Roscoe Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Roscoe Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the best social-stimulator games, which has turned to be a boon of entertainment for game lovers. The game is developed by Nintendo and is introduced by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. The game offers a user-friendly interface, which presents an open world environment, where the playing character is a human living in a village colonized by varied anthropomorphic animals, busy in various activities like swimming, running, bug catching, etc. The game offers a bunch of exciting animal characters to the users.

Roscoe Animal Crossing is one of those interesting horse characters filled with a pinch of suspense and thrill. So, let’s explore the character to unlock its new possibilities.

Roscoe Animal Crossing – Bio

Roscoe Animal Crossing – Bio

Animal Crossing presents a cranky horse villager as the character of Roscoe. Roscoe is the only horse in Animal Crossing with a cranky personality. The initial phrase “nay” resembles his species, as the horse makes a sound “neigh.” Roscoe’s cranky personality is also referred to by the phrase “nay,” which also means “no.” In City Folk, Roscoe portrays his name with Roscoe Goose, an award-winning jockey. Roscoe has a hobby of music.

  • Gender: Male.
  • Personality: Cranky.
  • Species: Horse.
  • Birthday: 16th June.
  • Horoscope: Gemini.
  • Catch Phrase: nay.
  • Initial Clothes: Checkered Tee
  • Home Request: A black and white bastion
  • Skill: Making crafts
  • Goal: To become a Lawyer
  • Coffee: Mocha with one full spoon of sugar and a little bit of milk.
  • Style: cool
  • Favorite Song: K.K. D&B
  • Appearances: N.H., P.C., HHD, NL, AFe+, WW, CF

Roscoe Animal Crossing – Appearance

Roscoe Animal Crossing – Appearance

Roscoe’s Appearance is beautifully sketched in Animal Crossing as a black-colored horse with a dark blue-gray mane. His tail is tipped with similar color as his mane. His eyes are adorably designed with a large appearance in red color with tiny pupils and are half-lidded, presented in such a way that it appears to be tired or angry as default expression.

The creator has painted purple within his ears. And when he narrows his eyes, the scleras transform yellow. He has a muzzle that appears to be dark but slightly brownish, which is lighter than most of his body shades. He posses hooves of the same color as his muzzle. He is initially dressed with a checked tee in City Folk and Animal Forest. Roscoe Animal Crossing wears a black biker jacket with a silver zipper and multiple snaps as the New Horizons’ initial outfit.

Roscoe Animal Crossing – House

Roscoe Animal Crossing – House

Animal Forest e+ presents Roscoe’s House as identical to Rolf Tiger’s House; the only contradicting point is Roscoe has the wallpaper to Lattice Wall and the Flooring to checkered tiles. Roscoe enhances his house’s beauty by adding the pleasant music of K.K.Dirge on his Golden Stereo with two Bowtoids. In the City Folk and World World, Roscoe introduces a fashionable theme to his house, including several things from the Modern Series.

Roscoe conjointly includes two chess pieces in his house, which are the white and the black knights. The knights in chess highlight the horse’s character, and Roscoe himself is one of those species. He additionally features a baby bear that resembles out of character for such a cranky villager. In Wild World, Roscoe incorporates few things like a plant, a fashionable lamp, a metro thing, a white chess piece, a candle, and a modern sofa.

In the New Horizon, Roscoe’s home is fully decorated with pieces from Sleek Series. He also includes a metallic guitar and a weeping fig plant in his house.

Roscoe Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Roscoe Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp presents a blend of fun and thrill; the game offers a space loaded with adventures to the in-game characters. The pocket camp portrays an open free-to-play animal stimulation game within the Animal Crossing game developed by Nintendo, available on IOS and Android devices. It was first available in Australia in October 2017 and was then launched around the globe. The Pocket Camp avails an area of social stimulation for the players. Players can interact, collaborate, engage in commerce, perform minimal tasks, explore the world around them, decorate their living spaces, and much more. Roscoe is a cranky horse character of Animal Crossing, belongs to A.C. Champ, where she enjoys quality time executing different activities.

According to his secret base home theme, his Pocket Camp is also inspired by the same for which you need to reach the Friendship Level: 7.

Item/FurniturePrice (Bells)Required ItemsCraft Time
Modern Lamp3606 steel1 minute
Modern Sofa5006 cotton1 minute
Modern Chair139030 steel2 hours
Modern Dresser107015 steel, 15 wood5 hours
Sleek Closet2340120 steel, 3 cool essence9 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Checkered tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
10Request to craft a weight bench
20Photo of Roscoe and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone


Roscoe Animal Crossing – Amiibo Card

Amiibo Cards is highlighted as the cards used for collector trading, which offers amiibo functionality coming right from Nintendo’s buckets.

Roscoe Animal Crossing -  Amiibo Card

Nintendo offers five different Series of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards in 2020. It highlights the cards worldwide, showing the main 4 cards with 100 characters each, comprising 83 casual villagers and 17 unique characters. These cards can be implemented to add bonuses to your bag. These amiibo cards present compatibility with all the four versions of Animal Crossing released to date.

  • Character – Roscoe
  • Series – Animal Crossing
  • amiibo Series – Animal Crossing amiibo cars Series 1
  • Released – 25th Sep 2015

Gifts for Roscoe Animal Crossing

Although Roscoe Animal Crossing is a cranky horse character, you may form a beautiful relationship with him if you match his vibes. 

Here, we present you some the gifts for Roscoe –

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Fish Teetopyellowblack
Electric Guitarfurnitureredred
Pleather Vesttopblackblack
Wall-Mounted Speakerfurniturewhiteblack
After-School Jackettopredblack
Skull Shirttopwhiteblack
Checkerboard Teetopredblack
Orange Conefurnitureredred
Striped Conefurnitureyellowblack
Flame Shirttopredblack
Zebra Teetopwhiteblack
Iron Framefurnitureredred
Flame Teetopredblack
Zebra Tanktopwhiteblack
Oil Barrelfurnituregreengreen
Mic Standfurnituregrayblack
Bone Shirttopwhiteblack
Tabletop Gamefurniturebrownblack
Pinball Machinefurniturecolorfulbrown
Virtual Boyfurnitureredblack
Tiger Tanktopyellowblack
Tiger Teetopyellowblack
Mahjong Tablefurnituregreenbrown
Karaoke Systemfurnituregraygray
Zipper Tanktopwhiteblack
DJ’s Turntablefurnituregrayblack
Effects Rackfurnitureblackblack
Zipper Shirttopwhiteblack
Checkerboard Shirttopredblack
BB Teetopwhiteblack
Bingo Wheelfurnitureyellowblack
Spiderweb Teetopwhiteblack
Black Letter Jackettopblackblack
Metal Guitarfurnitureblackblack
Checkered Teetopwhiteblack
Skull Teetopwhiteblack
Manhole Coverfurnituregraygray

Other Characters

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Final Words

Animal Crossing reflects a blend of thrill and action, with a pinch of adventure.

Now, you have complete information about Roscoe. So, go join the game to meet him and enjoy quality time with the cranky horse.

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