Colton Animal Crossing Complete Guide

Colton Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is developed and published by Nintendo, accessible from various platforms like – Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Wii U, Wii, and Nintendo 64. The first appearance of this game was seen around 14th April 2020, and it was only available in Japan, and after 20th March 2020, this game was made accessible worldwide.

Colton Animal Crossing in the game represents a smug horse villager. He is a male horse featured on the cover of Café K.K from a very young age. The name Colton is derived from the English word called Colt. Colton is very desirable due to his fairly white body and dressing with vibrant colors; players are chasing him desperately because he holds a strong and hard-working attitude along with the popularity gained by featuring on the cover of Café K.K.

In Animal Crossing, the player represents a human who looks after his village and can perform various activities like – Fossil Hunting, Bug Catching, and Fishing. A player needs to carry out different tasks along with handling anthropomorphic animals.

Colton Animal Crossing – Bio

Colton Animal Crossing Bio
  • Gender – Male
  • Personality – Smug
  • Species – Horse
  • Birthday – 22nd May
  • Horoscope – Gemini
  • Catch Phrase – “Check it!”
  • Initial Clothes – Prince’s tunic and Blue Ringmaster Coat
  • Home Request – A noble living space
  • Skill – Writing about pickles
  • Goal – To become a Model.
  • Coffee – Kilimanjaro, No sugar, No milk
  • Style – Ornate
  • Favorite Song – K.K. Chorale
  • Appearances – NL, NH, PC, HHd


Colton Animal Crossing Appearance
Source: Animal Crossing Nintendo

In Animal Crossing, Colton represents a white horse who owns yellowtail with a yellow mane shag outlined in dark gold color. His muzzle is in light peach, and the hooves are colored in the deep navy; when he blushes, he gets blush marks on his cheeks, eyes get blue, and light blue on the inside edge of the ear.

Colton’s white skin really stands out, especially for Horse characters. He also has a white and green gingham umbrella which he uses in the rainy season. This horse stands on his two legs with cute little hooves and makes a perfect character for all villagers.


Colton Personality in Animal Crossing

Colton Animal Crossing represents a smug personality and a mix of other personality types, which means he is very kind, polite, and like a gentleman towards the villagers. Colton gets straightforwardly indulged with others, and being surrounded by many other people or villagers, Colton represents a mixture of different personalities.

Having a cool Smug Personality, he shows off his ego of being cooler than others. Colton gets his calm with peppy villagers, snooty villagers, and lazy villagers, whereas he loses his cool if he is facing a cranky villager. With a good personality, he is loved by almost all villagers. In layman’s terms, smug refers to a person who has excessive pride in his achievements. Colton Animal Crossing represents the same Smug Villagers personality by boosting his ego among the villagers.


Colton House in Animal Crossing

Like Colton Animal Crossing, his house also looks very fancy. His home owns a Regal Carpet, which holds various items related to the Regal Series, and matches his color. On the Regal Table, Metronome is situated along with a Turntable, which plays the song Only Me. Inside the house, we can see a Caladium plant.

In the New Horizons, the house is colored in beige with a grey brick exterior installed with an elegant white door and shingled roof colored in yellow. The house’s interiors are installed with white seating along with other equipment like – piano, couch, fireplace, and clock with something like an exception of a pink lily music player playing K.K. Chorale. The flooring is done with Palace Tile, and the wallpaper represents the Palace Wall.

Pocket Camp

Colton Pocket Camp in Animal Crossing

Being so self-obsessed, the first thing we hear from Colton Animal Crossing after entering his house is – “Look at me! Look at me!”. Such excessive pride makes him the perfect smug in animal crossing. Moving on to campsite requirements –

The Pocket Camp requires level 5 Friendship, along with the items mentioned in the table below.

Furniture/Item Price (Bells) Craft Time Required Materials

Furniture/ItemPrice (Bells)Craft TimeRequired Materials
Single Rose13301.5 hrs15 steel and 15 wood
Gorgeous Floor13703.5 hrs30 cotton
Regal Bed15307.5 hrs60 cotton and 60 wood
Regal Table20401 hour60 wood with 3 elegant essence
Regal Sofa22108.5 hrs120 cotton with 3 elegant essence

As a friendship, Colton Animal Crossing rewards you with many items. All these items depend on the level of friendship you have with him. Due to exciting rewards, he is one of the most demanding characters in the game. Following are the friendship rewards –

Level of Friendship Rewards

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Blue Ringmaster Coat and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
15Request to craft plate armor
20Photo of Colton and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Colton Animal Crossing – eCard

An eCard is like a set of cards that are sold across the internet. It is also available in the form of an e-Reader only for those who use Game Boy Advance to access the game. It allows a player to earn specific items that are not obtained by another means. The e-Card for Animal Crossing is designed and inspired by the amiibo card, which holds all the significant information of a character.

Colton Animal Crossing – amiibo Card

Colton amiibo Card in Animal Crossing

amiibo Card is like a character card that incorporates a few details with a full picture of the character.

  • Card Number: #233
  • Photo: The full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 233
  • Name: Character’s Name
  • Star Sign: Gemini
  • Birthday: 22nd May
  • Roll value: 6
  • Hand sign: Paper
  • Request: A noble living space

Gifts for Colton Animal Crossing

Colton Animal Crossing likes to receive a gift, but it should also be of his like, so down below is the list of 20 items, which is best for him, and he will like it.

NameTypeColor 1Color 2
Noble Shirttopbrownbeige
Chaise Loungefurniturebrownbeige
Rococo Lampfurniturebrownbeige
Bear Costumetopbrownbeige
Beige Emblem Blazertopbeigebeige
Beige Knit Shirttopbeigebeige
Blue-Grid Teetopaquabeige
Chevron Shirttopgreenbeige
Citrus Tanktoporangebeige
Citrus Teetoporangebeige
Desert-Camo Shirttopbeigebrown
Desert-Camo Teetopbeigebrown
Earthy Knit Shirttopyellowbeige
Flan Tanktopbeigebrown
Frog Shirttopgreenbeige
Frog Teetopgreenbeige
Hanten Shirttopbluebeige
Hot Spring Teetoppinkbeige
Mod Shirttopbeigewhite
Moldy Shirttopbeigebrown

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Colton Animal Crossing is the most desired character of the game; everyone loves the attitude of the horse, and looks-wise also, he looks very bold and represents living a lavish life. A player becomes a die-hard fan if he gets this character and loves to progress in the game with Colton’s help.

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