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Animal Crossing Characters

Animal Crossing is a famous social simulation game developed by Nintendo. 9 versions of the game were released in 2001, and New Horizons is the latest version among them. The game features hundreds of characters with different appearances, personalities, requests, species, and voice lines. Every character has an incredibly unique house in the game and corresponding decors. Furthermore, as a player, you can develop friendships with these characters and become a part of their life.

Animal Crossing Characters are the game’s unique entities to make it more explorable. There is a total of 391 villagers in the New Horizons version of the game. These villagers have unique personalities, species, birthdays, catchphrases, hobbies, and behaviors. As you develop your friendship with these characters, you can get more rewards.

What is Animal Crossing Characters?

Animal Crossing Characters are the NPC villagers whose houses are spawned anywhere in the islands. With distinctive personalities and unique housing styles, you can craft multiple furniture types by interacting with these characters. Moreover, there is an option to become friends with characters throughout the game. Depending on your friendship level, you receive multiple rewards and sparkling stones.

All the Animal Crossing characters have unique catchphrases and personality towards other villagers. Let’s have a look at all the characters from the game.

Animal Crossing Characters List –

So far, 391 NPC characters in Animal Crossing were released at different times. All of these characters have different backstories and lore attached to them. Let-s dive right into the character list –


Agent S: Agent S is a squirrel with a peppy nature among the villagers. In 2003, Agent S was introduced in Animal Crossing, and in Japan, she was termed as Animal Forest e+; the S stands for her species, which is Squirrel. Moreover, adding S after the Agent is due to her sidekick and represents the catchphrase.

Agnes: Agnes first appears in the New Leaf series of Animal Crossing. She is a cute little black pig whose personality belongs to sisterly villagers. Her famous initial Phrase stands as “You reap what you sow”. Her dream is to become Pro Golfer in the future.

Antonio: Antonio is a Jock Villager from the game who is famous for a unique look. All the necessary items like chairs, refrigerators, etc., can be obtained from his Pocket Camp. His Phrase stands as “honk.” He has a life dream of becoming a Baseball player and making a place decorated simply.


Beardo: Beardo is an Animal Crossing character who is a smug bear villager. Beardo’s Japanese name (ベアード, Beādo) comes from facial hair and could also be a pun on the word bear (Beard). His Phrase stands as “whiskers.” He has a life dream of becoming a Professor and making a cultivated garden.

Bunnie: Bunnie is a peppy rabbit Animal Crossing character that first appears in the City Folk version. Her name in English derives from an animal “bunny,” referring to a cute rabbit. Her Phrase stands as “tee-hee.” She has a life dream of becoming a Gymnast and making a perpetual birthday party.


Colton: Colton is a smug horse Animal Crossing character that first appears in the New Leaf version. His name in English derives from a colt, referring to a young male horse. His Phrase stands as “check it.” He has a life dream of becoming a Model and making a noble living space.


Drago: Drago is a lazy alligator villager in Animal Crossing – New Leaf. His English and Japanese names are derived from the word “dragon.” From his dragon-like presence, clothes with a depiction of a dragon, his expression “burn,” and his quotation, “There’s no room for two dragons in one pond.” 


Flurry: Flurry is a normal hamster Animal Crossing character that first appears in the New Leaf version. His name in English derives from a term describing snow. His Phrase stands as “powderpuff.” He has a life dream of becoming a Superhero and making a winter wonderland.


Julian: Julian is a typical Horse/Unicorn character from the game known for this kind gesture. His name originated from the “Julius” of Julius Caesor. His Phrase stands as “glitter.” He has a life dream of becoming a Designer and making a mythical home. All the villagers absolutely love him because of his friendly personality (Smug).


Margie: Margie is a normal elephant from Animal Crossing. Many players love to be friends with her with a cute look and exciting rewards. Her Phrase stands as “Tootie.” She has a life dream of becoming a Pastry chef and making a place full of clothes.

Mira: Mira is the yellow-colored rabbit that belongs to the Sisterly personality group. Her name is derived from a giant star in Cetus. Her Phrase stands as “cottontail.” She has a life dream of becoming a Makeup artist and making a futuristic space.

Mitzi: Mitzi is one of those unique in-game Animal Crossing characters, which come across the players during their gaming experience. She is a female cat in-game character who helps the players achieve success in different tasks. Her Phrase stands as “mew.” She has a life dream of becoming a Professor and making a café with round, zen items.

Molly: Molly is one of those Animal Crossing characters you come across during the gameplay. She represents a duck character, which assists you in various in-game activities. Her Phrase stands as “quackidee.” She has a life dream of becoming a Florist and making a publishing house.


Pashmina: Pashmina is sketched as a sisterly goat living peacefully in New Leaf village. Her name’s origin is quite tricky, and Pashmina inspires her name, a scarf constituted from cashmere, a form of fiber obtained from goats.

Pekoe: Pekoe was first introduced in City Folk as an ordinary cub villager. The word Pekoe in Japanese means jasmine and is written as (ジャスミン Jasumin, Jasmine). The name may be derived from the term used to refer to Unopened leaf buds in the tea flushes. Even her commencing Phrase, “bud,” also depicts the flower’s head.

Phoebe: Phoebe is an affectionate ostrich villager who emerges first in New Leaf and comes back in New Horizons. The English and the Japanese names of Phoebe are both phoenix played, one of the Japanese words hi-no-tori, for which the word “firebird” is more or less translated.


Rex: Rex is a lazy villager who belongs to the lion species. His name refers to the Latin word Lex meaning King. He has a life dream of becoming a Forest Ranger and making a lunch box. Rex being a lion may seem like an active and roaring lion, but the character is too lazy and bored in reality.

Roscoe: Roscoe is the active horse in Animal Crossing with a cranky personality. He is the only horse with a cranky personality in the game. His initial Phrase stands for “Nay”. He has a life dream of becoming a Lawyer and making a black and white bastion.

Ruby: Ruby in English and (ルナ, Runa, Luna) in Japanese is a rabbit of peppy personality from the famous Animal Crossing series. She made her debut in Wild World. Ruby’s name refers to the gem ruby; this is well supported by the fact that since her eyes are dark red, which can be referred to as an effect of Albinism,


Scoot: Scoot is one of the unique Animal Crossing characters belonging to the duck species. He helps the players in an efficient mechanism to accomplish several crucial in-game tasks. His Phrase stands as “zip zoom.” He has a life dream of becoming a Rugby player and making a house with a pool.

Skye: Skye is a wolf villager introduced in the New Leaf version of the game. Being a Normal personality, she can build exciting furniture in your house. With a dream of being a Pastry Chef, Wolf tries her best to make it possible.

Stella: Stella is a female sheep villager who first appeared in Happy Home Designer. The name Stella is derived from the Latin word, which means Star. She has a life dream of becoming a Professor and requesting a sewing machine.


Tia: Tia or (ティーナ, Tīna) in Japanese is a very beautiful elephant villager in our Animal Crossing series. With her cute gesture and normal personality, she can be your best friend in the game. Her Phrase stands as “teacup.” She has a life dream of becoming a Dentist and making a space fit for a tea party.

Tiffany: Tiffany (バズレー,) in Japanese, is a peppy rabbit villager. She made her debut with Animal Forest e+ and subsequently appeared in the Wild world and succeeding games. Her Phrase stands as “bun bun.” She has a life dream of becoming a CEO and making a gorgeous celebrity home.

Tutu: Tutu is a peppy bear villager. Her first catchphrase, “twinkles,” presumably refers to its messy and cheerful nature. She has a life dream of becoming a Teacher and making a cool place to chill out.


Vesta: Vesta is a normal sheep Animal Crossing character in-game series. She has appeared in all versions/Series of the Animal Crossing games. The name Vesta is derived from a piece of clothing vest. His Phrase stands as “baaaffo.” He has a life dream of becoming an Archaeologist and making a place with a fireplace.


Wolfgang: Wolfgang derived from its Japanese name: ロボ, Lobo) is a character of an animal “wolf” and was first featured in the Animal Crossing subsidiary of Nintendo Gamecube. Wolfgang is very energetic and young and continuously yells at everyone inside the game.


Zell: Zell has shown his appearance in New Leaf’s update as a Smug Deer Villager who owns the initial catchphrase as a “Pronk.” Pronk is considered his initial Phrase because of Zell’s movement by all the four legs and the antelope, which resembles a Deer.

Species of Animal Crossing Characters

Every character in Animal Crossing belongs to a specific set of species. Species refers to the biological characterization of all Animal Crossing characters. There are six different species for 391 characters: Animal Species, Gyroids, Humans, Mystical Beings, Snowmen, and Spirits. Each of these species has different looks and specific remarks. Let’s jump right into these species –

Animal Species

Animal Species are the categories of characters that are animals in nature. All of these animals are further classified into the following species –

SpeciesNo. of Characters


Gyroids are game-specific species in which the Animal Crossing characters cannot speak and show any awareness of the surrounding. The unique characters like the white owl and the special character owl belong to this category. However, the exception being Lloid, who is a Gyroid but can perform all sorts of tasks with ease.


The playable Animal Crossing characters which the player controls belong to this Humans category. There is an existing NPC in the game which can be classified as Human. All the Humans appear to be the same as real-life humans and can be customized to make them look unique. By editing the appearance, you can create your unique Human characters.

Mystical Beings

Mystical Beings are the Animal Crossing characters who are claimed to have some magic powers. So far, only two characters are belonging to this group, namely Farley and Serena. Both of them have magical powers whose origins are unknown. Farley claims to the fountain goddess, whereas Serena claims to execute magic with Wishing Well.


Snowmen are the special species introduced in the winter update of the game. As you can interact with the Snowmens, they were included in species. Only four variants of Snowmen are known, namely, Snowtyke, Snowboy, Snowman, and Snowmam. With every winter update, we can expect more characters to get released in this species.


Spirits are special undead species that belong to the Animal Crossing characters with floating and undying abilities. This species is also referred to as “specter” in the game. Only two characters belong to Spirits species, namely Jack and Wisp. These characters are similar to the Gyroid class, but they are called a special Spirits species as they appear only at night.

Addition of More Animal Crossing Characters

We’re currently building your database and adding all the Animal Crossing characters one by one. If you have a special request to add any character, please let us know in the comments.

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