Desert Eagle Location In Far Cry 6

Desert Eagle Location In Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6’s fictitious land of Yara is always torn apart by destruction and chaos. Corrupt soldiers, evil dictators, and dangerous rebels prowl around the island. There’s no one by your side and you have no one who would save you from the dangers that lurk around.

In times like these, a powerful gun would come handy. Widely known as one of the most powerful guns one can wield in Far Cry 6, the Desert Eagle is a beast in the body of a machine. Keep reading to find out Far Cry 6 Desert Eagle location and stats!

Far Cry 6 Desert Eagle Stats

The Desert Eagle is a 4th ranking pistol in Far Cry 6 with a 255 Rate Of Fire and an extremely high amount of Stealth.

Although the damage done is a bit lower than other pistols and handling it is not an easy thing, the Desert Eagle makes up for it with its velocity and accuracy.

“It works wonderfully as a force of brutal nature, withholding intense firepower for the victims that will meet their end.”

Far Cry 6 Desert Eagle Location


Once you have the objective connected with Desert Eagle’s discovery, finding it becomes quite easy. To obtain the Desert Eagle players would first have to complete “The Last One to Leave” treasure hunt.

This mission is located on the coast of Roja Bay at the Northwest end of Esperanza, the capital of Yara. Once you’ve accepted the mission, you will find the an orange casing on a side of the substation.

This orange casing will contain a note narrating all the details of their struggle for freedom and their engineering mother. The reality of Yara will hit you.

With their father taken away to a camp and their mother not with them, three children have been left parentless in the blink of an eye.


Their mother has hooked up three switches for them to help them access a treasure that could give them a respite from all the chaos around them. Your objective would be to snatch the treasure by turning on all three switches.

Now you need to complete the treasure hunt and find your way to the Desert Eagle by following the three separate power lines. The first power line will lead you to a blue house with a red glare lit in it already.


Players will now need to throw in a propane tank or a Molotov to clear out the deadly poison in the air. An explosion will occur. Once you’ve made your way inside you will have to keep moving through the home.


You’ll find one of the three switches here. Flip the switch in the next room.

Let’s move on to the second switch. It will be located on the top of a small green tower with a water tank nearby. Now jump across from a smaller structure nearby as no ladders will be available.


You will find a hole in the small fence, crouch underneath and hop on top of the smaller structure to find an opening to the tower.


A blue piece of clothing will be hanging from it so run and jump toward it to get hold of the second switch. Now head toward the final powerline.

You will find the switch inside a mint green home. Once you have turned the black and orange radio present on the window on go ahead and turn the TV on too.

Turn the picture hanging by the bookcase to find the third switch. You’ll find a note revealing the death of all the other children. Flip the switch and leave.

Enter the unlocked building and claim the treasure. The Rank 4 Desert Eagle will be waiting for you.

This highly powerful pistol is accompanied by a suppressor and a scope that will prove very useful in your journey. 

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