Animal Crossing Antonio Complete Character Guide

Animal Crossing Antonio

Animal Crossing is a social recreation and life simulation computer game arrangement created and distributed by Nintendo and made by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. In the Animal Crossing series, the player character is a human who lives in a town possessed by different human creatures, doing other exercises, for example, fishing, bug getting, and fossil chasing.

Animal Crossing Antonio is a Jock Villager from the game who is famous for a unique look. All the basic items like chairs, refrigerators, etc. can be obtained from his Pocket Camp. Let’s unwrap this character step by step.

The Animal Crossing game is striking for its open-finished interactivity, and broad utilization of the computer game comforts inward clock and schedule to re-enact genuine entry of time. Animal Crossing has a million active players from all over the world. In the game Animal Crossing, Antonio is also one of the Animal characters. Let us know more about him in this article.

Animal Crossing Antonio: Biography

Animal Crossing Antonio Biography

In the game, Antonio is an Animal Character. Antonio’s Japanese name is Makoto. In the Animal Crossing game series, Antonio is a jock anteater villager. Currently, he is the only jock anteater in the Animal Crossing game series and the second male anteater after Cyrano. Also, He has a fitness hobby. There is not much to tell about his biography. Now, let us move forward to Antonio’s appearance in the Animal Crossing game series.

  • Gender – Male
  • Personality – Jock Villager
  • Species – Anteater
  • Birthday – 20th October
  • Horoscope – Libra
  • Catch Phrase – “honk.”
  • Initial Clothes – Big Star Tee (N.L.) and Bone Tee (N.H.)
  • Home Request – A place with simple decorations
  • Skill – Playing horseshoes
  • Goal – To become a Baseball player.
  • Coffee – Kilimanjaro, One spoonful of sugar, a little bit of milk
  • Style – Basic
  • Favorite Song – K.K. Ragtime
  • Appearances – N.L., HHD, P.C., NH, WW, AFe+, CL

Animal Crossing Antonio: Appearance

Animal Crossing Antonio Appearance

In the game, Animal Crossing Antonio, an animal character, is a dark gray anteater with a cream-colored muzzle (front of the face) and black colored eyes. Antonio’s tail looks like a feather duster. His tail is fluffy, gray, black, and white. At the starting of the Animal Crossing game, he wears a Big Star Shirt, which was changed to the Bone Tee in the game’s New Horizons series. The back of his head, and his ears, are a darker color than the rest of his head. That’s all about his appearance that we cloud tell you. Now, let us know about Antonio’s personality.

Animal Crossing Antonio: Personality

Animal Crossing Antonio Personality

In the game, Animal Crossing Antonio has an athlete character and has an incredible interest in games and weight training. His personality and character move around “Jock personality.” Well, you might be thinking that what is a jock personality or athlete personality means? Athlete or jock villagers are hyperactive and roused; however, they frequently appear to be self-absorbed and thick. As a muscle head resident or a jock villager, Antonio is keen on his leisure activity and may contend with the player at getting bugs and fish.

Jock villager’s townspeople coexist with lively, irritable, and careful residents. However, struggle with the laid-back way of life of sedentary locals. Self-important villagers may likewise be hard to coexist with for Antonio. That’s all about his personality. Now, let us know about Antonio’s house.

Animal Crossing Antonio: House

Animal Forest e+ series:

In the Animal Forest e+ series of Animal Crossing game, Antonio has a similar house as Bertha does, with the distinction being the cross-section divider and the cabana flooring. K.K. Faire is played on a gold sound system. There are numerous furniture pieces from the Modern Series, including an advanced bed and a cutting edge table just as a plant and a bass.

Wild World and City Folk series:

In the Wild World and City Folk series of Animal Crossing games, Antonio’s home has a seashore setting. He has a lounger, a red blast box that plays K.K. Faire, a bath, an ice chest, a day to day existence ring, a tea set, an outdoor table, a clothesline, and a seashore seat. He also has the tropical vista backdrop and tropical floor, which have a seashore setting.

New Horizons series:

Animal Crossing Antonio House New Horizons

In New Horizons series of Animal Crossing game, Antonio’s home is white with a beige wooden entryway and a dark stone rooftop. The inside has the brilliant divider and the pine-board flooring. He has a blue wooden basic bed, chest, end table, and seat. He additionally has a lightwood wooden shelf, a pile of books, a riddle, and a white legacy skull radio. At the point when Antonio creates a formula, he utilizes a small blue DIY workbench.

Animal Crossing Antonio: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Antonio Pocket Camp

Campsite Invitation Requirements:

Friendship Level: 5

Furniture/ItemRequired MaterialsPrice (Bells)Craft Time
Blue Chair30 wood1,2401 hour
Sink15 wood, 15 steel1,3201 hour
Blue Table60 wood, 3 natural essence1,93011 hours
CD Shelf30 wood, 30 steel, 3 cool essence2,4109 hours
Refrigerator60 steel, 3 natural essence2,3308 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Big Star Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
10Request to craft a Mouth of Truth.
20Photo of Antonio and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Animal Crossing Antonio: Amiibo Card

Animal Crossing Antonio Amiibo Card
  • Amiibo Card no.– 295
  • Type– Anteater
  • Star Sign– Libra
  • Birthday– 10/20
  • Roll Value– 1
  • Hard Sign– Rock
  • Request– A place decorated simply

Gifts for Antonio Animal Crossing

Sr. No.NameType NameColor 1Color 2
1Aqua Polka Tanktopaquaaqua
2Blue-Grid Shirttopaquawhite
3Cloudy Teetopaquawhite
5Spa Chairfurnitureaquaaqua
6Water Coolerfurnitureaquawhite
7Bunny Teetopaquawhite
8Deep-Blue Tanktopblue aqua
9Dreamy Teetopaquapink
10Genie Vesttopaquapurple
11Jagged Tanktopyellowaqua
12Lotus Teetopaquapink
13Optical Tanktopaquapink
14Backyard Poolfurnitureaquaaqua
16CD Playerfurnitureaquaaqua
19Hospital Screenfurnitureaquagrey
20Ice Bedfurnitureaquaaqua

Other Characters

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Final Words

Animal Crossing game is a very famous game and has millions of players over the world. It would be best if you also tried it. Antonio is one of the essential character animals in the Animal Crossing game. We have explained to you all the vital information related to Antonio’s character.  Keep visiting us to get the latest updates about the games.

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