Tiffany Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Tiffany Animal Crossing

Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami, the mega minds behind the creation of Animal Crossing and even hundreds of characters, describe their game as a social simulation. And no doubt it is. The game has helped lots of innocents learn about their favorite furry friend’s likes, dislikes, and personality. The game even aids in the learning power of students.

Talking about Tiffany Animal Crossing, she is a cute make-up-loving villager in the game who remains in a jolly good mood most of the time. So let’s get to know her in a detailed manner through our article.

Tiffany Animal Crossing – Bio

Tiffany Animal Crossing Bio

Tiffany  Animal Crossing (バズレー,) in Japanese, is a peppy rabbit villager. She made her debut with Animal Forest e+ and subsequently appeared in the Wild world and succeeding games. If you still remember Audrey Hepburn, tiffany resembles a lot to her. By the way, Audrey Hepburn is seen at the breakfast of Tiffany’s. Her initial phrase, bun bun, is just a play of the words “bunny” and “bon-bon.” Tiffany has a fashion hobby, and usually, she is found wearing specific headwear and a pink purse with a flower on it.

  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Snooty
  • Species: Rabbit
  • Birthday: January 9th (Capricorn)
  • Initial phrase:bun bun , ってさ (ttesa), 라던데 (ladeonde)
  • Initial clothes: Spider-web Tee, Chic Tuxedo Dress (Black)
  • Home request: A gorgeous celebrity home
  • Skill: Oversleeping
  • Goal: To become a CEO
  • Coffee: Kilimanjaro with little sugar and milk.
  • Style: Striking, Rock ‘n’ roll, Gorgeous, and Cool.
  • Favorite song: K.K. Ragtime

Tiffany Animal Crossing – Appearance

Tiffany Animal Crossing Appearance

Tiffany Animal Crossing is a white colored rabbit with light brown markings at the top of her ears; the inside of her ears are of rose color. Her tufts, which are situated center of the ears, are brown in texture. Oddly, she has a strange white mark on her eyes to her left. Her sharp and downward-facing eyebrows, along with her pretty large eyes, give her a snobbish and disapproving look. And all these combined goes well along with her snooty and peppy personality.

Tiffany’s dark red lips go well with pink blush on her cheeks. Her arms are colored in a way it gives the viewer an illusion that she is wearing gloves. Her fishnet stockings are unique in-game. At last, her appearance can be summarized as it’s inspired by film Noir. However, fishnet stocking is quite popular in punk fashion.

Tiffany Animal Crossing – Personality

Tiffany Animal Crossing Personality

Just by telling someone has a peppy and snooty villager personality, it’s easy for Animal Crossing fan to describe that villager’s habits in the case of Tiffany, her snooty personality, which is a synonym for make-up and gossiping. As a peppy villager, other villagers will find tiffany rude and arrogant, but her real identity matters. At times, she can be described as someone that is all by herself, from talking about herself to praising her deeds. But her heart is pure.

Snooty personality has some severe downside too as she being one, won’t hesitate bitching about others as any other peppy personality villager would love to do. She can easily confide in other villagers about their feelings, but her tone remains subtle and rude. She isn’t someone that befriends easily. Her personality doesn’t allow it.

So you couldn’t expect Tiffany Animal Crossing to get along with other lazy villagers. Also, she won’t get along with jock villagers as they don’t understand fashion, hence won’t like her appearance. Only cranky villagers and normal villagers would understand her. She, too, will enjoy them as their choice, preference personality matches.

Tiffany Animal Crossing – House

Tiffany Animal Crossing House New leaf

Tiffany’s house in Animal Forest e+ and T-Bone’s house in animal forest e+ match a little bit, Apart from the only difference being the stone wall and birch flooring. Her animal forest e+ house plays K.K.rock on her phonograph or could be termed as Gramophone.

Tiffany Animal Crossing House New Horizons

Tiffany’s has an entirely modern themed house in Wild World and City Folk, combined with other types of furniture. Her City Folk house has an ultra-modern bed, wide LED TV, regular table, a few red-colored armchairs, a red sofa, dartboard, and billiard playing table. Her house has a concrete table and supporting red color tiles. Her retro players play the same song by K.K. Rock as her phonograph in animal forest e+.

Tiffany Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

We are incredibly sorry to let you down. We know how hard every animal crossing fan waits for there favorite villager to be included in Pocket Camp {mobile version of Animal Crossing}. Still, we have re-checked even then; we could not find Tiffany’s existence in Pocket camp.

Tiffany Animal Crossing – Amiibo Card

Tiffany Animal Crossing Amiibo Card
Star signCapricorn
Birthday9th January
Roll value5
Hand signRock
RequestA gorgeous celebrity home

Gifts for Tiffany Animal Crossing

The below items contain Tiffany’s favorite style and color.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Cafe Teetopredwhite
Traffic Conefurnitureredred
Orange Conefurnitureredred
Flame Shirttopredblack
Virtual Boyfurnitureredblack
Flame Teetopredblack
Checkerboard Teetopredblack
Detour Arrowfurnitureredwhite
Red Letter Jackettopredred
Checkerboard Shirttopredblack
U R Here Teetopredwhite
After-School Jackettopredblack
Electric Guitarfurnitureredred
Iron Framefurnitureredred

Non-Rock, non-Official, red items

The following items have Tiffany’s favorite color, but not the favorite style or disliked style.

meType NameColor 1Color 2
Beatnik Shirttopredblack
Festivale Tanktopgreenred
Big Bro’s Teetopredwhite
Folk Shirttopredwhite
Beatnik Tanktopredblack
Beatnik Teetopredblack
Baseball Shirttopredwhite
Fishing Vesttopredorange
Diamond Teetopredwhite
Garden Tanktopredwhite
Fiendish Shirttopredblack
Gelato Teetopgreenred
Bold Check Teetopyellowred
Barber Teetopredblue
Dr. Shrunk’s Jackettopyellowred
Gelato Shirttopgreenred

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Many love peppy villager, so as many hate them. Irrespective of your choice, one thing everyone would agree upon is the fact of Tiffany and her insane obsession with make-up. So if you get around Tiffany, don’t forget to make her mood happy and calm simply by gifting clothing and favorite color jackets. We hope our article proved useful to you and helped satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Happy Gaming!

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