White Mum Animal Crossing – How To Get The Beautiful White Flowers

White Mum Animal Crossing

White Mum Animal Crossing is an item that is that can be found on the islands. The item is seen particularly in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game of the series. White Mum is a flower and can be used as a wearable accessory. When the item is placed down, the said item will appear inside a case.

A player can get the plant sapling from White Mum Plants which can be picked to get the flower. A single flower of the plant sells for around 40 Bells. In the game Happy Home Paradise, the item mentioned here is available for design right from the beginning. When Antonio is designing a vacation home he mentions this item in his order list.

This guide will help the player get a better understanding of these items as well as guide them to get these items either to use as an accessory or to keep in their houses.

How to Get White Mum Animal Crossing?

There are 4 different ways to get White Mum. They are as follows –

1. Buying the Seeds

Buying the White Mum Seeds
Buying the White Mum Seeds

A player will be able to get the seeds of White Mum from Leif’s Garden Shop Or Nook’s Cranny. A bag of White Mum Animal Crossing seeds will cost the player 240 Bells.

Each Island has a different set of flower bags and there is a chance the players’ island need not necessarily sell White Mum Seeds. If one’s island does not sell White Mum seeds then the player could try visiting their friend’s island to check whether the island sells the flowers or not.

2. White Mum on the Island

White Mum on the Island
White Mum on the Island

There is a chance that White Mums could grow on the island of the players. In order for this to happen the player must have their birthday between August 1st and January 31st.

White Mums can be seen to be growing on top of the cliffs if the player’s island can grow these flowers. In order to get the White Mum from the top of the cliff, the player will have to climb the hill using a ladder.

3. Mystery Tour

Mystery Tour
Mystery Tour

If White Mums are not naturally growing on the player’s island then there is a chance the plants could be growing on mystery islands.

It is important to note that on a mystery island only one other type of flower would grow, so it is not guaranteed that White Mums would be available in these islands.

4. Online Trading

Trading with other players online would be the fastest way to get a specific type of flower or the color that one is looking for if the player is struggling to find that specific flower type.

Multiplying White Mum Animal Crossing

How to Breed White Mum

  1. The player will need to gather White Mums, whether it is seeds or a wild mum.
  2. Plant the White Mum Animal Crossing.
  3. Water the plant regularly.
  4. Check whether the flower has sprouted from the plant. If the flower is absent then continue to water the plant until the flower appears.

Even with all the preconditions satisfied it is not necessary that the flowers need to appear the very next day. In such a situation the only thing the player can do is to keep on watering the plant until a favorable result comes.

These flowers can also be used to make a lot of other breeds of flowers so it is recommended to grow a lot of this type of flowers. In order to grow more White Mums, one will need to repeat the breeding process to get more flowers.

Fun Fact: White Mums and Red Mums can be bred together to make Pink Mums and there is a 25% chance that White Mums when bred together can make Purple Mums.


The best and probably the easiest way to ensure the player gets more White Mum Animal Crossing is to clone the White Mum the player already has.

Cloning a flower is very simple. All the player needs to do is to plant the flower in a place where the plant is not touching any other flower of the same type. Water the flower regularly and the flower would make a copy of itself in an empty space eventually.


White Mums can be used as an ingredient to craft two DIY recipes. The two items are Mum Crown and Mum Wreath.

Item NameMaterials RequiredItem TypeAvailable at
Mum WreathWhite Mums x3
Red Mums x3
Yellow Mums x3
FurnitureNook’s Cranny
Any Village
Mum CrownWhite Mums x2
Red Mums x2
Yellow Mums x2
ClothingAny Village


  • Is an ingredient in two DIY items.
  • Makes the island more beautiful.
  • House Decoration.
  • Wearable Accessory.

Note: It is not possible to craft Bags and Cushions with White Mums. Cushions are made with Yellow Mums as one of the main recipes and bags don’t at all use Mums as their recipes.


Seeds can be bought for a price of 240 Bells. They can only be sold for 60 Bells.

Every other growth stage, including the fully grown plants with no petals or a blooming plant, can be sold for a price of 40 Bells. The Picked flowers can also be sold for 40 Bells.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get white mums in Animal Crossing?

There are different ways to get white mums in Animal Crossing. It can be bred or bought from the various stores or it can be obtained by picking the flower from the top of the hill of the players’ island if it grows naturally. 

Are Mums rare in Animal Crossing?

While Mums are a common flower an island with Hybrid flowers is generally not that common so Hybrid mums such as Green, Pink, and Purple are rare. It is recommended to grow them yourself or to trade them online. 

What is the rarest flower in Animal Crossing?

Lily of the Valley is the rarest Flower in Animal Crossing and it is not possible to grow these flowers in the normal traditional way. 

How many colors of Mums are there in Animal Crossing?

Mums are normally available in three different colors, they are Red, Yellow, and White. However, there are hybrids of Mums available in colors such as Purple, Pink, and Green. 

Are there black mums in ACNH?

Black is not a color available for the Mum Flowers in Animal Crossing; New Horizons. Red, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink, and Green are the colors available for Mum’s flowers in the game.


White Mum Animal Crossing is an item that can be used for various purposes such as Crafting, Decoration, and an accessory. On its own, the flower still makes a beautiful addition to your island and makes your island look more beautiful. The item is available to be bought from two different places for a small amount or can be plucked from islands if the player is able to find them.

Hope this article has helped the reader in understanding more about these beautiful accessories as well as how to breed and grow them and how and where a player will be able to find these flowers.

This article was an attempt at diving into the world of Animal Crossing and giving a reader a better understanding of these common adorable items in order to get a better gaming experience.

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