Julian Animal Crossing Complete Guide

Julian Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing game is a life simulation game that was developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. A series of Animal Crossing games launched by the team Nintendo and Animal Crossing New Horizon is the latest game of this series launched in March 2020.

Julian Animal Crossing is a typical Horse/Unicorn character from the game known for this kind gesture. His name originated from the “Julius” of Julius Caesor. Many characters from Animal Crossing are extremely efficient and helps you to move forward in the game. By using such characters, you can easily upgrade your home in the game. Let’s understand the working of the game and then move on to character information.

As in all the Animal Crossing games, the payers have to purchase a deserted island package from Tom Nook, a tanuki character staple of the Animal Crossing Series. After that, they spawned on their islands. This is a real-time life simulation game. The Animal Crossing proceeds in an open-ended fashion as the players have to explore the island and develop it into a community of different animals.

Julian Animal Crossing: Biography

Julian Animal Crossing Bio
Julian Overview

Julian Animal Crossing is a smug horse villager. Julian looks like a unicorn because of its horn in his head. Julian’s name comes from the word “Julius,” of Julius Caesar, a Roman Goddess, who is reflecting Julian’s astronomy theme in the Animal Crossing Series. Julian’s birthday is also the day falling roughly in the middle of each month, i.e., March, which was the day when Caesar was killed.

The female form of Julian’s name in the Japanese version may be given to give importance or clarity to Julian’s feminine appearance. However, this could also be alluding to Julii, the historical family name of Julius Caesar. Julian has a hobby of music in the Animal Crossing Series game.

  • Gender – Male
  • Personality – Smug
  • Species – Horse
  • Birthday – 15th March
  • Horoscope – Pisces
  • Catchphrase – “glitter.”
  • Initial Clothes – Twinkle Tee (NL) and Space Parka (NH)
  • Home Request – A mythical home
  • Skill – Speed Reader
  • Goal – To become a Designer.
  • Coffee – Kilimanjaro, No sugar, No milk
  • Style – Ornate
  • Favorite Song – K.K. Space
  • Appearances – NL, NH, PC, HHd
  • Hobby – Music
  • Special Talent – Speed Reading


Julian Appearance
Source: Animal Crossing Nintendo

Julian Animal Crossing is a smug horse who has a little bit of a dark tail. He also had a white horn in the Animal Crossing Series game, representing him as a unicorn. Julian has black hooves (which means the horny part of the foot of an ungulate animal). He has eyeshadow of purple color and has long and black eyelashes with him.

Julian’s front part of the mouth, which includes the nose, also is colored white. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, he has the white color blaze making the pattern from his muzzle to the forehead. Julian was usually seen with closed eyes, but they appear white without a pupil when he opens them. Julian looks unique because of his short, stubby horn atop his head, which presents him as a unicorn. Julian loves to wear a galaxy sweater and strives his best to create a mythical home.

Personality of Julian Animal Crossing

We know that Julian Animal Crossing is a Smug Villager, but what does it mean? His character is entirely based on Smug Villager. Well, Smug villagers are those who are very polite, kind, and gentleman-like in nature and personality. Julian being a smug villager, usually gets mixed and frank with other villagers in the Animal Crossing game (Similar to Colton).

Julian Personality in Animal Crossing

In layman’s terms, Smug Personality refers to persons who over appreciate their own achievements. Being a Smug, Julian Animal Crossing always talks about his achievement. But being a better smug doesn’t mean he disrespects others. He enjoys his time with other villagers and gets along easily.

Usually, Smug villagers manage to live or survive with other villagers, and their personalities become visible to be a combination of different personality types. As a smug villager, Julian always used to stroke his ego from time to time, which shows how cool he is. Julian usually moves around with lazy, normal, snooty, and peppy villagers in the Animal Crossing.

Moreover, Julian occasionally flirts with other game players, especially when there are females in the game. Julian goes to sleep at 1:30 AM and wakes up at 8:30 AM.


Julian House in Animal Crossing

Julian Animal Crossing owns several pieces of items from the Regal Series. Some of the things are the Regal Bed, Regal Sofa, Regal Bookcase, Regal Vanity, and the Regal Table from the game. Julian’s also has other kinds of furniture, including the Star Globe, King chess piece, and the harp. Julina’s flooring is done with the blue color floor, and his walls are the Lunar Horizon. One more interesting fact about Julian’s house is that he has a Retro Stereo player that plays Stale Cupcakes in the game.

In New Horizons of the Animal Crossing Game, Julian’s house is looking more attractive because it was made up of Cloud Flooring and Starry-sky wall, Starry garlands, and all furniture Zodiac series. It is to be noted that the one item he has that is not a part of this series is the Magic Kit.

Pocket Camp

Julian Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Julian Pocket Camp Card

The game always expresses Julian Animal Crossing as a little wild and free-spirited. Furthermore, it explains that he stands out among other smug villagers because of the uncommon horn on his head. He will use the catchphrase “glitter when you interact with him for the first time.

Having Julian in your team creates excellent opportunities for the creation of multiple luxury items.

Campsite Invitation Requirements:

The minimum level required to invite Julian to the campsite is 7. His house has a lot of gold materials and star fragments. Furthermore, he will add the following furniture to your home –

FurnitureRequired MaterialsPrice (Bells)Craft Time
Regal Clock30 steel, 30 wood1,9002 hours
Regal Lamp30 steel1,3901 hour
Aquarius Urn120 steel, 3 elegant essence1,6707 hours, 30 minutes
Regal Sofa (Starry Sky)40 cotton, 3 elegant essences, 1 regal sofa (basic)2,4407 hours
Regal Table60 wood, 3 elegant essence2,0401 hour

Level of Friendship Rewards

Following are the friendship rewards you get from Julian Animal Crossing?-

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Twinkle Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
15Request to craft carriage
20Photo of Julian and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Amiibo Card

Julian Amiibo Card in Animal Crossing
Amiibo Card in Julian

Amiibo Card is like a character card containing a few details with a full picture of the character. Following is the Amiibo Card stats for Julian –

  • Card Number: #173
  • Photo: The full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 173
  • Name: Julian
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • Birthday: 15th March
  • Roll value: 2
  • Hand sign: Paper
  • Request: A mythical home

Gifts for Julian Animal Crossing

Julian Animal Crossing likes to receive a gift, but it should also be of his like, so down below is the list of 20 items, which are best for him, and he will like it.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Aqua Polka Tanktopaquawhite
Aqua Polka Teetopaquawhite
Blue PJ Shirttopaquaaqua
Blue Plaid Shirttopblueaqua
Blue Plaid Teetopblueaqua
Blue Tartan Shirttopaquawhite
Blue Tartan Teetopaquawhite
Blue Tie-Dye Tanktopaquawhite
Blue Tie-Dye Teetopaquawhite
Blue-Grid Shirttopaquawhite
Blue-Grid Teetopaquabeige
Bubble Tanktopblueaqua
Bubble Teetopblueaqua
Bunny Shirttopaquawhite
Bunny Teetopaquawhite
Chocomint Teetopaquabrown
Cloudy Teetopaquawhite
Cyan Argyle Shirttopaquagray
Cyan Argyle Tanktopaquagray
Cyan Argyle Teetopaquagray
Deep-Blue Tanktopblueaqua
Deep-Blue Teetopblueaqua
Dreamy Teetopaquapink
Elephant Shirttopblueaqua


Following are the FAQs regarding Julian Character –

Is Julian in Animal Crossing rare?

Yes, finding Julian is hard making him one of the rarest characters. Since there are more than 400 characters, it’s hard to find Julian specifically.

Is Julian popular Animal Crossing?

Yes, Julian is popular due to his unicorn-type look and good behavior.

Is Julian a boy or girl Animal Crossing?

Julian is a boy (Male) with a horse species and a smug personality.

Is Julian a real unicorn?

Julian is from Horse species. Since there are no unicorn species in Animal Crossing, Julian cannot be considered a real unicorn. But he has a horn on his head which makes him look like a unicorn.

How do you get Julian’s picture ACNH?

You can get Julian’s picture upon reaching 20 levels of friendship with him.

How can I get Julian on Animal Crossing?

Use Julian Amiibo’s card to get Julian instantly. If you don’t have an Amiibo card, you might need to find Julian around your island.

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Animal Crossing game is a very famous game and has millions of users over the world. It would be best if you also tried it. Julian is a character animal in the Animal Crossing game. We have provided you all the related information about Julian. Keep visiting us to get the latest updates about the games.

Happy Gaming!

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