Rex Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Rex Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a multiplayer simulation series of Nintendo video games. The player takes on the role of a human character in the Animal Crossing Games which travels to and forever stays in a rural village with animals of the origin. Players may not have a specific purpose but may spend time in the village conducting several tasks like collection, planting, or other things and social interaction with village people.

Rex Animal Crossing is a lazy look villager from the game series. Initially, it was exclusive to GCN games but since then was found in the Happy Home Designer data. Its name derives from the Latin word “rex,” meaning “king,” referring to the view of the lions as “kings of the jungle.” As part of the welcome amiibo update, Rex came back to the new Leaf series. This villager can be met through the campground and is invited into the city by scanning amiibo cards. He’s got the hobby of nature.

Rex Animal Crossing – Biography

Rex Animal Crossing Biography
  • Name: Sande
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Lazy
  • Species: Lion
  • Birthday: 24th June
  • Horoscope: Leo
  • Initial Phrase: cool cat
  • Initial Clothes: Blue-Bar Tee
  • Skill: Chugging milk
  • Goal: Forest Ranger
  • Coffee: Blend, milk, sugar
  • Style: Basic
  • Favorite Song: Wandering

Rex Animal Crossing – Appearance

Rex Animal Crossing Appearance

Rex has three freckles on all sides of his dark brown nose and is orange and brown. The Blue Pinstripe is his original clothes. He’s also got violet eyelids and half eyes closed.

Rex Animal Crossing – Personality

Rex Animal Crossing Personality

As a lazy villager guy, Rex’s laid-back lifestyle makes it friendly and simple. He enjoys food and rest, like all lazy peasants. He loves engaging in regular sports, usually for calming purposes or snacks, such as fishing. Rex is well adapted for other villagers but can offend or confuse jock villagers who practice and fitness in a lifestyle that goes against the lazy lifestyle of relaxation and food.

He gets together and speaks about rice, comics, or super helmets with other specious villagers. He is well suitable with normal villagers, peppy villagers, smuggled villagers, sister villagers, and sometimes slender villagers, and somewhat upsetting villagers who sometimes disagree with the lazy view of living. 

Rex Animal Crossing – House

Rex Animal Crossing House

Rex’s house is mostly connected to the Classic Shows, including the Classic Bed and the Classic Sofa. He’s got two Gyroids, the Super Timpanoid and the Micro Fizzoid. The wallpaper is the Classical Wall and Opulent Rug is the board. No stereo, but if he has one K.K. Casbah would be played.

Rex Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Rex Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Campsite Invitation Requirements:

Rex will be invited to the campsite at a minimum level of 7.

Furniture/ItemRequired MaterialsPriceCraft Time
Lantern30 steel, 3 friend powder7204 hours
Backpack30 cotton 9706 hours
Box-Shaped Seat30 wood13502 hours
Cornstalks120 preserves, 3 natural essence23909 hours
Picnic Table60 wood, 3 natural essence 18608 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards:

Level of Friendship Rewards
7Blue-bar Tee and sparkle stones
9Sparkle stones
15Craft a lunch box
20Pic of Rex and Sparkle Stones
25Sparkle Stones 
30Sparkle Stones
35Sparkle Stones
40Sparkle Stones
45Sparkle Stones
50Sparkle Stones

Rex Animal Crossing – eCard

Rex Animal Crossing eCard
  • Card Number: #163
  • Character Number: 163
  • Type: Lion
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Clothes: Blue pinstripe
  • Pet phrase: Cool cat
  • Profile: Rex is surprised that most species have only one “lazy” day of the week. Rex suggests that you must be able to be lazy when the desire hits, regardless of the day it happens.

Rex Animal Crossing – Amiibo Card

Rex Animal Crossing Amiibo Card
  • Card Number: #15
  • Character Number: 015
  • Furniture: Boston Bag, Box-shaped seat, Cable spool, Compact car, Lunch box, Mug
  • Wallpaper and Flooring: Summit wall, Daisy meadow

Gifts for Rex Animal Crossing

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Raglan ShirtTopBlueBlue
Blue BenchFurnitureBlueBlue
Blue DresserFurnitureBlueWhite
Pipe StoolFurnitureBlueGray
Blue ClockFurnitureBlueBlue
Black Flannel ShirtTopBlueBlack
Blue ChairFurnitureBlueBlue
Blue-Bar TeeTopGreenBlue
Lefty DeskFurnitureBlueBrown
Blue BookcaseFurnitureBlueBlue
Ranch Tea TableFurnitureBlueBrown
Blue CabinetFurnitureBlueBlue
A TeeTopBlueWhite
Blue Wall ShelfFurnitureBlueBlue
Trash BinFurnitureRedBlue
Blue TableFurnitureYellowBlue
Blue WardrobeFurnitureBlueBlue
Denim JacketTopBlueBlue
Blue-Check ShirtTopBlueWhite
Raglan TeeTopBlueBlue
Righty DeskFurnitureBlueBrown
Blue-Check TeeTopBlueWhite
Blue Flannel ShirtTopBlueBlack
Morning GloryFurnitureBlueBrown
Garbage PailFurnitureBlueBlue
Blue BedFurnitureYellowBlue
Spade TeeTopBlueAqua
Blue-Bar ShirtTopGreenBlue
Blue BureauFurnitureBlueBlue
Blue Down JacketTopBlueBlue

Other Characters

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Final Words

Animal Crossing is a popular game with millions of users around the world. Rex is a character animal in the Animal Crossing series. Hence, we hope the above information will help you to know everything about Rex. Stay connected to receive more updates regarding Rex.

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