Far Cry 2 Villain: Fan Theory Comes True!

Far Cry 2 Villain Fan Theory Comes True

Far Cry 2 Villain has just been confirmed by Ubisoft and we can’t keep calm! After a dozen fan theories pointing out the very obvious seeming connection between The Jackal and Jack Carver, Ubisoft has finally confirmed the unofficial theory. Read on to find out more about the Far Cry 2 villain and Far Cry 2!

Far Cry 2 Villain

Fans who scoffed at the theory about Jackal being Jack Carver might have to wipe the smug smile from their faces and swallow their own words! Looks like the unofficial theory has just been confirmed by Ubisoft themselves! There are obviously truckloads of instances when the wild theories of fans never made it to official announcements but this one is not amongst them.

Far Cry 2’s Creative Director, Clint Hocking has confirmed a theory about the Far Cry 2 villain in a recent interview. Release in 2008, Far Cry 2 villain – The Jackal has always been a part of the franchise. Although the limelight has never been on him much, the Far Cry 2 villain has been bidding it’s time from the beginning.

The Jackal pops in every once in a while to make his presence known to everyone. And throughout the initial levels of the game the Far Cry 2 villain seems out of your reach, but looming above nonetheless. In an interview, Clint Hocking admitted that the fan theory is pretty accurate. “The Jackal is actually supposed to be Jack Carver from the original Far Cry” said Hocking.

“The idea was this is just him, like 10 years later or something, after he’s seen whatever he saw on this island, the idea is here is a decade later here he is kinda leveled up his smuggling game and he’s gotten embroiled in this conflict but he’s also been through a lot more and seen a lot of messed-up stuff.”

Clint Hocking

Hocking’s confirmation is also the first time Ubisoft has clarified the connection between both the characters. Not every query was met with a definite answer though. Players are still wondering about the nuke fiasco that went off at the end of Far Cry 5 that culminated into a war and was seen in New Dawn too. Far Cry 6 makes on mention of the nukes or the war.

The main character in Far Cry 2 is a merc sent into an unknown African country to kill the notorious arms dealer known as The Jackal.

“The games are connected but those connections are loose and not to be taken too seriously.”


Far Cry 2 Villain Fan Theories

Every fan theory, concept or myth has some amount of truth in it initially. It is true for Far Cry 2 villain fan theories too. Fans have reached such conclusions because of many reasons. The first reason is that the Jackal’s background is quite similar to that of Jack Carver’s.

Both the characters served in the U.S Navy, and both had an illegal arms trading operation. People have also wondered about the box given to Jack Carver at the end of Far Cry Instincts and conflict diamonds it might have contained.

The more concrete evidence of theory is the fact that the texture files for the Jackal are all named ‘jackcarver‘. Files like ‘jackcarver_shoes_d.dds‘ and ‘jackcarver_hair_d_mip0.dds‘ do not hide the fact well.

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