Wolfgang Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Wolfgang Animal Crossing

Wolfgang Animal Crossing derived from its Japanese name: ロボ, Lobo) is a character of an animal “wolf” and was first featured in Animal Crossing subsidiary of Nintendo Gamecube. Wolfgang is very energetic and young who is continuously yelling at everyone inside the game.

Wolfgang Animal Crossing – Bio

Wolfgang Animal Crossing - Bio

Many believe that he got his name from the German language, where it’s spelled the same. He has got a pretty impressive quote for Wild World, i.e., “I could eat you for breakfast, short stack,” which could be a reference to the very famous chef, Wolfgang Puck, known for its breakfast dishes. His Wild World quote is similar to another villager, Rolf’s picture-quote. A very famous and renowned musician and composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, also known for his memory, suggests the name could have gotten its inspiration.

He has education as his hobby. Wolfgang is also featured on the covers of K.K. Adventure, Animal City, and K.K. Waltz.

  • Gender – Male
  • Personality – Cranky
  • Species – Wolf
  • Birthday – 25th November
  • Horoscope – Sagittarius
  • Catch Phrase – “snarrrl.”
  • Initial Clothes – Gracie Tank (N.L.) and Flight Jacket (N.H.)
  • Home Request – A monument to rock
  • Skill – Memorizing stuff
  • Goal – To become a Journalist.
  • Coffee – Blend, Three spoonfuls of sugar, Lots of milk
  • Style – Modern
  • Favorite Song – K.K. D&B
  • Appearances – N.L., NH, PC, HHd, AF, Af+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF

Wolfgang Animal Crossing – Appearance

Wolfgang Animal Crossing - Appearance

Wolfgang Animal Crossing has his spell casting appearance. Navy blue wolf with little yellow texture on his head, muzzle, tail, hands, and feet. His dark-orange eyelids with beautiful eyelashes and at last adding to its beauty his purple inner-ears. Usually seen in a jacket as it’s OOTD. All the blue texture has a yellow-colored ending on it. This color may differ a little bit in different versions.

Wolfgang Animal Crossing – Personality

Wolfgang Animal Crossing - Personality

It’s always tried and tested that Cranky villagers (Wolfgang) are a little bit hard to talk to and befriend as they are agitated. This even seems small if you don’t accept what they say, They become even angrier. Many cranky villagers have the potential to give tough competition when challenged. Wolfgang also seemed quite interested in his hobby studying thus would give you a tough challenge.

For Wolfgang Animal Crossing, it’s effortless to go with jock, snooty, and many more cranky villagers, and sometimes be with lazy and ordinary villagers as well. However, it would be tough to friend with peppy villagers for him, and there is a reason for this as these seemed to be overstimulated or immature. Wolfgang loves spreading rumors, so consider that before you choose him. With Cranky Personality, you cannot expect to become friends with Wolfgang quickly. 

Wolfgang Animal Crossing – House

Wolfgang’s house offers its bed or sofa; everything would give you an essence of luxury.

In the game Animal Crossing Series, his favorite K.K. He, again and again, plays rock songs. The amount of luxury highlighted in the game let’s one know his interest in fashion. In Wild World and City Folk, Wolfgang possesses all the items right from the modern theme in his house: the contemporary bed, sofa, or flooring. A player to play K.K. Rock and a pair of Howloids are also in his home.

Wolfgang Animal Crossing - House new Leaf
Wolfgang New Leaf House

Even with the New Leaf overall, his house remains unchanged apart from the fact now he owns a Mini Echinoid.

Wolfgang Animal Crossing - House New Horizons
Wolfgang New Horizons House

The new edition in In New Horizons is that now Wolfgang Animal Crossing has everything from kitchenette to low table everything of Ironwood., These are a kitchenette, low table with a toaster, dresser, bed, clock, chair with a tissue box, and a cupboard with a protein shaker bottle and a microwave. Everything is made up of Ironwood. Few other things include a double door refrigerator, An iron wall rack, and a burning stove. There is a wooden-mosaic wallpaper for the wall and an on top of its stripe flooring a wooden rug.

Here’s the detailed list of items:

  • Unknown Gyroid (x3)
  • Hi-fi Steroid
  • Modernistic Bed
  • Modernistic Sofa
  • Guitar
  • Wall
  • Modernistic Tile

Wolfgang Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Wolfgang Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp

If you are a true fan of adventure, here comes the best part of this article with the latest offering Nintendo brings Pocket camp of the game which can be played from mobile and tablet both! Those who have already played Animal Crossing on console always wished to get their pets to mobile and android. Bravo, we have good news for you. Animal Crossing: Pocket game is for mobile. The World is full of your Fluffy Furry Friend so keep track of what they need to be there for a while. We would be telling you in detail about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Though his preferred theme is modern, yet still, his profile says:

He does what he wants. He says what he wants. He thinks what he wants. If you look up “lone wolf” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of him.

Requirements for Campsite Invitation

The Pocket Camp requires level 7 Friendship, along with the items mentioned in the table below.

Furniture/ItemRequired MaterialsPrice (Bells)Craft Time
Desk Light30 steel1,1704 hours
Desktop TV120 steel, 3 Modern Essence2,2508 hours
Modern Desk15 wood, 15 steel1,1501 hour
Modern Cabinet15 wood, 15 steel1,1603 hours
Massage Recliner60 cotton, 60 steel, 3 Natural Essence2,2408 hours, 30 minutes

Level of Friendship Rewards

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Gracie Tank and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
15Request to craft Ayers rock
20Photo of Wolfgang and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Wolfgang Animal Crossing – ecard

  • Card Number: #141
  • Photo: The full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 141
  • Gender: Male
  • Type: Wolf
  • Star Sign: Sagittarius
  • Clothes: Gracie’s top
  • Petphrase: Snarrrl
  • Hand sign: Paper
  • Password: 5ZOL%lQG4Zd%O5nEeFrPM6vSAJHN

Wolfgang Animal Crossing – amiibo Card

Wolfgang Animal Crossing - amiibo Card
  • Card Number: #255
  • Photo: The full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 255
  • Name: Wolfgang
  • Star Sign: Sagittarius
  • Birthday: 25th November
  • Roll value: 3
  • Hand sign: Rock
  • Request: A monument to rock

How can you get Wolfgang to move into your town?

Moving your favorite villager to your own town is one of the hefty tasks to do. In order to do it, you need to satisfy certain conditions. Firstly, the villager should be willing to move out (This can happen when the island owner doesn’t talk to the villager for many days). Later on, you can go and talk to Wolfgang about his current situation and how moving out will help him.

On the following day, you have to make sure that the villager has packed up for moving out. At this point, you’ll go and greet the villager and ask them to move to your island. If the conversation goes well, you can get Wolfgang to move into your town.

At what level you can unlock Wolfgang in Animal Crossing?

When your friendship level with Wolfgang becomes 7, you can get along with him. As the friendship level progresses, you’ll acquire more rewards from him. Make sure that you are talking to him every day to speed up the friendship levels.

Gifts for Wolfgang Animal Crossing

Here’s the complete list of items that he would love if you gift him based on his personality:

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Dark Polka Shirttopcolorfulblack
Dark Polka Teetopcolorfulblack
Night-Sky Teetopblueblack
Digital-Photo Framefurnitureblackblack
Flat-Screen TVfurnitureblackblack
Hot Platefurniturewhiteblack
Modern Bedfurnitureblackblack
Modern Cabinetfurnitureblackblack
Modern Chairfurniturewhiteblack
Modern Deskfurniturewhiteblack
Modern Dresserfurniturewhiteblack
Modern End Tablefurniturewhiteblack
Modern Lampfurnitureblackblack
Modern Sofafurniturewhiteblack
Modern Tablefurniturewhiteblack
Modern Wall Clockfurniturewhiteblack
Modern Wardrobefurniturewhiteblack
Spherical Radarfurnitureaquablack
Star Projectorfurnitureblackblack
Time Clockfurniturewhiteblack
Wide-Screen TVfurniturebrownblack
Sleek Wallwallpaperblack
Sleek Carpetcarpetblack

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Though he seems Crankier and stubborn at first glance, wait for a few minutes, let yourself genuinely discover him, and you would fall in love with our pretty boy Wolfgang Animal Crossing. We hope our article would have solved all your queries and Pro-tip is to be patient with Wolfgang as He does what he wants. He says what he wants. He thinks what he wants. If you look up “lone wolf” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of him.

Happy Gaming!

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