T Bone Animal Crossing – Adorable Bull Villager

T Bone Animal Crossing

T Bone is one of the adorable bull villagers available in the famous franchise of Animal Crossing. The character first appeared in  Doubutsu no Mori, the first installment of the Animal Crossing Series released exclusively in Japan. However, the character was absent in both Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, later he was introduced back into the series with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. 

In Doubutsu no Mori the character was shown to have a lazy personality, however, while he was reintroduced he was shown to have a cranky personality. 

T Bone Animal Crossing

The Japanese name of T Bone Animal Crossing is ボルシチ pronounced as Borushichi or Borscht which is based on the name of a Ukrainian Dish – Borscht which sometimes uses beef as a component and T-Bone refers to the cut of the beef. 

The catchphrase of the character is “Moocher” which is a pun as Moocher is a person who asks things by begging and Mooing is the sound of the call generally associated with a Bovine. The favorite saying of the character can be considered to be a reference to Bart Simpson’s catchphrase “Don’t have a cow, man!”

In the game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the character can be seen to have an education hobby and will be seen reading a novel outside with rimmed glasses on his face. He can also be seen inspecting certain objects with a magnifying glass while he is near them. 

T Bone Animal Crossing – Appearance

T Bone Animal Crossing

T Bone is a villager in the hit game Animal Crossing who is a bull with Bluish grey color. He has yellow horns and has a vague resemblance to a Cape Buffalo. The villager has a dark dark blue-grey distinguishing mark around the muzzle and has brown color hair on his head. The character also has white color tips at the end of all four of his hooves and the inner side of his ears are of the color pink. 

In Animal Crossing he can be seen to be wearing a Yellow Pinstripe and in New Lead he can be seen to be wearing a Hanten Shirt. 


T Bone Personality

The personality of T Bone Animal Crossing changes from a lazy villager to a Cranky Villager. He is shown to be a lazy villager however, by the time he was reintroduced in New Leaf he was made to be a cranky villager. 

T Bone Animal Crossing – Personality

In Animal Crossing, T Bone was a lazy villager which meant that he was easy to get along with and friendly. Like every other lazy villager present in the game T Bone too has a love for food and loves to relax without doing anything. 

He would be fine with taking part in the usual hobbies of Lazy Villagers which are usually for the purpose of relaxation or for getting food, such as fishing. 

T Bone generally gets along with other villagers. He will definitely get along well with other villagers who are also lazy and would also get along with sisterly, smug, peppy and normal villagers but could confuse or offend Jock Villagers who are all about exercise and fitness. He could also annoy other Snooty villagers who don’t agree with the lazy lifestyle. 

He talks about Comics, Superheroes and Food with other Lazy Villagers. 

T Bone New Leaf – Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, T Bone is changed to be a cranky villager. Cranky Villagers are generally in an agitated mood or are generally grouchy. Like all the other cranky villagers in Animal Crossing, T Bone too would be very much invested in his hobbies and would challenge the players often for a variety of competitions. 

Cranky Villagers get along with other cranky villagers as well as snooty and jock villagers. Sometimes they can be seen to be getting along with normal and lazy villagers as well but it is hard for them to get along with peppy villagers as they sometimes seem to be immature or overstimulated. 

T Bone Animal Crossing – House

T Bone House
T Bone House

In the game Animal Crossing, T Bone’s house is seen to be full of plants. There are many varieties of things that can be seen inside the house of T Bone such as a Globe, an exotic bench and different types of greenery. There also exists a Phonograph within the house which is solely dedicated to playing K.K. Reggae. 

He uses a Bamboo Wall as wallpaper and for his flooring, he uses Bamboo Floor. 

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf there is a difference in T Bone’s house. Unlike the greenery-filled house, New Leaf T Bone’s house has a Russian theme which is outdated. 

In the house, there is a matryoshka, a lunch tray, and a stew pot. A Classic Bed and a Classic Sofa also exist within the house along with a theremin. Just like the previous versions, New Leaf also has a Phonograph but this time it plays just K.K. Steppe. He uses an Arched Window as his wallpaper and the flooring was made of Plush Carpet. 

T Bone Animal Crossing Gifts

T Bone prefers to have items that are simple and cool as their gifts. They prefer to have the color either Black or Blue.

A Black Business Suitcoat, Blue Earbuds, A Blue Argyle, a Blue Boa Fleece Top, Blue Butterfly Shades, Blue Cowboy Shirt are examples of some of the items which can be given as a gift to T Bone.

Names of T Bone in Other Languages 

Name Language
ボルシチ BorushichiJapanese
羅宋/罗宋 LuósòngChinese
티본 TiboKorean

Frequently Asked Questions

Is T-Bone a good villager?

T Bone is a good Villager both in Animal Crossing as well as in New Leaf. He gets along with most of the other villagers both as a Lazy Villager and as a Cranky Villager. 

Is T-Bone in New Horizons?

T Bone is available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

What is the rarest in Animal Crossing?

The Rarest Species in Animal Crossing are Octopuses. There are only three representatives of the species. 

How rare is t bone animal crossing

In Wild World and City Folk, the character is absent and a player will not be able to find the villager. In New Leaf the character is pretty common.


T Bone Animal Crossing refers to a villager available in the game franchise Animal Crossing. The adorable villager in the game is a bull and was introduced as a lazy villager in the game but after being reintroduced in New Leaf the character was made to have a cranky personality. Even with the cranky personality T Bone is very adorable and gets along with almost everyone. 

The various features of the character of T Bone in the Animal Crossing series such as the appearance, the personality, and the house of the character all have been discussed in this article in an attempt for the reader to get a better understanding of the Character of T Bone and appreciate him more. 

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