Animal Crossing Catchphrases Guide

Animal Crossing Catchphrases

When life gets bored with lockdown and isolation, you still have the chance to make yourself happy by adapting to th situation. And playing video games is one of those types of adaptations. When you engage in playing, you will be able to feel occupied and can hence defeat your loneliness. Many players log in to any game, majorly for this reason. And it is not a wrong decision too.

Animal Crossing Catchphrase is hundreds and hundreds of phrases that are given to all the villagers. You have the chance to exchange or change your catchphrase among the villagers by triggering the players. The most important feature of this game is you can customize everything that is on your island.

Animal Crossing is a widespread social stimulated video game series developed to make the players more friendly with society. The virtual character is a human who lives in a village, is inhabited by various animals, and carries out various activities like fossil hunting, fishing, and bug catching. This game is played in real-time by changing the video game’s time and calendar. As soon as it was released it was widely welcomed by all game lovers.

What is Animal Crossing Catchphrase?

A villager often uses this word or a short phrase during a conversation, especially at the end of the sentence. Every villager will be provided with an initial Catchphrase, but you have the change, or by going to the Town Hall and reporting. The villagers have the capacity to adapt to other villagers Catchphrases.

Animal Crossing Villager Catchphrase

There is even the possibility that some villagers may ask the players to change their catchphrases. And in case if there are okay with changing their catchphrases, you will find a text box, and you can go and type your new catchphrase. Generally, the default catchphrases present in the game are usually based on a villager’s personality type, species, name, birthday, hobby, or appearance.

It is sometimes believed that the special characters can have one Catchphrase when others usually use several different phrases and words. Some animals have different initial catchphrases in different games, and they are Lily, Amelia, Ribbot, Violet, Cody, etc.

You won’t find any specific character limit to catchphrases, and it always depends on the used characters. You can find nearly 20 characters of a catchphrase repeating the letter “i” and up to 7 characters of a catchphrase repeating the letter “m.” And other combinations will also have their limits.

List of Animal Crossing Catchphrases

There is more number of villagers name and their special Catchphrase. Each of them will have their unique phrases and only can be repeated or imbibed in other villagers’ names. Some of them are,

Name of the VillagersCatchphrases
Admiral“aye aye”
Alfonso“it’sa me”
Ankha“me meow”
Astrid“my pet”
Big Top“villain”
Carrie“little one”
Chai“flap flap”
Dianano doy”
Diva“ya know”
Doc“old bunny”
Eugene“yeah buddy”
Harry“beach bum”
Jacob/ Jackey“ya feel”
Ken“no doubt”
Kiki“kitty cat”
Kody“grah grah”
Leopold“lion cub”
Mac“woo woof”
Nana“po po”
Olive“sweet pea”
Peewee“li’l bitty baby”
Pietro“honk honk”
Reneeyo yo yo”
Scoot“zip zoom”
Victoria“sugar cube”

Changing Catchphrases

Changing Catchphrases Animal Crossing

Some players may doesn’t like the Animal Crossing Catchphrase that is given to them. They try to change their catchphrases and find it very hard since they don’t know how to change their Animal Crossing Catchphrases. Some players also believe that when there are hundreds of catchphrases out there, why don’t we try hard to get our favorite one.

In Animal Crossing

If you are playing in the Gamecube Version and wish to change the Animal Crossing Catchphrase, then a villager can approach the player to change it. And the interesting fact is you have the opportunity to use another villager’s catchphrase upon talking to them. In case if the player accepts and changes the catchphrase, then it cannot be over ten letters or a swear word.

In Wild World

If you are in the Wild World and then wish to change the Animal Crossing Catchphrase, you must either adopt another villager’s catchphrase or ask the player for a change. The process of asking for a new Catchphrase is looking at them and showing what they want by an exclamation mark appearing over the head.

Then, it is followed by the villager walking up to the player or simply follow them. But the problem here is that the players will not have the attention of the villagers on all occasions. But once you get their attention, it becomes easy for you to change your Animal Crossing Catchphrase.

In City Folk

Like the Wild World, Animal Crossing Catchphrase can be changed by following the villager or asking the players to change. And you have another option too, and a player can also go to the Town Hall and ask Pelly or Phyllis in asking for a change in villagers’ catchphrase by selecting the option that asks if it is “rude.” You could notice that the catchphrase would be changed to one among the following catchphrases,” yup yup,” “yessiree,” “you know,” and “right.”

In New Leaf

You have two options to change your catchphrase at this level. One follows the same process of following and asking the players as you did in the above two levels. Or you can also choose to change by speaking to Isabelle at the Town Hall and then reporting the character’s language as offensive.

If two villagers are singing together, you could easily figure out that they both have changed their Animal Crossing catchphrase.

In New Horizons

A villager who wishes to change their Animal Crossing Catchphrase can walk slowly to the villager and have a thought balloon above their head. This method can be adopted for some other reasons too, like if you wish to sell a product and so on. A villager’s catchphrase will not get transferred if they were adopted from another island.

And if you change the language of the game, then the entire villagers’ catchphrase gets reset. You can also adopt player-created catchphrases from other villagers. Or the unique way of changing catchphrases is if a villager with a friendship level 4 or up can prompt a player to come up with a new catchphrase for them. 

Preventions Against Changing a Catchphrase

New Catchphrase Animal Crossing

You can change your Animal Crossing Catchphrase to anything, but you have some conditions that should be noted when playing your game or changing your Catchphrase. They are,

  • You shouldn’t exceed the character limit if you wish to change. Anyway if you exceed you will be warned by an alert sound.
  • You mustn’t contain any profane words. In case, if you have entered, a speech bubble will pop up saying “You can’t enter that!” But you have an alternate way to get through this. You can substitute letters in the words with special characters so that they look exactly the same.

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