Agent S Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Agent S Animal Crossing

Petting becomes more comfortable when you can do it virtually, and for those who love pets but cannot own one, they can also be a part of the Animal Crossing game. The love of pets has attracted many players to this game, and this game can also be accessed from most of the devices like – Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64, Wii, Wii U, Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Nintendo D.S.

Agent S Animal Crossing is a squirrel with a peppy nature among the villagers. In 2003, Agent S was introduced in Animal Crossing, and in Japan, she was termed as Animal Forest e+; the S stands for her species, which is Squirrel. Moreover, adding S after the Agent is due to her sidekick and represents the catchphrase.

Agent S Animal Crossing – Bio

Agent S Animal Crossing Bio
  • Gender: Female.
  • Personality: Peppy.
  • Species: Squirrel.
  • Birthday: 2nd July.
  • Horoscope: Cancer.
  • Initial Phrase: sidekick.
  • Initial Clothes: No.2 Shirt.
  • Home Request: A superhero training area.
  • Skill: Limboing.
  • Goal: Dancer.
  • Coffee: Mocha with two spoonful of sugar and regular amount of milk.
  • Style: Simple, Active, Sporty, and Cool
  • Favorite Song: Go K.K. Rider
  • Appearances: NH, PC, HHD, NL, CF, WW, AFe+

Agent S Animal Crossing – Appearance

Agent S Animal Crossing Appearance

Agent S Animal Crossing owns a blue color helmet painted in two white stripes, engraved with number two between the lines; the helmet covers her half-face by a browntinted visor. Her feet and hands are white, and her legs/arms are blue; altogether, this makes her appear like wearing a blue racing suit. Her tail starts with grey color and fades with white color, and pink inside the ears.

Agent S Animal Crossing – Personality

Agent S Animal Crossing Personality

Agent S is a peppy villager, and she always remains in a good mood, with whom making friendship is easy. She does not like to discuss trivial subjects, and she overreacts to this and sometimes gets very excited by seeing other villagers or players. Being a peppy villager, they are eager to try new things and always try to achieve their goal and dreams of becoming famousAgent S loves to be around peppy, sisterly, jock, normal, and lazy villagers; remains upset and annoyed by snooty and cranky villagers.

Agent S Animal Crossing – House

Agent S has a different themed house in every version of the game, so let’s give a quick view of all the other houses.

Animal Forest e+

Rhoda’s House inspires the furniture with a wallpaper of trees and flooring of stone tile. A disco stereo can be located on the left window, which plays K.K. Cruising or K.K. Western.

Wild World

Cabana Series inspires the furniture with a wallpaper of Cityscape and flooring of mosaic tile. High-End stereo which plays K.K. Cruising song.

City Folk

Agent S Animal Crossing House City Folk

The house in City Folk is the same as the house of Wild World version.

New Leaf

Agent S Animal Crossing House New leaf

Here Agent S Animal Crossing house is based on a jock theme with wallpaper and flooring of basement theme. She owns a CD Player which plays the song DJ K.K.

New Horizons

Agent S Animal Crossing House New horizons

New Horizons house exterior is of dark blue theme with an iron door of toned blue color and roof is white slate color. This house is constructed by using concrete and flooring made of a brown wooden deck. She owns a cassette player that plays the song Go K.K. Rider.

Agent S Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Agent S Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Agent S loves to be a sporty personality, but she is very active due to her small size and immense energy. Her Pocket Camp is lovely and does not require any Friendship Level.

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 0

Friendship Rewards

Friendship LevelRewards
Level 7#2 T Shirt and one sparkle stone
Level 9one sparkle stone
Level 10allows a player to craft blue cornera
Level 20Agent S picture and one sparkle stone
Level 25one sparkle stone
Level 30one sparkle stone
Level 35one sparkle stone
Level 40one sparkle stone
Level 45one sparkle stone
Level 50one sparkle stone

Agent S Animal Crossing – e Card

The playing cards were the best and most common collectible of everyone’s childhood. So if you like to own a memory of Animal Crossing, then there are many e Cards available on the internet. These e Cards have the necessary information regarding each character. If you are a Game Boy Advance user, then you can get by the e-Reader.

Agent S Animal Crossing – amiibo Card

Agent S Animal Crossing amiibo Card

Character’s identity card is termed as amiibo card in Animal Crossing, and it hosts numerous significant data in a card.

  • Card Number: #198
  • Photo: it displays the picture of the character.
  • Character Number: 198
  • Name: Agent S
  • Star Sign: Cancer
  • Birthday: 2nd July
  • Roll Value: 1
  • Hand Sign: Scissors
  • Request: A superhero training area.

Gifts for Agent S Animal Crossing

Here are a few best gifts for a sporty person, which Agent S will definitely like to own if a person rewards her with the below mentioned gifts.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Racer 6 Teetopblackyellow
Firefighter Shirttopblackyellow
Butterfly Machinefurnitureblackgrey
Dragon Suittopblueorange
Matador’s Jackettopblackorange
Kung-Fu Shirttopblackblack
Black Track Jackettopblackpink
Beatnik Shirttopblackred
Beatnik Teetopblackred
Eight-Ball Teetopblackblack
Cycling Teetopblackblue
Cycling Shirttopblackpink
Basketball Tanktopblackyellow
Camp Stovefurnitureblackyellow
Beatnik Tanktopblackred
Team NTDO Teetopblackred

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Final Words

Agent S Animal Crossing represents a sporty person, and owning her will be very energetic. She looks like a rider and always ready to do new things with great hope of 100% achievement, and she dreams of being very famous one day. Agent S looks small but is capable of performing huge tasks.

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