Far Cry 6 Ruben Criptograma Chest & Chart Locations

Ruben Criptograma Chest

Far Cry 6 has fifteen Criptograma Chests, and the Ruben Criptograma Chest is one of them. The Fifteen Criptograma are present in the different locations in the Far Cry 6 map, like in Isla Santuario, Madrugada, Valle De Oro, El Este, and Esperanza.

The criptograma chests are marked with a blue arrow which can be found on the map quickly. But the real part is how to open the chest. For this, you need to find and collect two charts in the chest’s vicinity.

The two charts are represented on the box with two sigils. You have to find the charts with the same design to unlock the chest. The charts will also have some associated numbers, which will be used to open the chest.

Ruben Criptograma Chest Location

Criptograma Chest Ruben Walkthrough 1

The Ruben Criptograma Chest is present in the Valle De Oro region. On the map, you will find a blue arrow mark, clicking on which will lead you to the criptograma chest location.

On clicking that blue arrow, you will be taken to the Ruben Criptograma Chest, which is present in the town of Ruben in a bay on the Eastern coast of the Barrial area close to the Ventosa Peninsula Checkpoint in the Valle De Oro region.

You will find the chest at the Southern bend of the road in town. The Ruben Criptograma Chest will be found hidden behind a cement barricade block close to a No Pase sign.

After locating that chest, you have to find two of the charts with the same sigils inscribed on the box. One of the Criptograma charts will be with a coin sigil, and the other one will be a Mamey Sapote sigil.

After identifying the chart, you have to find them and bring them back to the chest. The Charts can be found near the chest.

Collecting the Ruben Criptograma Charts

Criptograma Chest Ruben Walkthrough 2

For the first chart, You have to head towards a cave near the shore. There you will find a wooden jetty that will look out to an inlet with rocks being held back by some orange netting.

Criptograma Chest Ruben Walkthrough 3

You have to shoot open the orange netting to release the rocks, which will allow you to enter the cave. Swim your way to the cave. There you will find a dock on the right-hand side on entering the cave.

Criptograma Chest Ruben Walkthrough 4

You have to climb up the dock, and there you will find the chart stuck on a wooden pillar. You have to Collect it.

After finding the coin sigil, you have to find the Mamey Sapote Sigil.

For the second criptograma chart, you have to return to the shore. There you have to return to the inland. There you will find a path which will lead you to the town through the coast. There you will find two docks.

Go to the ones with small white buildings with a blue arrow pointing under the dock. You may also find some guards on your way.

Make sure to avoid them. After reaching there, go under the dock a little bit. There you will find the Mamey Sapote Sigil. Collect it. After collecting both of the charts, get back to the Ruben Criptograma Chest. 

Ruben Criptograma Chest Rewards

After opening the Ruben Criptograma Chest, you will be rewarded with the Fuego Pants MK II, part of the MK II Incendiary set. The Fuego Pants MK II is a Leg gear that greatly improves fire defense. It has a rank of Four.

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