Mitzi Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Mitzi Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the most loved social simulator games around the globe. The gaming community accepted the game with open hands as it introduced a variation in the gaming scene with its unique gameplay and characters. The game is developed by Nintendo and is introduced by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. The game offers a user-friendly interface that portrays a wide range of unique characters living with the players in a village and enjoying swimming, bug catching, fishing, etc.

Mitzi Animal Crossing is one of those unique in-game characters, which come across the players during their gaming experience. She is a female cat in-game character that assists the players in achieving success in different tasks.

Mitzi Animal Crossing: Bio

Mitzi Animal Crossing Bio

Mitzi Animal Crossing is a typical cat surviving peacefully in a village in the game. The players can easily find her in every game and on the covers of Animal Crossing, standing within the higher windows on the corner with Punchy. Her name ‘Mitzi’ is inspired by her paws containing mittens on them.

The name may also have come from Hebrew culture, as in Hebrew, Mitzi is the general term used for cats. Her catchphrase resembles the sound of a little kitten. Mitzi is one of the famous cats, which is featured in the covers of K.K. Parade. The cute young cat defines education hobby.

  • Gender – Female
  • Personality – Normal Villager
  • Species – Cat
  • Birthday – 25th September
  • Horoscope – Libra
  • Catch Phrase – “mew.”
  • Initial Clothes – Patchwork Shirt (A.C.), Gumdrop Tee (P.C., NL), and Gumdrop Dress (N.H.)
  • Home Request – A cafe with round, zen items
  • Skill – Hula Dancing
  • Goal – To become a Professor.
  • Coffee – Mocha, One spoonful of sugar, Normal amount of milk
  • Style – Rustic
  • Favorite Song – K.K. Love Song
  • Appearances – AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF, NL, HHD, PC, NH

Mitzi Animal Crossing: Appearance

Mitzi Animal Crossing Appearance

Mitzi Animal Crossing resembles Olivia (another in-game character of Animal Crossing), being a point colored cute cat. But Mitzi portrays blue fact beautifully designed with a dark blue muzzle and tail, tipped paws, and tipped ears. Her purple eyelids enhance her beauty. The developers adorably sketched this character, coloring inside her ears tangerine orange, which matches the Gumdrop shirt, which she usually wears in City Folk, New Life, and Wild World. Her look is complemented by a Melon-colored umbrella, with gingham prints in light green and white, which she carries on rainy days.

Mitzi Animal Crossing: Personality

Mitzi Animal Crossing Personality

The game defines Mitzi Animal Crossing as a calm and composed soul living like a traditional villager. She can get upset or pained due to other villagers’ rude behavior, precisely due to cranky villagers who are rude by nature or lazy villagers who misguided her. It’s easy to add a pinch of joy to her mood as she likes the same old activities like bug catching and fishing, to stay fit and active. Like all other villagers, she will relish the player’s company in her house, guiding him about the village circumstances.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, she always portrays an unseen character referred to as Moppina, an imagined mate that reflects the transitional temperament of hygiene and cleanliness considerations. She generally appears to be kind and generous with a mother-like conversation tone.

Mitzi Animal Crossing: House

Mitzi Animal Crossing House New horzons

Mitzi Animal Crossing owns a distributed and messy house, incorporating two GyroidsCabana Bookshelf, and a Blue bed. She additionally has two potted plants and K.K Swing, adding magic to her Red Boombox. Her house has Ranch flooring and a separate kitchen wall. While in City Folk, the adorable cat, Mitzi retains some identical furniture, but one Gyroid adds to her house. She elevates her house’s beauty by adding an Exotic chair and including more Cabana Bookspace. In this series, she still owns the Ranch flooring, but she has included Modern walls in her house in the kitchen wall.

Mitzi Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Mitzi Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp provides a space full of fun and adventures to the in-game characters. The pocket camp offers an open free-to-play animal stimulation game within the Animal Crossing game developed by Nintendo, available on IOS and Android devices. It was first launched in Australia in October 2017 and was then launched around the globe.

The Pocket Camp avails a space of social stimulation for the players. They can interact, collaborate, engage in commerce, perform minimal tasks, explore the world around them, decorate their living spaces, and much more. Mitzi, one of the most cheerful and young cat characters of Animal Crossing, belongs to A.C. Champ, where she enjoys quality time executing different activities. She prefers the rustic theme.

Furniture/ItemRequired MaterialsPrice (Bells)Craft Time
Fan Palm30 wood, 3 friend powder12103 hours
Cabana Screen90 wood23706 hours
Bistro Table15 wood, 15 cotton7101 hour
Cabana Chair30 wood10003 hours
Ukulele60 wood, 3 natural essence19706 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards

Level of FriendshipRewards
6Allow the player to change outfit
7Gumdrop Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
8Request to find her lost items
91x Sparkle Stone
10Request to craft a ceramic hot pot
20Photo of Mitzi and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Mitzi Animal Crossing: Amiibo Card

Mitzi Animal Crossing Amiibo Card

Amiibo Cards depicts the cards used for collector trading, which offers amiibo functionality coming right from Nintendo’s buckets.

Nintendo presented five different Series of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards in 2020. It offered the cards worldwide, showing the main four cards with 100 characters each, comprising 83 casual villagers and 17 unique characters. These cards can be implemented to add bonuses to your bag. These amiibo cards are compatible with all the four versions of Animal Crossing released to date.

  • Card Number: #226
  • Photo: The full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 226
  • Name: Mitzi
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Birthday: 25th September
  • Roll value: 4
  • Hand sign: Paper
  • Request: Cafe with round, zen items

Gifts for Mitzi Animal Crossing

The Kind and generous behavior of Mitzi Animal Crossing attract the players towards her. Her soft heartened motherly behavior assists the player in bridging a relation of friendship with her. And after you are friends with her, it quite obvious you may wonder to present her some gifts.

Scroll down to get your hands on the perfect gift for Mitzi –

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Caveman Tanktopyellowbrown
Antique Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Low Screenfurniturebeigebrown
Misty Tanktopgreenwhite
Covered Wagonfurniturebeigebrown
Straw Shirttopyelloworange
Samurai Shirttopblackblack
Misty Teetopgreenwhite
Camel Shirttopbrownbrown
Cash Registerfurnitureyellowbrown
Painter’s Shirttoppurplewhite
Checkout Counterfurniturebrownbrown
Old Sewing Machinefurniturebrowngray
Sharp Outfittoppurplewhite
Jomon Potteryfurniturebrownbrown
Deer Shirttopcolorfulwhite
Clay Furnacefurniturebrowngray
Vertigo Shirttopbluewhite
Painter’s Teetoppurplewhite
Subdued-Print Teetoporangebrown
Gold-Armor Suittopyellowyellow
Fall Leaf Shirttopyellowbrown
Gold-Bar Shirttoporangegray
Ninja Shirttopblueblack
Gold-Bar Teetoporangegray
Cuckoo Clockfurnitureredbrown
Monkey Shirttopyellowgreen
Beige Knit Shirttopbeigebeige
Scale-Armor Suittopblueaqua
Massage Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Ayers Rockfurniturebrownbrown
Armor Suittopgraygray
Coffee Grinderfurniturebrowngray
Chichi-Print Teetopgreenwhite

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Animal Crossing games open a new world of possibilities for the players, allowing them to interact, and establish a relationship with some unique creatures. Mitzi is one of those unforgettable characters whom every player desires to meet.

So why are you waiting? Now you have the complete information about Mitzi, so let’s jump into the game to meet her.

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