Phoebe Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Phoebe Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a multiplayer video game series released by Nintendo. Like in all animal crossing games, paid people must buy a tropical beach package from Tom Nook, a tanuki character in the Animal Crossing series. After that, they spawned on their islands later. Animal Crossing takes place freely, as players have to discover the island and build it into a group of animals.

Phoebe Animal Crossing is an affectionate ostrich villager who emerges first in New Leaf and comes back in New Horizons. The English and the Japanese names of Phoebe are both phoenix played, one of the Japanese words hi-no-tori for which the word “firebird” is more or less translated. Her first sentence possibly applies to the sparks coming from a candle (sparky). She is seen on the K.K. Salsa and K.K. Parade album covers. She has a hobby of wellness.

Phoebe Animal Crossing – Biography

Phoebe Animal Crossing Biography
  • Name: Phoebe
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Ostrich
  • Personality: Sisterly Villager 
  • Birthday: 22nd April
  • Horoscope: Taurus
  • Initial Phrase: “sparky.”
  • Initial Clothes: Flame Tee, Front-Tie Tee
  • Home Request: A fiery hangout
  • Skill: Eating frequently
  • Goal: Swimmer
  • Coffee: Kilimanjaro, a little bit of milk, one spoon of sugar
  • Style: Ornate
  • Favorite Song: K.K. Flamenco
  • Appearances: N.L., HHD, P.C., NH

Phoebe Animal Crossing – Appearance

Phoebe Animal Crossing Appearance

Phoebe Animal Crossing is a shiny orange-red Ostrich with spotted wings. Her name, color pattern, and initial Flame Tee presumably resembles a mythic phoenix. She’s sort of like Rio, another woman who was a little ostrich in the early games of the game. There are yellow dots on her cheeks and blue colored eyelashes. Overall the character looks pretty good.

Phoebe Animal Crossing – Appearance

Phoebe Animal Crossing Appearance

Phoebe is a Sisterly villager. As she becomes friends, she advises the player and teaches them how to relax. Phoebe can also offer medication to the player if bees pickle them. Like most affectionate villagers, Phoebe is challenging, but she’s always really interested in her beauty. It is quick to see her, and it is merely because of her loving and defending disposition to build friendships with sister villagers. Phoebe would respect the player and even promise to fight against someone who has issues with the player.

Phoebe Animal Crossing might enjoy the jack villagers who share their love of Sporty Villagers, Lazy Villagers, and Peppy Villagers. However, she can conflict with Snooty Villagers, Cunning Villagers, who spread rumors about others, and it can be challenging to get along with Normal Villagers.

Phoebe Animal Crossing – House

New leaf

Phoebe Animal Crossing House New Leaf

Phoebe’s house in New Leaf has some furniture with red, black, and yellow pieces dedicated to her beauty. The room contains an excellent bed, a mini squelched, a central glass table, a chimney, an electric guitar, two comfortable couches, and a butterfly bush. Its wallpaper is the cribbage wall, and its flooring is the tile.

New Horizons

Phoebe Animal Crossing House New Horizons

Phoebe’s house in New Horizons is very fiery and corresponds to her mythological phoenix. She has a lava and Magma caverns wall, a log stool, a red camping cot, a Tiki flavor, a simple brand workbench, a Bonfire, and a red Mug Log sitting on its right-hand side. It may also have a cute red player who plays K.K. according to the time of the day.

Phoebe Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Phoebe Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Phoebe is accepted to the campsite at a minimum level of 5. Shee has several gold and star fragments in her home. Also, Pheobe will aff the following furniture to your house –

Furniture/Item Required Materials PriceCraft Time
Tiki Torch30 Steel9804 hours
Beacon Fire60 wood, 3 natural essence2,2508 hours
Campfire Cookware15 wood, 15 steel1,1903 hours
Natural Fence30 wood9302 hours
Natural Bench30 cotton, 30 wood, 3 natural essence1,7909 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards

As a friendship, Pheobe Animal Crossing rewards you with many items. All these items depend on the level of friendship you have with her. Due to exciting rewards, she is one of the most demanding characters in the game. Following are the friendship rewards –

Level of Friendship Rewards 
7 1x Flame Tee, Sparkle Stones
91x Sparkle Stones
15Request to craft a gas pump
201x pic of Phoebe and Sparkle Stones
251x Sparkle Stones
301x Sparkle Stones
351x Sparkle Stones
401x Sparkle Stones
451x Sparkle Stones
501x Sparkle Stones

Phoebe Animal Crossing – Amiibo Card

Phoebe Animal Crossing Amiibo Card
  • Amiibo Card is almost like a character card that includes certain information with a complete character frame.
  • Card Number: #135
  • Character Number: 135
  • Name: Phoebe
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Birthday: 22nd April
  • Roll Value: 1 
  • Hand sign: Paper
  • Request: A fiery hangout

Phoebe Animal Crossing – Gifts for Phoebe 

The following is a list of suitable presents for Phoebe, who likes Ornate, yellow articles but doesn’t like Classic articles.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Coral TankTopYellowBlue
Coral TeeTopYellowBlue
Royal ShirtTopYellowRed
Golden BedFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden BenchFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden ChairFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden ClockFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden ClosetFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden DresserFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden ManFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden ScreenFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden TableFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden Wall TorchFurnitureYellowYellow
Golden WomanFurnitureYellowYellow
Gorgeous StoolFurnitureYellowRed
Regal ArmoireFurnitureYellowWhite
Regal BedFurnitureYellowWhite
Regal BookcaseFurnitureYellowWhite
 Regal ChairFurnitureYellowWhite
Regal ClockFurnitureYellowWhite
Regal DresserFurnitureYellowWhite
Regal LampFurnitureYellowWhite
Regal SofaFurnitureYellowWhite
Regal TableFurnitureYellowWhite
Regal VanityFurnitureYellowWhite
Regal Wall LampFurnitureYellowWhite

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Animal Crossing is a well-known multiplayer game that has millions of users worldwide. Phoebe is one of the essential character animals in Animal Crossing. Make sure you follow all the steps to friend her and receive the rewards for them.

Happy Gaming!

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