Bunnie Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Bunnie Animal Crossing

Rabbits, also known as Bunnies, are a group of villagers in the Animal Crossing series. They have upright ears and spherical tails. So far, there are 21 rabbit villagers and one particular rabbit character. The twelve rabbits are female, divided into eight peppy rabbits, a regular one and a sisterly one. Nine are male rabbits, four are lazy rabbits with two jocks, one is a sly rabbit, and two smug rabbits, of which one was once smart.

Bunnie Animal Crossing is a peppy rabbit animal character of the Animal Crossing series. Her name in English derives from an animal of the kind she is, a bunny, and a new English word, Bonnie. Her Phrase corresponds to her peppy personality. Its architecture is based on the Ringo Usagi, a mechanism to cut apples like rabbits.

Bunnie Animal Crossing – Biography

Bunnie Animal Crossing Biography
  • Name: Bunnie
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Peppy
  • Species: Rabbit
  • Birthday: 9th May
  • Horoscope: Taurus
  • Initial Phrase: tee-hee
  • Initial Clothes: Flicker Shirt, Jade Check Tee, Jade Check Dress
  • Home Request: An everlasting celebration
  • Skill: Staying Positive
  • Goal: Gymnast
  • Coffee: Blue Mountain, Milk, 3 Spoons of sugar
  • Style: Cute
  • Favorite Song: Forest Life

Bunnie Animal Crossing – Appearance

Bunnie Animal Crossing Appearance

Bunnie Animal Crossing is an orange rabbit; her whole upper body is beige creamy, with hips and arms tipped in the same color as her head. Her tail, beige legs, and hips are all the same. Her face is pink, and her smile is friendly and pleasant. Her eyelashes are spicy, diamond-like, with the eyes mostly oval and the ears within peachy orange. She wears a jade check top for the first time from Wild World to Pock camp in the N64 and GCN models. This shifts to a Jade Checking Dress in New Horizons.

Bunnie Animal Crossing – Personality

Bunnie Animal Crossing Personality

Peppy villagers (Bunnie’s personality) also seem to be in good spirits to make friends. As a peppery village player, Bunnie seems to respond too much to small discussions and is typically over-excited to see the player or other villagers. Like most peppy villagers, this villager is rarely discouraged from doing something, except the everyday activities. Peppy villagers also thought of potential fame reading the unexpected magazine, Mrs. Nintendique, in the Animal Crossing series.

Peppy villagers will also have a brief period of attention that ensures that they quickly neglect any arguments or activities that the player has not accomplished. When things are wrong, Bunnie Animal Crossing can soon get angry during the conversation. Other villagers, particularly those lazy villagers, regular villagers, jockeys villagers, sisterly villagers, and peppy villagers will get together, but it can disturb and offend snoozy villagers whose personalities vary. Because of the peppy villagers’ nature, it is possible to tell how “old” or “boring” cranky villagers equate themselves with their opposition and cheerful personality.

Bunnie Animal Crossing – House

Bunnie’s house remained essentially the same from the Animal Forest to the City People, with several small installments. She has many pieces, including the Lovely Table, Regal Vanity, and Lovely Chair, from the Lovely Series and the Regal Series. The Papa Bear and two shirts, a red check shirt and a candy-goings tee, were added to the N64 and GCN games, with a lovely stereo behind their house. She has other furniture such as the Mama Bear and the Green Bed of Natural World and city folk. The wood panel on its walls and the parquet floor is the floor and wallpaper’s preference, without New Leaf.

Bunnie Animal Crossing House

Bunnie’s house in New Leaf has changed significantly from previous games, with a much more streamlined look and no Lovely series furniture. She has numerous furniture pieces, including two Regal Fluffy, a Pine Table with a Mama Bear, an SMB rack, and a House Garden, that can be used to make her house a modern one. Other furniture includes An upright piano, a driver’s stand, and a vintage stereo. She has the Citrus Wall and Flower Pop Carpet with her range of flooring and wallpaper.

Bunnie Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Bunnie Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Campsite Invitation Requirements –

Bunnie must be accepted to the campsite at a minimum level of 3. She has many gold materials and star fragments in her home. Also, she will install the following furniture –

Furniture/ItemRequired MaterialsPriceCraft Time
Baby Bear6 cotton, 3 friend powder6403 minutes
Cute Rug6 cotton 2203 minutes
Round-Cloth Table3 wood, 3 cotton2803 minutes
Caladium3 wood, 3 cotton6603 minutes
Lovely Chair60 steel14807 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards:

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Jade Plaid Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
10Request to craft a upright piano
20Photo of Bunnie and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Bunnie Animal Crossing – Amiibo Card

Bunnie Animal Crossing eCard
Bunnie Animal Crossing Amiibo Card
  • Card Number: #087
  • Character Number: 087
  • Type: Rabbit
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Birthday: 9th May
  • Roll value: 2
  • Hand sign: Paper
  • Request: An everlasting celebration

Gifts for Bunnie Animal Crossing

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Azalea StoolFurniturePinkPink
Pink Tartan TeeTopPinkWhite
Dreamy TeeTopAquaPink
Natty ShirtTopBluePink
Candy Gingham TeeTopPinkWhite
Lovely Wall ClockFurniturePinkPink
Flowery TeeTopPinkWhite
Lovely KitchenFurniturePinkPink
Lovely DresserFurniturePinkPink
Piggy BankFurniturePinkBeige
Lovely LampFurniturePinkPink
Lovely TeeTopPinkPink
Daisy TeeTopPinkWhite
Mermaid ShelfFurnitureAquaPink
Mermaid DresserFurnitureAquaPink
Mermaid ChairFurnitureAquaPink
Pink Wave TankTopPinkPink
Mermaid VanityFurnitureAquaPink
Makeup CaseFurniturePinkColorful
Mermaid BedFurnitureAquaPink
Bubble-Gum ShirtTopPinkWhite
Cherry TeeTopYellowPink
Peachy TankTopYellowPink
Strawberry TeeTopGreenPink
Lovely ArmoireFurniturePinkPink
Pink Argyle ShirtTopPinkGray
Blossom TeeTopPinkPink
Lovely Love SeatFurniturePinkPink
Papa PandaFurniturePinkPurple
Mermaid ScreenFurnitureAquaPink
Mermaid LampFurnitureAquaPink
Pink Argyle TeeTopPinkGray
Heart TeeTopRedPink
Pink Tartan ShirtTopPinkWhite
Pink-Bud TankTopPinkWhite
Lovely PhoneFurniturePinkPink
Pink Argyle TankTopPinkGray
Lovely VanityFurniturePinkPink
Flower BouquetFurnitureYellowPink
Lovely End TableFurniturePinkPink
Mermaid TableFurnitureAquaPink
Funky-Dot TankTopPinkPurple
Strawberry TankTopGreenPink
Sweets PlayerFurniturePinkWhite
Gumdrop TeeTopGreenPink
Pink TankTopPinkPink
Toy CameraFurniturePinkPink
Lovely ChairFurniturePinkPink
Dazed TeeTopPinkPurple
Lovely TableFurniturePinkPink
Peachy TeeTopPinkPink
Sweets SofaFurniturePinkBeige
Candy Gingham ShirtTopPinkWhite
Dazed ShirtTopPinkPurple
Lotus LampFurniturePinkPink
Wedding CakeFurniturePinkPink
Mermaid SofaFurnitureAquaPink
Mr. FlamingoFurniturePinkPink
Bubble-Gum TeeTopPinkWhite
Mermaid ClockFurnitureAquaPink
Lotus TeeTopAquaPink
Boxed FigurineFurniturePinkPink
Funky-Dot TeeTopPinkPurple
Lovely BedFurniturePinkPink
Mermaid ClosetFurnitureAquaPink
Mrs. FlamingoFurniturePinkPink
Natty TeeTopBluePink
Crane GameFurniturePinkPink

Other Characters

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Final Words

Animal Crossing is a popular game with millions of users worldwide. Bunnie is a character animal in the Animal Crossing game. Hence, we hope the above information will help you to know everything about Bunnie Animal Crossing. Stay connected for more updates regarding Bunnie Animal Crossing.

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