Casa Marroquin Criptograma Chest: Location & Rewards – Far Cry 6

Casa Marroquin Criptograma Chest

Casa Marroquin Criptograma Chest is one amongst the many Criptograma Chests that Far Cry 6 brings with it. Other Criptograma Chests in El Este include People’s Pride Clinic Criptograma Chest, Barriga Criptograma Chest and Concepcion Criptograma Chest.

Finding all of these chests will be no walk in the park and they will take you on an adventurous journey across the map through sub-regions like Sierra Perdida, Conuco, and La Joya. Keep reading to find out all about it!

Criptograma Chest & Charts

Criptograma Chest are tempting little things found all over in Far Cry 6. There are 15 Criptograma Chests and 30 Criptograma Charts in the game. If you succeed in opening all the Criptograma Chests you will automatically unlock That’s Puzzling trophy or achievement!

All Criptograma Chests reward you with high-grade armor. None of these armor are available to be purchased.

To make finding Criptograma Chests easy, you will find blue markings that point you in the direction of your Criptograma Charts. You will also be able to listen to a wind chime that indicates the location of both Criptograma Chests and Charts.

Although the charts are never blatantly marked on the map they’re always found in the vicinity of the Criptograma Chest.

Casa Marroquin Criptograma Chest and Charts

Criptograma Chest Casa Marroquin Walkthrough 1

The Casa Marroquin Criptograma Chest will be located in Casa Marroquin, Higado Lake situated in the Nueva Vida, Sierra Perdida in El Este. You will be able to find the Casa Marroquin Criptograma Chest in a waterlogged derelict house on the Northern banks of Higado Lake.

Criptograma Chest Casa Marroquin Walkthrough 2

It will be present just North of the farmlands in the middle of El Este. Keep moving till you spot the waterlogged house. Now you will find the Casa Marroquin Criptograma Chest waiting for you on top of the roof right beside a seat with a fishing pole on it.

Criptograma Chest Casa Marroquin Walkthrough 3

A Criptograma Chest cannot be opened without Criptograma Charts. So pull up your socks and get ready to find the Criptograma Charts for Casa Marroquin Criptograma Chest – Tocororo Sigil and El Crocodilo Sigil.

Criptograma Chest Casa Marroquin Walkthrough 4

Criptograma Charts for different Criptograma Chests include Horse, Domino, Cigar, Croco Taxi, Chalice and Machete. See that small shack nearby? Look over it’s roof to find an arrow pointing toward the South.

Keep swimming in the same direction till you find a roofed shelter. Enter the roofed shelter and you will find the Tocororo Sigil pinned on one side of the white storage room of the shelter.

Close to where you found your Bird Sigil, you will spot yet another blue arrow. This blue arrow will be present on a short cinder block pointing towards the North-East. The blue arrow will lead you to another shack – a waterlogged skeleton of a former building.

Criptograma Chest Casa Marroquin Walkthrough 5

The sigil will be present inside the building. You will find all the doors locked but all of them are fragile so a few slashes from your machete will do the job.

Criptograma Chest Casa Marroquin Walkthrough 6

Find the sigil inside and get rewarded with a Hazmat Mask Mk II. The Hazmat Mask Mk II will improve your poison defense.

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