Where To Find Flying Car (Angelito FW Turbo) In Far Cy 6

Flying Car (Angelito FW Turbo) Far Cry 6

The Far Cry 6 has an exciting vehicle that is extraordinarily beautiful at every point in the game. Among many vehicles one car that stands out is a Flying Car. Yes a Flying Car!

Flying Car vehicle is known as Angelito FW Turbo. This awesome car allows you to fly easily over the roads and restricted areas with ease and greatly decreases your travel time. Now you can use the Fly Ways (GTA Vice City Reference) in Far Cry 6 legally XD.

Flying Car Stats

The Angelito FW Turbo flying car is a dual-type vehicle. You can use it on land and in the air but mostly try to use it in the air.

The flying car will help to dodge the anti-air anti-air guns also will help to drop the grenade in the air as it has a grenade dropping feature, which is pretty new. This vehicle is unique.

How to Get Flying Car (Angelito FW Turbo)

Finding the Angelito FW Turbo is a hard task as this Flying car is possibly found in only two places.


For the first location of the Angelito FW Turbo, the flying car, you need to head to the Hideout at Charanga. It is one of the most consistent paths. To get there, you need to get to the Montero Farm, which can only be done after completing the “Meet The Monteros” operation in Valle de Oro.


After that build, the enhanced hidden network heads to the southwest of the Palma forest to find the charanga hideout. It is a guaranteed path to get the Angelito FW Turbo.


The second path is a random one. It is not as guaranteed as the previous ones. Here you need to head to the Revimera supply dock by clearing the Cortina Weather Station present in the Southern Costa del Mar, which is not that easy, and you may have to try again and again.

There take out the anti-air gun present near. After that, fly over to the Revimera supply dock there; you can find an old-looking Angelito FW Turbo near a pile of wood.

After getting the flying car from any location, you need to return to the base camp to claim it where the vehicle summoning point, marked by a green truck icon, is present.

Then you need to drive the vehicle into the blue marked bay. Then after doing that, jump out of the car, where you will get the car to unlock notification.

Always try the first path, and if failed to get the Angelito FW Turbo from there, only then head for the second path.

How to use Flying Car (Angelito FW Turbo)

Flying Car (Angelito FW Turbo) Controls

The Angelito FW Turbo can be used like any other car in Far Cry 6. But when you reach the maximum speed, you can make it fly by pressing the Y or Triangle button.

To stop flying, you need to press the Y or Triangle button again near the ground. The Angelito FW Turbo also has a grenade launcher system in it.

Good Spots to Use The Car

This vehicle is helpful, especially for flying low to the ground, tackling the game’s mobility restriction tactics, and driving past the anti-air guns by dodging them. But it is not advised to use this car on land and is more recommended to use an aerial vehicle.

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