Pekoe Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Pekoe Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a famous game on Nintendo featuring 400+ unique characters. Each of these characters provides different rewards as you build a friendship with them. Moreover, their personalities make them very unique while interacting with other NPCs. All these factors make Animal Crossing a great game!

Pekoe Animal Crossing was first introduced in City Folk as a normal cub villager in the game. The word Pekoe in Japanese means jasmine and is written as (ジャスミン Jasumin, Jasmine). The name may be derived from the term used to refer to Unopened leaf buds in the tea flushes. Even her commencing Phrase, “bud,” also depicts the head of the flower.

It’s believed that Pekoye’s appearance is heavily inspired by Chinese characters, which somehow resembles June. June is another cub from the early series. She is the cover star of K.K.Imperial and use to occupy herself with her hobbies most of the time.

Pekoe Animal Crossing – Bio & Appearance

Pekoe Animal Crossing - Bio & Appearance

Pekoe Animal Crossing is all about an almond-shaped face, creamy texture, and to add her beauty, those aquamarine eyes. Apart from being bemused, you could do nothing but admire her. Her hairs are short black, and she wears a matching to its personality Hot spring shirt. Talking about her ears, they are snow-white, resembling niújiǎotóu (牛角头), or OX HORNS. This is something new for many players but is worn by many Chinese women as a part of their traditional clothing. The blue marks on her cheeks make her adorable.

  • Gender – Female
  • Personality – Normal Villager
  • Species – Cub
  • Birthday – 18th May
  • Horoscope – Taurus
  • Catch Phrase – “bud.”
  • Initial Clothes – Hot Spring Tee (N.L.) and Sleeveless Silk Dress (N.H.)
  • Home Request – An exotic resort
  • Skill – Doodling
  • Goal – To become an Aesthetician.
  • Coffee – Kilimanjaro, Two spoonfuls of sugar, Normal amount of milk
  • Style – Iconic
  • Favorite Song – K.K. Imperial
  • Appearances – N.L., NH, PC, HHd, CF

Pekoe Animal Crossing-Personality

Pekoe Animal Crossing-Personality

Pekoe Animal Crossing has a calm and Normal Personality, which is backed up by her kindness towards others. Isn’t that more than enough to fall for her? She is kind towards every other villager out there; be it lazy, arrogant, or peppy villager, she is OK with them. The real issue comes with Cranky and sisterly villager like Wolfgang. They are the ones with whom she ends up stuck in a conflicting situation. As a calm and normal villager’s daily routine, Pekoe is simple too, waking up at sharp 6:00 and starts her day friending as many villagers as she can. Moppina is the one she has there to watch her back.

Pekoe Animal Crossing – House

Pekoe Animal Crossing’s house in New Leaf somewhat resembles Kabuki’s and Genji’s house. Built on a very exotic theme, and floor made up of bamboos. There is something unique about the phonograph that continuously plays Imperial K.K for her.

Pekoe Animal Crossing House New horizons

Pekoe Animal Crossing’s new house in New Horizons is a combination of two colors, White and Red. Exterior, similar to Eastern-style, looks fab. Even her gates are lustrous Black zen, and the roof can’t be more perfect than the Black shingled roof. From the front, you will notice a red lantern hanging in the middle of his front yard. Talking about the house’s interior, it’s red and has a fair use of cherry blossom bamboo flooring. One of the most exotic things at her home is an eastern style tea set.

Pekoe Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Pekoe Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp

Now adventure comes at your fingertip. With the historic decision by Nintendo Gaming of launching even the mobile version of Animal Crossing, which would be later known as Pocket camp, Now you could take your pets with you everywhere. Just don’t forget to keep your furry friend pre-occupied with lots of work.

For Pekoe Animal Crossing, her choice of theme is Harmonious, and she has a very clear profile stating:

Pekoe’s as cute as a button! She got this saying for her habit of collecting buttons, which is an adorable collection.

Requirements for Campsite Invitation

FurnitureRequired MaterialsPrice(Bells)Craft Time
Cup of Tea (Jasmine)30 preserves1,4801 hour
Cabana Lamp15 steel, 15 wood1,2305 hours
Imperial Chair15 cotton, 15 wood1,4301 hour and 30 minutes
Exotic Table (Black and Red)20 wood, 3 harmonious essence, 1 exotic table (basic)2,1206 hours
Exotic Screen (Black and Red)40 wood, 3 harmonious essence, 1 exotic screen (basic)1,8809 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Hot Spring Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
15Request to craft Mama panda
20Photo of Pekoe and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Pekoe Animal Crossing – amiibo Card

Pekoe Animal Crossing - amiibo Card
  • Card Number: #160
  • Photo: The full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 160
  • Name: Pekoe
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Birthday: 18th May
  • Roll value: 2
  • Hand sign: Paper
  • Request: An exotic resort

Gifts For Pekoe Animal Crossing

These are a few of the things that she personally likes and would be very helpful in reaching her final goal of being aesthetic.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Alpine Shelffurniturebrowngray
Cabin Low Tablefurniturecolorfulbrown
Exotic Benchfurniturebrownbrown
Cabin Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Vanityfurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Bedfurniturebrownwhite
Cabin Bookcasefurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabin Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Exotic End Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Fall Plaid Shirttopyellowbrown
Glass-Top Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Ninja Swordfurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Bureaufurniturebrownbrown
Zodiac Monkeyfurniturepurplebrown
Cabin Armchairfurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabin Bedfurniturecolorfulbrown
Alpine Bedfurniturebrowngray
Egg Basketfurniturecolorfulbrown
School Speakerfurniturebrowngray
Mochi Pestlefurniturebrownbrown
Alpine Low Tablefurniturebrowngray
Bear Polefurniturecolorfulbrown
Hawthorn Bonsaifurnituregreenbrown
Exotic Screenfurniturebrownbrown
Campfire Cookwarefurniturebrownblack
Cabana Screenfurniturebrownbrown
Tatami Bedfurnituregreenbrown
Alpine Dresserfurniturebrowngray
Blue Certificatefurniturebrownwhite
Raven Polefurniturecolorfulbrown
Alpine Panelfurniturebrowngray
Cabin Tablefurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabana Armchairfurniturebrownwhite
Cabana Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Chestfurniturebrownbrown
Plum Bonsaifurniturepinkbrown
Yellow Certificatefurniturebrownwhite
Ceramic Hot Potfurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Alpine Closetfurniturebrowngray
Tribal Maskfurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Alpine Chairfurniturebrowngray
Cabin Wall Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Bunk Bedfurniturebrownwhite
Cabana Wall Radiofurniturebrownbrown
Eagle Polefurniturecolorfulbrown
Zodiac Boarfurniturebluebrown
Large Alpine Tablefurniturebrowngray
Cream and Sugarfurniturebrowngray
Cabana Lampfurniturebluebrown
Bottled Shipfurniturebrowngray
Taiko Drumfurniturebeigebrown
Fall Plaid Teetopyellowbrown
Western Shirttopbrownbrown
Soft-Serve Lampfurniturebrownwhite
Wheat Bundlefurniturebrownbrown
Biwa Lutefurniturebrownbrown
Detective Outfittopbrownbrown
Cabin Couchfurniturecolorfulbrown
Shogi Piecefurniturebrownblack
Jasmine Bonsaifurnitureyellowbrown
Tan Dogtooth Teetopbrownbrown
Cabana Bookcasefurniturebrownbrown
Hospital TVfurnitureredbrown
Maple Bonsaifurnitureredbrown
Go Boardfurniturebrownbrown
Frog-Woman Polefurniturecolorfulbrown
Folk Tunictopbrownbrown
Cabin Dresserfurniturecolorfulbrown
Tan Dogtooth Shirttopbrownbrown
Cabana Dresserfurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Chairfurniturebrownwhite
Alpine Sofafurniturebrowngray
Cabin Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Pipe Organfurniturebrownbrown
Kokeshi Dollfurniturebrownbrown
Lucky Frogfurniturebrownwhite
Alpine Lampfurniturebrowngray
Dream Catcherfurnitureredbrown
Exotic Wall Shelffurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Bedfurniturebrowngray
Alpine Kitchen Cartfurniturebrowngray
Shogi Boardfurniturebrownbrown

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

“Let bygones be bygones,” this is what one can expect from a person of such stature. Pekoe Animal Crossing loves to make as many friends as she could make. The game’s sole aim is to enhance and upgrade your house as much you can and pay off your debts. Pekoe comes in there as a great help to you. Her calm and submissive approach will lure many to be on your side, helping you reach a higher level of the game. Just don’t forget to beautify her more often and gift her such that she comes with her goal of being “Aesthetician.”

Happy Gaming!

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