Flurry Animal Crossing Complete Guide

Flurry Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing game made its first appearance in Japan on 14th April 2020, and on 20th March 2020, it was officially launched worldwide. The Animal Crossing game was published and developed by a Nintendo gaming company; later on, this game was made accessible across all major platforms like – Nintendo 64WiiWii UNintendo D.S.Nintendo 3DSiOSAndroid, and Nintendo Switch. 

Flurry Animal Crossing is a small hamster who loves to be in bed for staying warm and soft; loves to sleep for long during the nights. She requires a lot of sleep to be active and fresh all time. Flurry is the cutest and youngest character of the game; her name in Japanese is “Yukimi,” both the word in English and Japanese means Snow Viewing.

Flurry Animal Crossing – Bio

Flurry Animal Crossing - Bio

Flurry is a cute little hamster in Animal Crossing, which was first appeared in New Leaf. With a normal personality, she gets along with most of the villagers and helps you a lot in building your house.

  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Normal
  • Species: Hamster
  • Birthday: 30th January
  • Horoscope: Aquarius
  • Initial Phrase: “Powderpuff.”
  • Initial Clothes: Folk Shirt
  • Home Request: A winter wonderland
  • Skill: Peeling apples
  • Goal: Superhero
  • Coffee: Mocha
  • Style: Iconic
  • Favorite Song: Hypno K.K.
  • Appearances: N.H., P.C., HHD, NL

Flurry Animal Crossing – Appearance

Flurry Animal Crossing - Appearance

Flurry Animal Crossing is a white-colored hamster who has beautiful blue eyebrows with paws. She belongs to the Winter White Dwarf hamster species with black eyes in the shape of a complete circle and owns two pretty names in English and Japanese. Her muzzle is of peach color with the pink color inside the ears. She loves to carry Lacy Parasol in the form of an umbrella.

The Fold Shirt appears as a woolen sweater that has sweet white-colored flowers on it. The Blue eyebrows add a great extra touch to the character and make it even more beautiful.

Flurry Animal Crossing – Personality

Flurry Animal Crossing - Personality

Flurry Animal Crossing represents a normal personality among the villagers and very often acts kind to the players. The villagers like to company her because she is lazy, snooty, smug, and peppy, just like other people in the village, but it does not mean she did not possess an angry side. As soon as she comes in contact with sisterly and cranky villagers, she gets very annoyed. She can easily befriend the most and loves to wake up early in the morning, around 6:00 am. The peppy and ordinary villagers witness the unseen friend of Flurry named Moppina.

As Flurry belongs to Normal Personality, she wakes up at 6.00 am. With a dream of becoming a superhero, she tries her best to fulfill it.

Flurry Animal Crossing – House

Flurry Animal Crossing - House New Leaf
Flurry – House (New Leaf)

In New Leaf, Flurry Animal Crossing is the youngest character in the game, and so she loves to live in a light pink and light purple colored room. The Flurry’s home consists of various items inspired by the minimalist and regal series. From the Minimalist series, she owns a mini table and a sofa. The Regal series holds the dresser, bed, and sofa; apart from these, she has a deluxe range of itemsa refrigeratorcaladium, and a princess’s chest. The music player plays the song of Hypno K.K.; a neutral floor does the flooring, and walls are decorated with classic wallpapers.

Flurry Animal Crossing - House New Horizons
Flurry – House (New Horizons)

In New Horizons, Flurry’s house exterior has a greyish white color and cemented bricks on top. The house’s interior includes Table, Dresser, Bed, Lamp, Oven, and other accessories. The light orange color on the walls looks matching with the color of all items in the house.

Flurry Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Flurry Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp

Flurry Animal Crossing prefers the cute theme for herself, and she does not like to share offhanded jokes around her. Her Pocket Camp also represents the simplicity and the cuteness of her young age.

The Pocket Camp requires level 5 Friendship, along with the items mentioned in the table below.

Furniture/Item Price (Bells) Craft Time Required Materials

Item/FurniturePrice (Bells)Required ItemsCraft Time
Snowman Bed242060 cotton and 3 cute essence9 hours
Snowman Vanity210060 cotton and 3 cute essence9 hours
Snowman Chair 128030 cotton4 hours
Minimalist Minitable57015 paper and 15 wood3 hours
Strawberry Cupcake149030 preserves5 hours

Level of Friendship Rewards

As a friendship, Flurry Animal Crossing rewards you with many items. All these items depend on the level of the company you have with her. Due to exciting rewards, she is one of the most demanding characters in the game. Following are the friendship rewards –

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Folk Shirt and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
15Request to craft snow globe
20Photo of Flurry and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone

Flurry Animal Crossing – e Card

If you want to collect these characters’ physical cards, you can quickly get them on the internet. To order these e Cards gives a feel of childhood memories. You can even purchase the card in the form of an e-Reader, accessed virtually but only through the Game Boy Advance.

Flurry Animal Crossing – amiibo Card

Flurry Animal Crossing - amiibo Card

To get an overview of the character amiibo Card holds a few details in the form of a card.

  • Card Number: #067
  • Photo: It displays the full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 067
  • Name: Flurry
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Birthday: 30th January
  • Roll Value: 6
  • Hand sign: Rock
  • Request: A winter wonderland.

Gifts for Flurry Animal Crossing

Flurry is the youngest character and gets annoyed by small things, so she is very choice in terms of choosing the gifts for her. So down here, I am listing the best likes for her, which you can gift.

NameTypeColor 1Color 2
Hanten Shirttopbeigeblue
Hot Spring Teetopbeigepink
Big Benfurniturebeigebeige
Exotic Lampfurniturebeigeyellow
Taiko Drumfurniturebrownbeige
Tent Wallwallpaperbeige
Planked Tatamicarpetbeige
Rococo Floorcarpetbeige
Bear Costumetopbrownbeige
Beige Emblem Blazertopbeigebeige
Blue-Grid Teetopbeigeaqua
Chevron Shirttopbeigegreen
Citrus Tanktopbeigeorange
Citrus Teetopbeigeorange
Desert-Camo Shirttopbrownbeige
Desert-Camo Teetopbrownbeige
Earthy Knit Shirttopbeigeyellow
Flan Tanktopbrownbeige
Frog Shirttopbeigegreen

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Flurry Animal Crossing is the cutest and youngest character of the game, but she gets annoyed very soon on small things. A player would love to own her and has to be very careful while being with her. She has all things like a kid, even the house, and her Pocket Camp is designed as a kid. One would love to have her in the game.

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