All FND Bases Locations (Liberty Trophy) In Far Cry 6

All FND Bases Locations (Liberty Trophy)

Shooting adventurous spirit grabs a player to any extent of handing the best thrilling time ever. The weapons and levels of getting them set a quality standard which is not easily possible as well as never impossible. The stagnant level of maintaining the levels brings about huge fans on role-playing action video games.

All FND Bases Locations are a handful of the distinct process that includes a crazy cool pathway for all adventure lovers. Deeply seeing the thriller gives the fullest feel of doing things appropriately on All FND Bases.

Far Cry 6 is an adventure shooting game which had been produced by Rima Brek and Designed by Ted Timmins. The game has been released on October 7, 2021. Far Cry 6 vests on action-filled series have the element of doing the play on seven main regions. It has both single-player and multiplayer modes.

What is FND Bases Locations?

Every action game has a mission to accomplish in order to gain a reward named prize or weapons. The player has to go find the place and do the required actions for finishing up the level. Hereby each level has its own distinct feature. Therefore in this game finding and capturing FND Bases is the mission where one is left to complete.

FND Bases Locations

All FND Bases Locations act as a trick card for the players as it easily opens up travel points on the map and gives them the resources they are in need of. By leading down all enemies the location gets liberated. This itself is an amazing use to the players but added to this many more resources can be accomplished if there is a non-use of alarms.

Moreover, if things are done without being caught up other few rewards are waiting for players on FND Bases. Every location is to be undergone by the player. There are about 21 FND Locations. Here are they mentioned orderly respective to their location.

FND BaseLocationSub Location
Cabeza Fuel Depot Isla SantuarioSagrado (Quito)
Cortina Weather StationMadrugadaSerpentino Park (Costa Del Mar)
F.I. Escudo Steel PlantMadrugada Cobre Shores (Aguas Lindas)
GDP Oil PlatformMadrugada Cobre Shores (Aguas Lindas)
Espinosa UniversityMadrugada Oasis Plains (Aguas Lindas)
FND 2nd Armored DivisionMadrugada Palma Forest (Lozania)
Castillo Senorial Tobacco FactoryMadrugada Tobacco Valley (Costa Del Mar)
Maria Marquessa ProductionsValle De Oro Diamante Lakes (Balaceras)
Fort Santa MariaValle De Oro Cape Santa Maria (Cruz Del Salvador)
Dulce Sugar MillValle De Oro Sabiduria Valley (Cruz Del Salvador)
Yaran Marine MaintenanceValle De Oro Del Toro Port (Noventarmas)
FND Special Forces BaseValle De Oro Ventosa Peninsula (Barrial)
CCE Electrical Station 31El Este Catalina Ridge (La Joya)
McKay Global Acid PlantEl Este Mirador Cape (La Joya)
Roca Pequena Sat StationEl Este Fernando Valley (Conuco)
Santo Gusto Coffee FactoryEl Este Robustas Hills (Sierra Perdida)
Gran Roca Telecom StationEl Este Lapida Mogote (Sierra Perdida)
Sureno ShipyardsEl Este Robustas Hills (Sierra Perdida)
Valle PrehistoricoEl Este Isabel Steppes (Conuco)
Fort EsperanzaEsperanzaOld Pueblo (Esperanza)
La Divinidad CathedralEsperanzaWest Lado (Esperanza)

Here are a few lines raised about All FND Bases Locations.

1. Cabeza Fuel Depot

FND Base Cabeza Fuel Depot

This has been manually acquired in the main operation on ” Fuel The Revolution” and comes under All FND Bases Locations. The place is all about fuel holding sites. The area her’s is Sagrado – Quito. The armed forces have stopped gasoline from being delivered. The player here should work on the good progress where he/she gets 300 EXP, 50 Gasolina, and 10 Bandidio Recruits.

2. Cortina Weather Station

FND Base Cortina Weather Station

This exact place here on All FND Bases Locations is at the southern part of Costa Del Mar. The place is reliable about the weather themes and holds salient towers. The reward for this one is 300 XP, 50x Medicine, 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

3. F.I Escudo Steel Plant

FND Base F.I Escudo Steel Plant

The steel-based structure is marked Southwest of Aguas Lindas as a Military Base. The reward comes here as 300 XP, 50x metal, 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

4. GDP Oil Platform

FND Base GDP Oil Platform

The western part of Aguas Lindas which is the tiny island is the place of this oil platform. This FND Base has the reward of 300XP, 50z Gasoline and10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

5. Epinosa University

FND Base Epinosa University

The university is marked here on the Eastern part of Aguas Lindas that gifts the players on completion with 300XP, 50x Medicine, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

6. FND 2nd Armored Division

FND Base FND 2nd Armored Division

The division on this FND Base has been highlighted in Northeast of Lausanne, Madrugada. The final benefits here are 300XP, 50x metal, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

7. Castillo Senorial Tobacco Factory

FND Base Castillo Senorial Tobacco Factory

The tobacco factory mentioned here is in the Eastern part of Costa Del Mar. The rewards are 300XP, 50x Gasoline, 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

8. Maria Marquessa Production

FND Base Maria Marquessa Production

The production house on of this FND Base is located in the Eastern part of Balaceras. Here the rewards are 300XP, 50xMetal, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

9. Fort Santa Maria

FND Base Fort Santa Maria

The Eastern part of Cruz Del Salvador on an Island is this location. 300XP, 50x Gasoline, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos are the rewards.

10. Dulce Sugar Mill

FND Base Dulce Sugar Mill

The mill associated with sugar on this FND Base is spotted on the Northwestern part of Cruz Del Salvador that claims rewards up to 300XP, 50x medicine, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

11. Yaran Marine Maintenance

FND Base Yaran Marine Maintenance

Seaside protective shield marked on North of Noventarmas in this FND Base Location. The reward here is 300XP, 50x medicine, 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

12. FND Special Forces Base

FND Base FND Special Forces Base

The base here is in the northern part of Barrial. The get back of this is 300XP, 50x Medicine, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

13. CCE Electrical Station 31

FND Base CCE Electrical Station 31

The same rewards of 300XP with 50x Gasoline and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos are given here. The area of this Station is in the Northern part of La Joya.

14. McKay Global Acid Plant

FND Base McKay Global Acid Plant

The high-level acid plant is in the southwestern part of La Joya on this FND Base. Here also the reward of 300XP, 50x metal, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos is given.

15. Roca Pequena Sat Station

FND Base Roca Pequena Sat Station

The station has a location in the Northwestern part of Conuco having 300XP, 50x Metal, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos on its completion.

16. Santo Gusto Coffee Factory

FND Base Santo Gusto Coffee Factory

This Factory like FND Base is marked on the Southern part of Sierra Perdida, adjacent to the town of Barriga. 300XP, 50x Gasoline, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos are rewarded.

17. Gran Roca Telecom Station

FND Base Gran Roca Telecom Station

The western side of Sierra Perdida is this location which has a gift of 300XP, 50x Medicine, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

18. Sureno Shipyards

FND Base Sureno Shipyards

Sureno Shipyard has been in the Southwestern part of Sierra Perdida. The rewards are given as 300XP, 50x Metal, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

19. Valle Prehistorico

FND Base Valle Prehistorico

The southern part of Conuco is this place at El Este on this FND Base Location. Rewards here are 300XP, 50x Medicine, 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

20. Fort Esperanza

FND Base Fort Esperanza

This main fort had been located at the outskirts of the city on the western part of Esperanza. 300XP, 50x Gasoline, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos are rewarded.

21. La Divinidad Cathedral

FND Base La Divinidad Cathedral

The cathedral here is on the East side of Esperanza, downtown that has the reward value of 300XP, 50x medicine, and 10x Recruited Los Bandidos.

Every corner of All FND Bases Locations is here inscribed in an orderly manner. Follow then to reach the desired base.

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