Far Cry 6 Segunda Criptograma Chest and Chart Location (Cruz Del Salvador)

Segunda Criptograma Chest

Segunda Criptograma Chest is one amongst the four Criptograma Chests present in Valle De Oro. The other Criptograma Chests are Feroza Criptograma Chest, Cielo Gardens Criptograma Chest and the Rubén Criptograma Chest.

The Segunda Criptograma Chest can be found in Cruz Del Salvador but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Or is it? Let’s find out more about the Segunda Criptograma Chest!

Segunda Criptograma Chest and Charts

The Segunda Criptograma Chest can be found in Segunda, Sabiduria Valley located in Cruz Del Salvador, Valle De Oro. You will find the chest waiting for you in the North-West region of the town of Segunda.

Criptograma Chest Senguda Walkthrough 1

Begin by looking for farmland standing at the bank of the river nearby. You will find the same farmland on the top of a wooden watchtower. It’ll be North of a Vehicle Pickup and West of a bridge that crosses the river.

Criptograma Chest Senguda Walkthrough 2

As you already know, we will need two Criptograma Charts to open this chest. The two Criptograma Charts that you will need to open the Segunda Criptograma Chest are Cat Sigil and Soursop Sigil.

You will find your first clue lying on the rail of the watchtower. You will be able to spot a blue arrow pointing towards North-East. Keep looking in the said direction till you find a blue irrigation machine.

It’s a clue and if you look further you will find a square pit filled with water. A ladder will be available nearby, leading you down to the water present below. It will be blocked with a lot of debris (rubbish or remains).

Criptograma Chest Senguda Walkthrough 3

Now you will have to either shoot the debris or use explosives to clear your way. You will find the Cat Sigil pinned on one of the walls, underwater. Just like the previous sigil, the next one will be found on the rail of the watchtower where the Criptograma Chest was also present.

Criptograma Chest Senguda Walkthrough 4

This one on the other hand will point you towards the South-East. Take a close look at the wheeled water tank to find a concrete ladder tunnel present very close to a barrel of Gasolina. This tunnel too will be blocked by a lot of debris.

Shoot the debris to clear your path into the tunnel and then slide down. Once you have reached down you will find the Soursop sigil pinned on one of the walls. The Segunda Criptograma Chest will reward you with Fuego Helmet MK II.

Criptograma Chest In General

Criptograma Chests have tempting awards for you. But you will not be able to unlock it just like that. Far Cry 6 has 15 Criptograma Chests and 30 Criptograma Charts spread all over the map.

To open these Criptograma Chests, you will have to find 2 Criptograma Charts available nearby. Every chest will reward you with a piece of high-grade armor. These exclusive armors will not be purchased from anywhere else in Far Cry 6.

The whole process of finding these Chests will be made a dozen times easier by finding blue markings all over the game. These blue markings will point you in the direction of the Criptograma Charts.

A wind chime will also be present. Jingling away throughout the game, the Wind Chimes will guide you to each chest. It will make locating both the charts and chests very easy.

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