Animal Crossing Margie Complete Character Guide

Animal Crossing Margie

Animal Crossing is a social entertainment and life reproduction PC game plan made and conveyed by Nintendo and made by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. In the Animal Crossing series, the player character is a human who lives in a town controlled by various human animals, doing different activities, for instance, fishing, bug getting, and fossil pursuing.

Animal Crossing Margie is an elephant character from the game. With a cute look and iconic rewards, many players love to be friends with her. Moreover, you can gift her multiple items to increase the level of friendship and their rewards.

Animal Crossing Margie: Bio

Animal Crossing Margie Bio

In Animal Crossing Margie is an animal character. Her Japanese name is サリー, Sarī? Sally. She is an elephant resident with a typical or normal character from the Animal Crossing arrangement. As a resident in Animal Forest e+, Wild World and City Folk, she shows up in Dōbutsu no Mori by Sally’s name (Japanese name). Moreover, in Animal Crossing Margie is a hopeful style fashioner and is closest companions with Ai.

Margie returned to New Leaf. Her underlying expression is a reference to the sounds an elephant makes. Her Japanese name alludes to Sari’s Indian dress, and there are elephants in India, which identity with her species.

  • Name – Margie
  • Gender – Female
  • Personality – Normal Villager
  • Species – Elephant
  • Birthday – 28th January
  • Horoscope – Aquarius
  • Catchphrase – “Tootie”
  • Initial Clothes – Hot Spring Tee
  • Home Request – A place full of clothes
  • Skill – Playing old maid
  • Goal/Dream Job – To become a Pastry Chef.
  • Coffee – Blend, No sugar, No milk
  • Style – Iconic
  • Favorite Song – K.K. Marathon
  • Appearances – NL, NH, PC, HHd, we, AFe+
  • Hobby – Education

Animal Crossing Margie: Appearance

Animal Crossing Margie Appearance

In Animal Crossing Margie is a trinket with her hands and feet having different tones. The tones are light pink, dark pink, white, yellow, and red from base to top. She has yellow and orange hair, which is likewise on the tip of her ears. She has pink redden on her cheeks and blue eyes above somewhat. Margie’s underlying shirt is a Hot Spring Shirt, which she wears when she initially gets into town.

Moreover, in Animal Crossing Series Margie looks like a motorcade/festival elephant because of her beautiful crown and expounds eyes. She has a slight likeness to Tia, another elephant. That’s all about her appearance in the Animal Crossing Series. Now, let us know about Margie’s personality.

Animal Crossing Margie: Personality

Animal Crossing Margie Personality

In Animal Crossing Margie has an ordinary, or we can say a normal character, and much of the time, demonstrations kind towards the player. Her personality moves around a normal nature in the Animal Crossing game series. Now you might be thinking that what normal nature means? Well, Normal locals, for the most part, coexist well with sluggish, enthusiastic, priggish, splendid, and other typical residents. Margie may cause strife with irritable and careful townspeople.

As an ordinary resident, Margie will ordinarily get up at 6:00 am and is simpler to get to know than most. Both normal and lively townspeople reference a concealed companion known as Moppina. That is all about her personality and character. Now let us know about Margie’s house in the Animal Crossing game series.

Animal Crossing Margie: House

Animal Forest e+ series:

In Animal Forest e+, Margie’s home is indistinguishable from Chico’s. Because Margie has the Mosaic Wall and the Beautiful Rug. K.K. Bossa is played on a Reel-to-Reel with one gyroid, the Timpanoid same as Chico’s. Margie possesses a house plant just as two containers. She includes numerous things from the Exotic arrangement, including a colorful chest, outlandish agency, fascinating seat, and excellent end table, on which a ponderosa bonsai sits. She additionally claims a djimbe drum.

New Leaf series:

Animal Crossing Margie House New Leaf

In New Leaf, Margie’s home is comparative yet not indistinguishable from her home in Animal Forest e+. She has the Persian divider and Mosaic tile. Instead of the colorful arrangement, she presently owns various things from the Cabana arrangement, including the Cabana bed, Cabana screen, Cabana shelf, and Cabana table. There is an Incense burner. She possesses an Exotic seat, nonetheless. As opposed to a drum, she presently claims a Sitar and a Harp. She claims a container and a Lady’s palm. K.K. Bossa plays on a Turntable.

New Horizons series:

Animal Crossing Margie House New Horizons

In New Horizons, Margie’s home-style strays from past games. She has the Olive desert-tile divider and the Bamboo flooring. She claims a few things from the Rattan set, redone to be shaded white, including the Rattan bed, Rattan vanity, Rattan squander container, Rattan stool, Rattan end table, and Rattan low table. Also, there is an orange Record player on the Rattan low table, playing K.K. Long-distance race.

There are an Imperial parcel and a low Imperial table before her bed. There is an Ancestral tea set on the low Imperial table in her house. A Cushion tweaked to bed before the low Imperial table, a Monstera in the upper right corner of the house, and a Coconut divider grower on the divider over her bed.

That’s all about her house in the series of the Animal Crossing game. Now lets know about what in Margie’s Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing Margie: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Margie Pocket Camp
Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 3

FurnitureRequired ItemsPrice (Bells)Craft Time
Bamboo Tree2 wood7501 minute
Flower Pop Carpet30 cotton10102 hours
Cabana Armchair3 cotton, 3 wood5201 minutes
Cabana Vanity3 steel, 3 wood7301 minute
Cabana Table30 wood8005 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Hot Spring Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
15Request to craft a tile screen
20Photo of Margie and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Animal Crossing Margie: Amiibo Card

Animal Crossing Margie Amiibo Card
  • Card No.- 384
  • Type– Elephant
  • Star Sign– Aquarius
  • Birthday– 1/28
  • Request– A place full of clothes
  • Roll Value– 4
  • Hard Sign– Rock

Gifts for Animal Crossing Margie

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Alpine PanelFurnitureBrownGrey
Bear PoleFurnitureColorfulBrown
Cabana BedFurnitureBrownWhite
Alpine LampFurnitureBrownGrey
Alpine DresserFurnitureBrownGrey
Blue CertificateFurnitureBrownWhite
Cabana LampFurnitureBlueBrown
Cabana ChairFurnitureBrownBrown
Alpine ChairFurnitureBrownGrey
Detective OutfitTopBrownBrown
Cabana Wall RadioFurnitureBrownBrown
Cabin ChairFurnitureBrownBrown
Fall Plaid TeeTopYellowBrown
Alpine SofaFurnitureBrownGrey
Bottled ShipFurnitureBrownGrey
Cabin BedFurnitureColorfulBrown
Western ShirtTopBrownBrown
Cabana TableFurnitureBrownBrown
Tan Dogtooth ShirtTopBrownBrown

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Final Words

Animal Crossing game is an acclaimed game and has a considerable number of players over the world. It would be best if you likewise attempted it. Margie is one of the primary character creatures in the Animal Crossing game. We have disclosed to you all the crucial data identified with Margie’s character. Continue visiting us to get the most recent updates about the games.

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