Scoot Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Scoot Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the most exciting games in the social-stimulator genre. The game, on its release, led a tide of popularity within the gaming community. Nintendo, the game developer and the managing team of Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami, working day and day tries to provide the users with the best gaming experience. It has come up with a series of games in the disguise of the name Animal Crossing. The sequel introduces a wide range of animal characters who come across the players while living in a village.

Scoot Animal Crossing is one of the unique characters belonging to the duck species. He helps the players in an efficient mechanism to enable them to accomplish several crucial in-game tasks.

Let’s dive in to explore his unique character quoted as ”Scoot”.

Scoot Animal Crossing – Bio

Scoot Animal Crossing Bio

We are introduced to Scoot, a jock duck living in the village in the Animal Crossing Series. You can find him in all of the games, but he is absent in Wild World and Pocket Champ. The player can quickly meet him in the City Folk series. His name may be inspired by the helmet he wears while riding his scooty. And you can notice the sound that youngsters make to resemble scooty as his initial catchphrase. He defines fitness as his hobby.

  • Gender – Male
  • Personality – Jock Villager
  • Species – Duck
  • Birthday – 13th June
  • Horoscope – Gemini
  • Catch Phrase – “zip zoom.”
  • Initial Clothes – Frog Tee
  • Home Request – A house with a pool
  • Skill – Climbing Trees
  • Goal – To become a Rugby Player.
  • Coffee – Mocha, Two spoonfuls of sugar, Normal amount of milk
  • Style – Sporty
  • Favorite Song – My Place
  • Appearances – N.L., HHD, NH, CF, AFe+, AF, AF+, AC

Scoot Animal Crossing – Appearance

Scoot Animal Crossing Appearance

The character of Scoot Animal Crossing is beautifully designed as a green duck having glossy pink cheeks, fierce eyes, and a white-colored headgear with 1 and 2 inscribed on it. His white cap resembles the Japanese Grading System, as it has 1-2 inscribed on it, portraying him to be in second class first grade or a first-semester high school student. This cap looks like a Japanese swimming cap. In Doubustsu No Mori, Scoot is sketched as a slightly lighter colored duck and with bigger eyes.

Scoot Animal Crossing – Personality

Scoot Animal Crossing Personality

Scoot Animal Crossing presents a jock personality, with a keen interest in fitness and bodybuilding. He often mentions sports and activeness. His affection towards fitness channelizes him to participate in various friendly competitions, competing with other players. He may tone the snooty and cranky characters in the village for their level of fitness. But Scoot likes the company of the peppy villagers. The lazy characters in the village annoy him because of conflicting lifestyles between the two.

Scoot Animal Crossing – House

Scoot Animal Crossing House

Scoot owns an avant-garde house in Animal Crossing. Scoot lined his house walls with cabin wallpapers and beautifully decorated the floors with Shanty Flooring. Scoot incorporates four fishes, one Crucian Carp, one Pond Smelt, one Piranha, and one Small Bass, in the topmost right corner of his house.

He also has two machines in his house – namely the pop machine and soda machine. He has two gyroids of the same type as Lamentoid to compliment his room. Two corn plants enhance the beauty of his house on two sides of his house. Within the center of his, there is a cabin chair, and he has a white boombox playing K.K.Reggae. In Animal Forest, he loves to listen to his stereo playing K.K. Calypso. And in City Folk, he listens to Marine Music.

Scoot Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a space full of fun and suspense to the game. The pocket camp presents an open free-to-play animal stimulation game within the Animal Crossing game developed by Nintendo, available on IOS and Android devices. It was first introduced in Australia in October 2017 and was then launched around the globe.

The Pocket Camp avails a space of social stimulation for the players. They can interact, engage in commerce, perform minimal tasks, explore the world of possibilities, decorate their living spaces, and much more. Scoot, one of the most active and sports-loving jock duck characters of Animal Crossing, belongs to A.C. Champ. 

Scoot Animal Crossing – Amiibo Card

Scoot Animal Crossing Amiibo Card

Amiibo Cards are the cards used for collector trading, which offers amiibo functions coming right from Nintendo’s buckets.

Nintendo presented five different Series of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards in 2020. It offered the cards worldwide, showing the main 4 cards with 100 characters each, comprising 83 casual villagers and 17 unique characters. These cards can be implemented to add bonuses to your bag. These amiibo cards are compatible with all the four versions of Animal Crossing released to date.

  • Card Number: #147
  • Photo: The full image of the character.
  • Character Number: 147
  • Name: Scoot
  • Star Sign: Gemini
  • Birthday: 13th June
  • Roll value: 2
  • Hand sign: Paper
  • Request: A house with a pool

Scoot Animal Crossing Gifts 

Once you meet Scoot in the Aminal Crossing series, you can develop a friendship with him if you also have an identical sports-loving nature. Finally, when you are good friends, you can present him with some gifts. Scroll down to find the best gift for Scoot.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Firefighter Shirttopyellowblack
Speed Bagfurniturebluegray
Blue Track Jackettopblueblue
Blue Jackettopblueblue
Beatnik Tanktopredblack
Deep-Blue Tanktopblueaqua
Two-Ball Teetopblueblue
Eight-Ball Teetopblackblack
Blue-Stripe Shirttopbluewhite
Blue Falconfurnitureblueblue
Beatnik Teetopredblack
MVP Shirttopbluewhite
Big Bro’s Teetopredwhite
Cycling Teetopblueblack
Beatnik Shirttopredblack
Blue Cornerfurniturebluewhite
Explorer Teetopbeigegray
Jockey Shirttopbluepink
Boxing Matfurnitureblueblue
Beach Tablefurniturebluewhite
MVP Teetopbluewhite
Cycling Shirttopblueblack
Black Track Jackettoppinkblack
Blue-Stripe Teetopbluewhite
A Teetopbluewhite
Snow Machinefurnitureblueblue
Blue Gym Teetopbluewhite
Deep-Blue Teetopblueaqua
No. 2 Shirttopbluewhite
Acid-Washed Jackettopbluegray
Black Flannel Shirttopblueblack
Ball Catcherfurniturebluebrown
Boxing Barricadefurnitureblueblue
Amethyst Teetopbluepink
Racer Teetopbluewhite
Amethyst Shirttopbluepink
Dragon Suittoporangeblack
Basketball Tanktopyellowblack
Blue-Zap Suittopbluewhite
Golf Bagfurnitureblueaqua
Barber Teetopredblue
Baseball Shirttopredwhite

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Animal Crossing Series presents you with a bucket full of new characters and portrays a peaceful living village. Scoot is one of the essential characters of the game.

So why are you waiting? Now, you have the complete information of Scoot. Go join hands with him to conquer the game.

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