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Big Top Animal Crossing

The observation of all characters in the animal crossing series explains the gameplay arena as each character and their attitude has their well-being, abilities, and categories that excite people to participate and indulge in various crossing game formats.

The Big top is one of the strong characters in the Animal Crossing series, and it is also called San GO in Japanese, Benni in German, Miles in French, and many more. It is one of the elephant species male character initially born on 3rd October.

Big Top Overview

Big Top Character Animal Crossing

His spirit is full of laziness originally developed in animal crossing series of City folk, wild world, and animal forest e+. The concept is scattered prevalent of circus setup that explains the presence of elephants in the circus tent.

Therefore big top successfully exits in this arena and reminds us of a Dumbo elephant character in Disney movies.

In the surrounding of superhero villagers, Big’s top opening phase is of the villain playing with his fellow superheroes villagers. He acts in the third spot in his superheroes villagers club with his friend filly, Agent S, kid cat, and rocket.

The big top is also called a villain of the superhero club. His nature is down earth also lazy that he get to indulge with many villagers and be their friends, making him a more powerful character.

Big Top Appearance

His outfit resembles a number 3 written green shirt with a green helmet that displays like a kid cat, agent S, and a rocket helmet structure. He is one of the characters that have accessories.

His disguise is very different as his trunk tip is pink, grey in the skin, and half-black closed eyes just behind the helmet’s visor. Most commonly like elephants, his mouth is on the left side, and another side, his face has the original appearance.

Big Top Personage

His personality is as lazy as other lazy villagers. He is very friendly and quickly gets indulged with other villagers, found of food and comfort. His hobbies are fishing and partaking; he enjoys these activities with food and relaxation to calm his mind and surroundings.

Although he is very out warming with other different villagers, the conflict occurs when he entertains with jock villagers; because of his laziness habit, he cannot balance activities with them.

Jock villagers are very fond of fitness and exercises that don’t meet with rest, taking food, or simply living a lazy lifestyle. Here is the big top problem of spending time with them, but he is very comfortable with other lazy villagers that balance his existences and zone where he talks, eats his food, or relax with superheroes and comics.

So, he is generally involved with lazy partners like smug, ordinary, sisterly, and peppy villagers. He occasionally meets cranky villagers, although it’s challenging to match the fitness persona of snooty villagers. So big top avoid letting go of his lazy attitude and disagree with involving with them.

Big Top Houses

Big Top Animal Crossing House

In the animal crossing – new leaf series, Big top house looks like a sporty theme as pieces of boxing equipment like punching bags, weight bench, and two boxing mats that give the same posture and arrangement of city flok house. He is a part of the superheroes team captured 3rd position. He allows relevant details like a garbage can, three lamps, and a tape deck that only plays KK metal in this house.

In wild world and city folk house, the thematic composition is boxing. The pattern of floor and wallpaper favored boxing structure and contained a punching bag, blue corner, and ringside table to give the complete boxing theme setup. He also has a tape deck that only plays KK metal and two boxing mats for a big top house.

In the house of animal forest e+, big top owns the structure furniture style same as Bessie’s house, along with some updation in flooring and wallpapers. He changes the old wallpaper theme to lake wallpaper along with green carpet flooring. Here the music of KK Gumbo of Surfin KK plays in dice stereo.

Amiibo Card

Big Top Amiibo Card
Star signLibra
RequestA superhero cafeteria
Hand signRock
Roll value3

Friendship Rewards

  • At level 50, Big Top will reward you with one sparkle stone.
  • At level 45, Big Top will reward you with one sparkle stone.
  • At level 40, Big Top will reward you with one sparkle stone.
  • At level 35, Big Top will reward you with one sparkle stone.
  • At level 30, Big Top will reward you with one sparkle stone.
  • At level 25, Big Top will reward you with one sparkle stone.
  • At level 20, Big Top will reward you with one sparkle stone and a picture of Big Top.
  • At level 15, Big Top will request you to build a neutral corner.
  • At level 9, Big Top will reward you with one sparkle stone.
  • At level 5, Big Top will reward you with one sparkle stone and a t-shirt with number 3.

Other Animal Crossing Villagers

Agent S

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