Pashmina Animal Crossing Complete Guide

Pashmina Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the trending social simulator games in today’s time. It is a series of games introduced by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nagami, while it is currently developed and managed by Nintendo. The game portrays a human character living in a village colonized by varied anthropomorphous animals, executing various activities like fishing, swimming, hunting, etc. Pashmina is one of the crucial characters of the game.

Pashmina Animal Crossing is sketched as a sisterly goat living peacefully in the village in New Leaf. Her name’s origin is quite tricky, and Pashmina inspires her name, a scarf constituted from cashmere, a form of fiber obtained from goats. The word kidder defines the age of Pashmina as a cheerful young goat as the term kidder is often used to refer to young goats. 

Pashmina Animal Crossing – Bio

Pashmina Animal Crossing - Bio

Animal Crossing is one of the life simulation games that portray more than 400 unique animal characters. Pashmina is one of those vital in-game animal characters.

Here’s the overview of Pashmina’s character in the game –

  • Name – Pashmina
  • Gender – Female
  • Personality – Sisterly
  • Species – Goat
  • Birthday – 26th December
  • Horoscope – Capricorn
  • Catch Phrase – “kidders.”
  • Initial Clothes – Corseted Shirt (N.L.) and Rainbow Sweater (N.H.)
  • Home Request – A gorgeous rococo room
  • Skill – Eating frequently
  • Goal – To become a Pro Golfer.
  • Coffee – Mocha, Three spoonfuls of sugar, Lots of milk
  • Style – Modern (NL) and Cool & Elegant (NH)
  • Favorite Song – K.K. Disco
  • Appearances – N.L., NH, HHd

Barbara, her Japanese name, is inspired by the sound the sheep and goats produce – ‘Ba Ba.’ She defines her hobby as Music, and we can see her on the covers of Mr. K.K Tango.


Pashmina Animal Crossing - Appearance

Animal Crossing beautifully sketches the character of Pashmina as a brown-colored goat with dark brown, straight-cut bangs, complemented with light aqua-colored horns. Her yellow eyes with rose-colored muzzle attract many. This color fades right from her hooves to the length of her arms and legs. She is adorably dressed in a Corseted Shirt in New Leaf and a Rainbow sweater in the New Horizon.

The light aqua horns add a great touch to the character with its uniqueness. As you progress further in the game, you can witness the cute gesture of Pashmina Animal Crossing to help you out in the game.


Pashmina Animal Crossing - Personality

Pashmina Animal Crossing presents a mixed personality to the gamers; with a pinch of sisterly behavior, she is a blend of snooty, peppy, and regular characters. When you establish a relationship of friendship with her, she will guide you as an elder sister. She will assist you with fighting tips. She serves you with utmost care and kindness when you are hurt. Although Pashmina appears hard from the outside, she is soft-hearted from the inside.

Pashmina Animal Crossing is your best friend who can fight for you at any place. Giving the appropriate respect, she always considers the playing character as her ally. She gets along with Jock, Lazy, and Peppy Villagers. However, with Snooty, Cranky, and Normal, she has significant problems due to their behavior.


Pashmina Animal Crossing - House

In New Leaf, Pashmina’s house is a typical Rococo Series furniture-based house. With beautiful string instruments and a music stand, the house has an incredible musical vibe. The Gyroid of her home is made up of Tall Lullaboid, and her Retro Studio is always playing her favorite K.K. Tango songs.

Animal Crossing New Horizons presents Pashmina as one of the starter villagers of the game. Her house is designed with craft-able items, mainly woods. Pashmina’s home is a retro diner. She incorporates various equipment from the Diner Series to add-on these in her house, including Mini tables, Neon Signs, and two counter seats. Her room is formed from a red double-door icebox and kitchen. She additionally incorporates a record player that plays the K.K. discotheque and an adorable red seat.

Pashmina Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is an exciting space that avails an open free-to-play animal stimulation game within the Animal Crossing game developed by Nintendo, available on IOS and Android devices. It was first introduced in Australia in October 2017 and was then launched worldwide.

Since Pashmina was not released in the Pocket Camp version, you don’t have any information about her camp. 

Amiibo Cards

Pashmina Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Amiibo Cards are the cards used for collector trading, which avails amiibo functionality from Nintendo’s house.

Nintendo released five different series of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards in 2020. In availed the cards worldwide, the leading four cards with 100 characters each, including 83 casual villagers and 17 unique characters.

Pashmina Animal Crossing Amiibo Card

  • Card Number: #331
  • Photo: The full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 331
  • Name: Pashmina
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Birthday: 26th December
  • Roll value: 6
  • Hand sign: Paper
  • Request: A gorgeous rococo room

When was Pashmina introduced in Animal Crossing?

Pashmina was introduced in the New Leaf version of the Animal Crossing series. This version was released on November 8th, 2012. In the next versions, she remained as a part of a villager and interacted with players.

Gifts for Pashmina Animal Crossing

You may want to gift Pashmina Animal Crossing a variety of gifts in return for her kind and generous behavior, and this, in recovery, can assist you in boosting your friendship with the beautiful goat. The players often wonder for the best gifts for Pashmina. No worries, scroll down to select the perfect gift for Pashmina.

The following items have Pashmina’s favorite things – 

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Airy Teetoppinkpink
Blue Diamond Shirttoppinkpurple
Blue Diamond Teetopbluepink
Blue Plaid Shirttopblueaqua
Blue Plaid Teetopblueaqua
Brown-Bar Shirttopgreenbrown
Brown-Bar Teetopgreenbrown
Cool Tanktopcolorfulwhite
Crewel Teetopgreengray
Dark Polka Shirttopcolorfulblack
Dark Polka Teetopcolorfulblack
Go-Go Shirttoporangeaqua
Grape-Stripe Shirttoppurplepurple
Grape-Stripe Teetoppurplepurple
Jade Plaid Shirttopgreenred
Jade Plaid Teetopgreenred
Night-Sky Teetopblueblack
Preppy Shirttoppinkwhite
Swell Shirttopyellowbrown
Swell Teetopyellowbrown
Aluminum Briefcasefurnituregraygray
Captain’s Monitorfurnitureredcolorful
Conveyor-Belt Sushifurniturecolorfulgray
Cool Globefurniturebrownbrown


Following are the FAQs for Pashmina –

Is Pashmina a popular villager?

Pashmina is without a doubt one of the popular villager in Animal Crossing.

Do people like Pashmina Animal Crossing?

Yes, players like Pashmina because of her personality and good behaviour with other villagers.

Who does Pashmina get along with?

Pashmina gets along with Jock, Lazy, and Peppy villagers.

What color does Pashmina like Animal Crossing?

Pink, purple and blue are the most liked colors of Pashmina. These colors can use used on Tee, and Shirts.

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Animal Crossing is one of the most played games of today’s time. It castes an atmosphere of fun, adventure, and suspense to the player.

Here is the complete character sketch of Pashmina, the sisterly goat. So, grab the information and jump into the world of animal crossing.

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