Wade Animal Crossing – Lazy Penguin Guide

Wade Animal Crossing

Wade Animal Crossing is one of the most incredibly cute villagers available in the Animal Crossing Franchise. The character made his debut in the game Doubutsu no Mori e+, which was the very first entry of the franchise. This was released only in Japan. However, he was not seen in the subsequent games for a while. He was reintroduced back into the series in Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo. 

The character was also seen in Animal Forest e+ in the form of an e-reader villager. 

This article will dive into the world of Animal Crossing and understand more about Wade and what makes these cute villagers unique. 

Wade Animal Crossing

The name for Wade in Japanese is カマボコ and it is pronounced as Kamaboko. The name Wade could be a derivative of the phrase wading in water which can be associated with the movement of Penguins when they are hunting Fish. 

In the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the character can be seen around reading a book related to the item the character is studying about. The topic of the book can vary from Flowers, Fish, Bugs, or Fossils.

The character data is available in the game Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer, but ultimately the data and the character remains unused in the game. 

He was reintroduced back into the series through the Welcome Amiibo update. The player can scan the Amiibo cards and meet this lazy adorable villager through the campground after which they can be invited into the town. 

Wade will only be able to enter the town of the player if his E-reader is scanned or if the character is invited to move into the player’s town from another player’s town. 

Wade Animal Crossing – Appearance

Wade Appearance

Wade resembles a penguin chick and is of black and white color. The top of his head, the top of his flippers, and the top of his belly are white in color. His eyebrows are dark grey in color and are very expressive. 

There are black markings above Wade’s orange beak and these black marks in a noticeable gradient fade to white. The same pattern can be seen at the tip of the flippers as well. However, the color of his feet is black and does not show any gradient pattern. 

The character was seen to be wearing a Spade Shirt initially but in Animal Crossing: New Horizon the character was seen to be wearing a Froggy Tee. 

The ideal type of clothing for Wade is blue or aqua beautiful and simple clothing. 

Wade Animal Crossing – Personality

Wade is a lazy villager and since he is a lazy villager it will be easier to get along with him due to his laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. He has a love for relaxation and food and like all the villagers who are lazy, he too will be interested in taking part in hobbies and activities that are generally associated with relaxation and food. 

Fishing is a hobby Wade would really like as it would result in him getting food. In the game, his hobby is categorized as Nature. 

Wade Animal Crossing Personality
Wade Personality

Wade would get along well with most of the villagers however might end up confusing or offending Jock Villagers whose lifestyle is the exact opposite of a Lazy Villager. Jock Villagers have a vigorous lifestyle of fitness and exercise which contradicts the lifestyle of Lazy Villagers. 

Wade will get along well with other villagers who are lazy. He can be seen to be making conversations about superheroes, comics or food with other Lazy Villagers. 

The character would also get along well with Smug, Peppy, Sisterly, or Normal villagers. Sometimes they can also be seen to be getting along with Cranky villagers however, often frustrates Snooty Villagers who disagree with the lifestyle of Lazy Villagers. 

Wade sleeps every day at 11 PM and wakes up at 8 AM in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The character’s favorite song is K. K. Ballad, which is a song by K. K. Slider. The character has also appeared in Pocket Camp and the introduction of the character is-

“This is gonna be good! So it goes!”

Wade Animal Crossing – House

Wade House
Wade House

The house of Wade is very similar to that of Joey’s. The difference between the houses of these two is that in Wade’s house there is a lunar horizon wallpaper and a backyard carpet. 

He has a red stereo which plays Forest Life. 

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, his house has an ice theme as well as many shells based furniture. There are also many types of fish lined in the back wall of his house. 

Fun fact: Wade was introduced to the Pocket Camp in the update of August 23, 2020.

Wade Animal Crossing Gifts

Wade likes to have items that are gorgeous and simple as his gifts. He likes the color Blue and Light Blue.

DAL Cap, DAL Sunglasses, A Tee, A Blue Acid Washed Jacket, Alpinist Hat, A Blue Apron, Anorak Jacket are examples of the items that can be given as a gift to Wade

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wade a good villager?

Wade is a friendly villager who gets along with most other villagers as he is a Lazy Villager. He can be seen to be not getting along with Snooty Villagers and sometimes with Jock Villagers who often disagree with the lifestyle of the lazy villagers. 

What kind of villager is Wade?

Wade is a Penguin Villager in the game Animal Crossing. He is a Lazy type Villager. 

Is Wade a penguin ACNH?

Yes, Wade is a Penguin in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Who is the most popular Animal Crossing New Horizons villager?

Cherry The Big Sister Dog, Raymond The Rare Cat, Stitches The Lazy Bear, Marina The Pink Octopus, and Ankha The Egyptian Themed Cat are some of the most popular Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

How rare is Wade’s animal crossing

Wade is a penguin and Penguin is ranked 24th in terms of being rare in the game Animal Crossing as there are 11 different Penguins.


Wade Animal Crossing is a villager available in the Hit Video Game franchise. The villager is lazy and can be seen to be either relaxing or doing hobbies related to getting food. He was introduced in the very first installment of the game and was reintroduced back in the Welcome Amiibo update. 

The appearance, personality, the house style and theme of the incredibly cute but lazy Penguin Villager from the game Animal Crossing have been discussed in this article. 

Hopefully, this has given the reader an idea about what makes these villagers unique and different as well as a better understanding of Wade Animal Crossing. 

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