All Criptograma Chests and Charts Locations – Far Cry 6

Criptograma Chests and Charts Locations

Exploring new places gives you a great chance to learn many new things. Getting to know about the chests and charts location will reward you with so many items. You will learn to handle any situations in the game.

Criptograma Chests and Charts Locations are the locations of all the Criptograma chests that every player struggles to find out and nearly spends most of the time searching for the charts. These chests are hidden throughout the maps and contain some drops which are rare to find.

Criptograma Chests and Charts Locations

This topic is quite interesting and will be very useful for every player who wishes to be a hero in Far Cry 6. This game has 15 Criptograma Chests and 30 Criptograma Charts and every location needs to be unlocked if you wish to get the Puzzling trophy.

Before getting into the topic and the locations you will have to know what is Criptograma Chests and Charts. There are 15 Criptograma chests and in each chest, you will have to find 2 Criptograma Charts which are considered as a magical key to open the chest.

And the amazing part that is found in Criptograma Chests & Charts Locations is you don’t have to buy any purchasable in-game maps for these locations. As soon as you complete the chest you will be rewarded with interesting high-grade armor.

We can hear your cry in worrying to find out the location on the map. Make sure you note blue markings in the game world that will clearly direct you to the exact locations. Along with that, you will also have a wind chime at each chest and chart and this will help you to locate them. Remember do not search for the charts near the chest because you will not definitely find them, but the charts are placed near to the area of the chests.

Do not forget to keep your audio on high so that you will hear the wind chimes clearly. When you get close to the Criptograma Chests in the minimap (HUD) you will get a white chest icon appearing on the map. The games help you in keeping an account of all the criptograma chests that you have collected and also show you the pending ones.

If you are eager to get to know the fastest method to collect all Criptograma Chests and Charts Locations use the Avispa Buzzer helicopter that helps you fly towards the north-east of Valle De Oro. You will be landed in the water yet you will be able to hear the wind chimes by flying around.

#06 Royal Palm & #01 Yaran Flag (Armonia)

This is the first Criptograma chests and charts locations that can be found on the house north-west of Armonia town. To get there you will have to start from Isla Santuario. To find out one of the Criptograma chests climb up on the roof of the building, you’ll find another chest that can be found inside the tunnel.

After collecting both the charts go to the front side of the building and place the charts and the next second you will have been unlocked the Criptograma chests.

As soon as you unlock the Criptograma chest you will get Hazmat Gloves MK II wrist gear as a reward for unlocking these chests.

#22 Dog & #03 Pig (El Dorado Cabins)

This Criptograma chest (El Dorado) and charts locations can be found in the small town of El Dorado Cabins and to reach out to this location you will have to head towards Madrugada (West Region). To find the treasure, just jump high on the tower that is present in front of you.

From there you must run a long distance in order to find one Criptograma Chart. After getting the first chart run towards the opposite direction in the beach and at the middle of the beach in the muddy area you will get your second Criptograma chart. As a reward, after unlocking the Criptograma chests and charts locations you will get Rioter Boots Mk II Foot Gear.

#10 Rooster & #25 Yara Libre (Poesía)

This Criptograma chest (Poesia) and charts can be found in the small town of Poesia, at the jetty. It will be raining the entire location and you are definitely gonna get wet. As a first step, you have to run through the building and start to drive the motorcycle, and reach the rock that is present in the middle of the beach.

The first Criptograma chart is found there and you will have to follow the blue markings at the coastline. You will be able to get the second Criptograma chart by using the grapple to climb up the rock where you can find the second chart. After collecting the charts, you will get a reward of Rioter Gloves Mk II Wrist Gear.

#16 El Trompo & #19 Sunrise Mariposa Flower (Verdera)

This Criptograma chest (Verdera) and chart is usually found in In the north of Verdera town, on top of a billboard. This is the fourth Criptograma chest and you will start in front of the petrol bunk and you must climb on it and use the ladders to get on to the top of the building.

Follow the blue color cloth and ensure that you are traveling on the right path. The first Criptograma Chests are found under the water tank and follow the same blue color cloth you will find the second Criptograma Chart under the tank, collect them and proceed with your journey. Collecting these Criptograma chests and charts locations will reward you with Rioter Helmet Mk II Head Gear.

#28 Yaran Queen Butterfly & #12 Shark (Ida’s Refuge)

This Criptograma chest (ida’s refuge) and chart is on the balcony of a building near a dockside pickup point. Use the ladder to climb up and then you will have to use the dockside pickup point in order to spawn a vehicle. The first chart is found on the island directly north of the chest.

Use the vehicle and travel to an island climb up the rock and get the first Criptograma Chart and the location for the second one is drawn near the first chart.

The second chart is found underwater, so you will have to take a deep dive into the ocean and grab the second Criptograma Chart from a blue piece of wood. Collecting the charts will reward you with Rioter Vest Mk II Chest Gear.

#23 Libertad Emblem & #04 Starfish (Feroza)

This Criptograma chest and chart is are found in the south of Feroza town, at a construction site. Both the Criptograma chests and charts locations are next to each other in the same construction yard and they are kept hidden from your eyes under some wooden pallets.

To get the charts you will have to destroy those pallets. The second Criptograma chart is found on the destroyed car that is placed outside of the construction site.

But, don’t get cheated here, because the second one is also hidden by using another wooden pallet. Shoot the pallet to get the charts and as a reward for these Criptograma chests and charts locations, you will get Fuego Mitts MK II Wrist Gear.

#13 Cat & #29 Soursop (Segunda)

This Criptograma chest (Segunda) and charts are found in the North-west of Segunda town and always keep your eyes up while searching for the starting point. Using the ladder you will climb up the watchtower that is in the fields and both the charts are covered using the wooden pallet and also has a gasoline barrel next to it.

You will be able to see those pallets and barrels from the top of the watchtower. You will have to destroy the pallet by bursting the barrel. The first chart is found underwater and this will be seen after the barrel bursts out.

The second chart is also found underground you will have to inside the hole using the ladder and collect the charts. Collecting these valuable Criptograma chests and charts locations will reward you with a Fuego Helmet MK II Head Gear.

#09 Tarantula & #26 Boxing Gloves (Noventarmas)

This eighth Criptograma chest (Noventarmas) and chart is found at the ruins in a flooded area, at the bottom of an old tower. You can go directly to search for the first chart by climbing up the ladder next to the box. You will have to climb up high and at point, you must use your grappling hook, and at the other end of the building to climb further, you will use some flowers/vines.

And then again you will grapple to climb inside the building and collect the first Criptograma Chart. By using a parachute you will jump from there and get into the underwater and find a blue color entrance. Through this, you will get inside the building climb up higher and higher and collect the second chart.

Another way to get to this place is to use a wingsuit from the tower of the first chart location and directly jump to the second one. Collecting these Charts will reward you with Fuego Boots MK II Foot Gear.

#20 Mamey Sapote & #17 Coin (Ruben)

These are our next Criptograma chest (Ruben) and chart can get them in the town of Ruben. You might think getting these charts in these chests is quite easy, but it’s not. You will be hearing firing noises and people attacking and shouting. You should be very cautious and be quick in collecting the charts.

The first chart location is under the jetty, near to the water. The second of the chart is found inside a cave and you can either shoot out the entrance or you also have the option to directly access it from the path behind the Criptograma chests but it would be easy if you go with the first one.

You will have to swim to the place and then collect the second chart. As a reward for completing the Criptograma chests, you will get Fuego Pants MK II Leg Gear.

#18 Cigar & #21 Croco Taxi (People’s Pride Clinic)

The next in our Criptograma chests (People’s Pride Clinic) and charts locations list is found on the roof of The People’s Pride Clinic. At the very beginning, you will get down from the helicopter and land on top of the building, and using the same helicopter you will fly towards your first chart location.

The first one can be found on the right building of the central block. The same procedure is followed for collecting the second chart and you can collect it on the top of the building that is across the street.

You can also use grappling hook/ziplines/jumps to get to the roof of the buildings but if you want to use the easiest way then, go for the helicopter. As a reward for collecting these Criptograma chests and charts, you will get the Hazmat Pants MK II Leg Gear.

#14 Horse & #30 Domino (Barriga)

This Criptograma Chest (Barriga) and charts locations are found on a jetty in the swamps at Barriga. You can use the helicopter to easily travel to the chart locations. The first Chart is found on the north of the chests. If you travel you will find the chart at the hut around the swamps.

You can fly up to the next location that is to the west of the edge. You will find a person working there. Just be calm and collect the charts. After collecting you will be able to get Hazmat Suit MK II Chest Gear. Awesome right?

07 El Crocodilo & #27 Tocororo (Casa Marroquin)

This Criptograma chest (Casa Marroquin) and charts are found in the north of Savannah Fields. Getting the charts is quite easy here because both the charts are in Savannah fields. Using the helicopter you will land on top of the building. The first Chart is found on the southwest of the chests and the chart is hidden inside the house.

You will have to break the wooden door by shooting and collecting the first one. Again travel using the helicopter and go for the second Chart that is a hundred meters south of the chests. It is pinned to the wall of the building. And the reward that you get out of these Criptograma Chests and Charts Locations is the Hazmat Mask MK II Head Gear.

#05 Machete & #24 Chalice (Concepcion)

You will land on the top of the building during the night time and this Criptograma chest and chart is found on a rooftop in Concepcion. This is again another chest that is so easy for the players because following the blue arrow will lead you to the chests.

Go towards the north of the chests and after few distance, by jumping over the roofs and the first chart is placed inside the market stall in the yard. The second chart is near to the first one so just take the stairs near to the first chart head to the right (east) and start to jump over the roof you will get near to the second chart.

You can hear the wind chimes coming from it and you can easily locate them. You will be rewarded with Hazmat Shoes MK II Foot Gear for completing the Criptograma Chests and charts locations.

#08 Car Clasico & #15 El Flamenco (Esperanza Apartments)

This Criptograma Chest (Esperanza) and charts locations are found in the southern outskirts of Esperanza. The first step that you are going to do here is to use the grappling hook to the left of the chests. Then use the ladder to go to the top of the building and jump to the next roof. On the right side of it, you will be able to find the first chart.

To reach the location of the second chart use the zipline and go to the next building. You can climb up to the roof by using the flowers/vines and can get the second Criptograma Chart. Collecting these charts will reward you with the Fuego Coat MK II Chest Gear.

#11 Rum & #02 La Guitarra (Esperanza Cathedral)

This Criptograma chest and chart is found a few meters north of La Divinidad Cathedral. To know the location of the chest icon you will have to travel using the grappling hook to climb up there. The note for the first chart is on the balcony and to reach there just jump over the roofs over to the cathedral.

There on the roof of one of the buildings you can find the first chart. To get the second chart you can enter through the door that is right next to you and get out through the other door to the other side of the roof.

To the opposite of this building, you can find the second and last Criptograma Chart. You can get down the building using vine/flowers and again climb up the building using grapple and collect the Rioter Pants MK II Leg Gear reward for collecting the charts.

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