Far Cry 6 Noventarmas Criptograma Chest, Charts Location

Noventarmas Criptograma Chest

Far Cry 6 has fifteen Criptograma Chests, and the Noventarmas Criptograma chest is one of them. The Fifteen Criptograma are present in the different locations in the Far Cry 6 map, like in Isla Santuario, Madrugada, Valle De Oro, El Este, and Esperanza.

The criptograma chests are marked with a blue arrow which can be found on the map quickly. But the real part is how to open the chest. For this, you need to find and collect two charts in the chest’s vicinity.

The two charts are represented on the box with two sigils. You have to find the charts with the same design to unlock the chest. The charts will also have some associated numbers, which will be used to put a combination of those numbers to open the chest.

Noventarmas Criptograma Chests Location

Criptograma Chest Noventarmas Walkthrough 1

The Noventarmas Criptograma chest is present in the Valle De Oro region. On the map, you will find a blue arrow mark, clicking on which will lead you to the criptograma chest location.

On clicking that blue arrow, you will be taken to the Noventarmas Criptograma Chest, which is present in McKay Global Acid Plant in Cielo Garden. You will find the chest on the ground near an old building.

After locating that chest, you will be asked to collect two of the charts. The copies of the charts can be found on the Criptograma Chest. One of the Criptograma charts will be with a spider, and the other one will be with a man holding a gun in an attacking position.

After identifying the chart, you have to find them and bring them back to the chest. The Charts can be found near the chest.

Collecting the Noventarmas Criptograma Charts

Criptograma Chest Noventarmas Walkthrough 2

For the first chart, You have to climb up the building under the Noventarmas Criptograma Chest. Start by climbing up the ladder present to the right of the chest. Then climb up a wall where you will reach another floor above.

Criptograma Chest Noventarmas Walkthrough 3

There use the grapple on the rod extended at the upper floor to climb up another floor. On that floor, run to the opposite side of the floor where you reached there, you will find some vines, climb using that.

Criptograma Chest Noventarmas Walkthrough 4

Then on that floor, use a grapple to get to another floor above. There you will find a dome where you have to climb to that floor. After reaching there, you will find the Spider Criptograma chart stuck on a pillar. Collect it.

Criptograma Chest Noventarmas Walkthrough 5

You have to move to the second criptograma chart, which is present in the building on the other side of the river. You can either swim to that point or can use a wingsuit.

There you have reached the top floor of that building where you can find the other Criptograma chart with the man aiming a gun logo.

You have to collect that also. After collecting both of the charts, get back to the Noventarmas Criptograma Chest. 

Noventarmas Criptograma Chest Rewards

After opening the Noventarmas Criptograma Chest, you will be rewarded with the Fuego Boots MK II, part of the MK II Incendiary set. The Fuego Boots MK II greatly improves fire defense but slightly impairs movement speed. It has a rank of Three.

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