How To Get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

Log Stakes Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing computer game arrangement is a progression of correspondence reproduction games solely for Nintendo supports (aside from Pocket Camp, a versatile game). All games in the collection are non-straight, as in they have a to some degree set start yet no center or end. The player plays the job of a human in a town of creatures.

Log Stakes in Animal Crossing are the items used by players to build a bridge in the game. This bridge is instrumental in avoiding multiple rotations and creating a shortcut for your path. Moreover, you can access the blocked areas by using the bridges.

The game is peaceful and appraised ‘E’ for Everyone by the ESRB (3+ by PEGI). The player may take on residents’ assignments, take care of their home loan, garden, fish, get bugs, terraforming and the sky is the limit from there.

As an open-finished life reproduction, the Animal Crossing arrangement doesn’t have a set goal – in that capacity, after an essential succession toward the start of the games, players are allowed to do as they like. The solitary “objective” in the game, assuming any, is to take care of the home loan put upon the player’s home.

What are Log Stakes in Animal Crossing?

Log Stakes in Animal Crossing
Log Stakes Recipe in Animal Crossing

Before going to the topic, of how to get Log Stakes in the Animal Crossing New Horizon game, you must first understand what Log Stakes is? There are different types of materials that are available in the Animal Crossing New Horizon Series game. Log stakes are material in the Animal Crossing New Horizon Series.

Item NameLog Stakes
Price360 Bells
Obtained FromDIY Recipe (Smug VIllagers)
Materials Required3x Wood
Variations 4 (Dark, Orange, White & Birch)
Size1/9 square

Log stakes are a material that is utilized to make wooden bridges. They require 3 wood to make and sell for 360 ringers. They are a piece of the log arrangement and have no other use other than adornment.

The Log stakes have 4 variations:

  1. Dark Wood
  2. Orange Wood
  3. White Wood
  4. White Birch

Recipe for Log Stakes in Animal Crossing?

Making Log Stakes in Animal Crossing
Making Log Stakes

Before getting into the topic, How to get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing New Horizon Series, you must know what the Recipe for the Log Stakes is. The Recipe for Log Stakes is straightforward. You don’t have to worry about it. In the Recipe, you need only one item to craft the Log Stakes i.e.

  1. 3 Pieces of Wood

Step by step process of how to make Log Stakes in Animal Crossing?

Log Stakes is a lovely essential thing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and one that can be utilized from the get-go to split zones of your island. Yet, on the off chance that you haven’t begun making any of them before Tom Nook requests that you construct a scaffold, at that point, it very well may be a bit of confounding, and you may end up asking – how to get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing New Horizon Series. The uplifting news is the appropriate response is relatively straightforward. In the same way as other craftable things in New Horizons.

Log Stakes in Animal Crossing Crafting
  1. Players can discover the Log Stakes in their DIY Recipe book on their Nook Phone.
  2. You can likewise see the entirety of your craftable plans by visiting a Workbench anyplace on your island; if you know the formula, you’ll see that it just takes three bits of wood to create a bunch of Log Stakes.
  3. You can get a lot of wood around your island by utilizing a Flimsy Ax, Stone Ax, or even an ordinary iron Ax on your trees. There are three kinds of wood – so you’ll require customary wood, not softwood or hardwood.
  4. When you have the three bits of wood, head to a workbench, and specialty the things by discovering them under the Housewares tab.

Other uses of Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

There is only one use of the Log Stakes in Animal Crossing New Horizons series.

To Construct Bridges

This is the only use of the Log Stakes in Animal Crossing, but we need to understand why Bridges are so important.

What is Bridge in Animal Crossing series?

Bridge Construction Kit in Animal Crossing

Bridges are something critical to consider when developing your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. They permit you to arrive at territories obstructed by waterways and will improve the general taste of your island. Building them is costly, tedious, and tremendously troublesome.

However, it’s justified, despite all the trouble for how much simpler they’ll fill your heart with joy in daily life. Here’s how to fabricate spans.

List of Bridges in Animal Crossing series?

There are several bridges to pick from in the Animal Crossing New Horizons series. Here’s the full list, besides prices for each bridge:

  1. Red Zen Bridge – 228,000
  2. Zen Bridge – 228,000
  3. Stone Bridge – 168,000
  4. Iron Bridge – 228,000
  5. Brick Bridge – 198,000
  6. Suspension Bridge – 129,800
  7. Wooden Bridge – 168,000
  8. Log Bridge – 98,000

How to create your first Bridge in Animal Crossing series?

To fabricate your first extension, you’ll have to have welcomed three new occupants to adore at your island (more on welcoming characters in this guide). When you have, Tom Nook will call you, showing that you should assemble an extension. He’ll give you the formula for a Bridge Construction Kit. You’ll have to gather the accompanying to fabricate your first scaffold:

  1. Log Stakes (4)
  2. Mud (4)
  3. Stone (4)


Following are the FAQs for Log Stakes –

How do you get Log Stakes on Animal Crossing?

You will get a Log Stakes recipe as DIY Recipe from Smug villagers. This recipe requires 3 wood pieces to create 1 Log Stake.

What do you do with log stakes in Animal Crossing?

Apart from decoration, there is no other in-game use of Log Stakes. They are mostly used by players to decorate their houses on their island.

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Final Words

We have given you all the information and instructions red related to the Log Stakes in the Animal Crossing New Horizon series game. You can follow our instructions and create your bridge in the Animal Crossing game by using our guide and instructions. It is effortless to get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing. Moreover, Animal Crossing is a fantastic game that you must play if you don’t know about it.

Keep visiting us to get the latest information and tips about the games. Happy Gaming!

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