while playing the game. This Boombox soon took a hit, and all players started playing the songs on it.

Despacito Roblox ID is a numeric ID Code of the popular song Despacito. This song took a hit in 2017, and Roblox players started listening to this song as it grew. It is currently the most viewed song on youtube, and all the players love to play it in the game. To play this song, you compulsorily need an ID Code of it. Without knowing it, you cannot play it in the game. Accordingly, I’ve made a list of all working ID Codes of the song Despacito.

Despacito is a song released by Luis Fonsi in 2017. This song topped the charts of 47 countries and broke many records in the music world. Players in Roblox are fans of this song and loves to play it in Boombox. To do it, an ID code is required, which can be obtained in this post.

What is Despacito Roblox ID?

Despacito Roblox ID 1

In Roblox, all the library items are assigned with a unique numeric ID. This ID can open up the respective library page and use the item in the game. Similarly, Despacito Roblox ID is used to play the song Despacito in the game. While using Boombox, use the codes listed in the post to play the song Despacito.

Despacito Roblox ID Codes –

There are hundreds of search results over the term “Despacito” in Roblox Library. I’ve handpicked some of them and listed them below, along with other details. The list is already sorted from most favorite to least favorite.


Despacito Roblox ID 2
  • 1888601573
  • 2497377063
  • 2054135647
  • 2359700243

The famous Spanish song Despacito was released on 12 January 2017. This song is a Latin Pop, and it describes the desire for a sexual relationship carrying out smoothly and romantically. This song was in the favorites of music critics. In 47 countries, this song was in the top list and was in the top 10 in various countries. It was the first Spanish song reaching the top of Billboard top 100, and it was on the chart for sixteen weeks which made it longest-running and made Despacito the number one on the Hot Latin Songs chart for fifty-six weeks duration. 

Despacito Instrumental

Despacito Roblox ID 3
  • 1084506287
  • 1245299659

The instrumental version of Despacito is uploaded on YouTube by Luis Fonsi. This song was released on YouTube on 25 June 2017 on the Dallas String Quartet channel. Currently, this song has 2,786,724 views on the channel, and the views are increasing every day. The song has a total of 19K likes on the YouTube channel. There are various instrumental versions of this song available on the internet, and Luis Fonsi is the most popular instrumental version. 

Despacito Cover

Despacito Roblox ID 4
  • 2261523246
  • 1134440271
  • 2262773970
  • 1942376831

Many people came up with the cover version of Despacito and posted it on YouTube. The most famous cover of Despacito is performed by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and featured by Justin Bieber. Currently, this song has a total of 12,791,354 views on YouTube. It was launched on 9 May 2017 on the channel named MasterDumb, having 726K subscribers, and its liking and popularity are increasing daily.

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How to use Despacito Roblox ID Codes?

Despacito Roblox ID 5

In Roblox, the Boombox only supports using ID Codes of the song. Without the ID, you cannot play the song, no matter what. As there are multiple audio files of the same song in the Roblox Library, it isn’t easy to get a working ID. From this post, you can get all the list of working IDs. To use the ID Codes –

  1. Open up your Boombox in the game.
  2. Enter any ID Code from the list below.
  3. Press Enter to start playing the sound.

Despacito Lyrics –

Oh no, oh no (oh)
Hey yeah
Diridiri, dirididi Daddy

Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote
Tengo que bailar contigo hoy (DY)
Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome
Muéstrame el camino que yo voy

Tú, tú eres el imán y yo soy el metal
Me voy acercando y voy armando el plan
Solo con pensarlo se acelera el pulso

Oh yeah
Ya, ya me está gustando más de lo normal
Todos mis sentidos van pidiendo más
Esto hay que tomarlo sin ningún apuro

Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito
Deja que te diga cosas al oído
Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo
Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito
Firmar las paredes de tu laberinto
Y hacer de tu cuerpo todo un manuscrito (sube, sube, sube)
(Sube, sube) Oh

Quiero ver bailar tu pelo
Quiero ser tu ritmo (eh-oh) (uh-oh, uh-oh)
Que le enseñes a mi boca (eh-oh) (uh-oh, uh-oh)
Tus lugares favoritos (eh-oh) (favoritos, favoritos baby)
Déjame sobrepasar
Tus zonas de peligro (eh-oh) (uh-oh, uh-oh)
Hasta provocar tus gritos (uh-oh, uh-oh)
Y que olvides tu apellido (diridiri, dirididi Daddy)

Source: LyricFind

Final Words

Despacito is a famous song for a long time. All the players in Roblox love to hear this song every time. This curated Despacito Roblox ID Codes will definitely help you to play this awesome song!

Happy Gaming!

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