Tia Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Tia Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a game developed in Japan to make children know about various wildlife animals, even making it much engaging by giving them a medium through which they can show their love and hospitality towards them. From building homes for the animal to interacting with them.

Tia Animal Crossing or (ティーナ, Tīna) in Japanese is a very beautiful elephant villager in our Animal Crossing series. We already know the connection between Tucker and how he is based on Mammoth. Though it’s significantly less known, it’s believed Tia to be found on the teapot. Tia could be well supported by how her name or even her catchphrase “Teacup” resembles Tea. If this didn’t quench your thirst, What about her Picture quote that keeps on playing “Life is a cup of Tea.” Like Pekoe, her nature is Hobby.

Tia Animal Crossing – Bio

Tia Animal Crossing Bio

Tia Animal Crossing is a Cute Teapot from the game who loves everything related to Tea. With her cute gesture and normal personality, she can be your best friend in the game. With the skill of Writing Letters, she can communicate with distant friends easily. Let’s jump into the full biodata –

  • Gender – Female
  • Personality – Normal Villager
  • Species – Elephant
  • Birthday – 18th November
  • Horoscope – Scorpio
  • Catchphrase – “teacup.”
  • Initial Clothes – Garden Tank (N.L.) and Black Maid Dress (N.H.)
  • Home Request – A space fit for a tea party
  • Skill – Writing letters
  • Goal – To become a Dentist.
  • Coffee – Mocha, Two spoonfuls of sugar, Normal amount of milk
  • Style – Cute, Elegant (P.C.)
  • Favorite Song – K.K. Bossa
  • Appearances – N.L., NH, HHd

Tia Animal Crossing – Appearance

Tia Animal Crossing Appearance

Tia Animal Crossing, from her body color, “white” reminds one of “teapot.” With the new patch of New Horizons, her texture was even more changed to look exactly like a porcelain teapot. After that, she wasn’t like another elephant in the village who have a somewhat fuzzy texture. Tia has thick yellow hairband type marking on both sides of her head, and her black eyes, adding to her beautiful presence of blue flower and a yellow ball at the top of her head, makes her stand out even in the crowd of thousand other white elephants.

The two lighter bluish markings on her cheeks make the viewer feel like she is blushing all the time. P.S. When she smiles, one couldn’t think of anything else. Her hands, especially at her feet, blue color marking is there. And inside of her ears is all blue with Yellow linings. The best of all is her inside the trunk, all brown, which makes her trunk look like “tea in teapot’s spout.”

Tia Animal Crossing – Personality

Tia Animal Crossing Personality

Kindness is the best quality Tia possesses, among many other attributes. From the Animal Crossing game’s perspective, we could sum up as she has a Normal Personality. Normal Villagers usually get along very well with Lazy Villagers, Peppy Villagers, Smug Villagers, and Arrogant Villagers in the game. However, they may conflict with Cranky or Sisterly villagers. The best example would be Wolfgang as a Cranky or sisterly villager as he possesses these traits, and for a smug and pretentious villager, Pekoe would fit best.

As among one of the normal villager, Tia Animal Crossing would wake up sharp at 06:00 AM, and she is among those villagers who are more comfortable to befriend. It should be kept in mind that both Normal and Peppy village give time to time reference about an unseen friend of their Moppina.  

Tia Animal Crossing – House

New Leaf, the place (Island) where most of the villager’s houses are located, Tia’s house at first glance seemed to have no specific theme, but when appropriately gazed, one could find it resembling kitchen style. Most of the furniture at her place is regal series like bed and lamp. As per her kitchen theme, she has both the sink and buffet placed right in front of each other. Even her minimalist Kitchen contains a pinewood table. She has this phonograph that continuously plays K.K. Marathon. The floor of her house is decorated with blue wallpaper of her choice.

Tia Animal Crossing House Animal Crossing

Tia’s next house in New Horizons is a specific café themed house. The kitchen in her New Horizon house is small, and both kitchen tables are placed opposite each other east and west. There is a designer café curtain wall and a little phonograph that plays K.K.Bossa.

Tia Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Tia Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Since the game was launched in 2001, many wanted never to let their pets go off their vision but technologically, it wasn’t possible to have a check on your favorite pets now and then at that time. With smartphone culture quickly getting adapted, all it needed to launch the game’s mobile version was later released by Nintendo Gaming. Now with Pocket Game, one could keep their pets in front of their eyes.

According to her profile:

“Tia has always loved and is fond of Teacups. Her collection of teacups is Pristine. And why would it not be? She always chooses coffee over Tea.”

Basic requirements for the campsite

Friendship Level: 3

FurnitureRequired MaterialsPrice(Bells)Craft Time
Fancy Tea Set6 steel3901 minute
Regal Clock30 steel, 30 woods1,9002 hours
Lovely Carpet30 cotton9204 hours and 30 min
Lovely Table (Lovely Pink)20 steel, 20 wood, 1 cute essence, 1 lovely table (basic)2,0206 hours
Regal Chair30 wood8104 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards

These are the rewards to which you are entitled once you progress higher in the game.

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Garden Tank and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
15Request to craft a birthday table
20Photo of Tia and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Tia Animal Crossing – amiibo Card

Tia Animal Crossing amiibo Card
  • Card Number: #121
  • Photo: The full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 121
  • Name: Tia
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Birthday: 18th November
  • Roll value: 1
  • Hand sign: Scissors
  • Request: A space fit for a tea party

Gifts for Tia Animal Crossing 

Here is the list of some pretty exciting Gifts for Tia:

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Bear Costumetopbeigebrown
Citrus Tanktoporangebeige
Citrus Teetoporangebeige
Frog Shirttopgreenbeige
Frog Teetopgreenbeige
Mod Shirttopbeigewhite
Shearling Coattopbeigebeige
Spring Shirttopbluebeige
Spunky Knit Shirttopgreenbeige
Capsule-Toy Machinefurnitureredbeige
Clothes Closetfurniturebeigebeige
Juicy-Apple Clockfurnitureredbeige
Juicy-Apple TVfurnitureredbeige
Mama Bearfurniturebeigebeige
Modern Wood Bedfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Chairfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Chestfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Clockfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Closetfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Lampfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Shelffurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Sofafurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Stoolfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Tablefurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood TVfurniturebeigebrown
Pear Dresserfurnituregreenbeige
Pear Wardrobefurnituregreenbeige
Piggy Bankfurniturepinkbeige
Pine Chairfurniturebeigebeige
Pine Tablefurnituregreenbeige
Popcorn Machinefurnitureredbeige
Sand Castlefurniturebeigebeige
Sweets Bedfurniturebeigewhite
Sweets Bookcasefurniturebeigebeige
Sweets Chairfurniturebeigebrown
Sweets Closetfurniturebeigebrown
Sweets Dresserfurniturebeigebrown
Sweets Sofafurniturepinkbeige
Sweets Tablefurniturebeigebrown
Paw-Print Wallwallpaperbeige 
Neutral Floorcarpetbeige 

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

“Tea is a cup of Life” game has made it very clear that she was created to resemble Tea at a broader level and make It popular among children. Tea and Tia both have an un-separable bond formed, and we only wish that Tia remains the same Calm and Kind Tia we knew earlier. Chai, not the Hindi meaning of Tea but another village from animal crossing, is based on Tea and Teapots.

Tia is easy to befriend and loves gifts. Try to make her happy by gifting her as many presents as you can, and we hope that our article would have helped make your gaming experience better.

Happy Gaming!

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