Far Cry 6 Esperanza Criptograma Chests Walkthrough

Far Cry 6 Esperanza Criptograma Chests

Treating yourself with a reward is always the best thing that happens in the game. Every level that we play will have an increase in the points and as well as reward us with some items that are most valuable in the game.

Esperanza Criptograma Chest is a level that you come across in the game in order to get items like Chest Gear and Leg Gear. This level is quite easy and doesn’t demand you to spend any points or energy in Far Cry 6.

Esperanza Apartments Chest

In this Esperanza Criptograma Chest, you have to be a little more conscious of what you do and you will start the search for criptograma chests with a gun.

You will be holding a gun and make sure you don’t get attacked. Go straight to the building that is opposite to you and you will find a blue-colored key symbol printed on the wall.

Next to that building, you will see an arrow symbol to indicate the direction in which you will have to travel. First using the grapple you will climb up and then again with the ladder go up to the building.

Again after that, you will find a blue-colored arrow drawn on the wall to indicate the direction.

Go towards that direction and you will hear the bell chimes and can find your first Esperanza Criptograma chart. To find out the second one use the rope that is been tied from the building that you standing to the other one. Landing on the other building you will find grape branches and flowers used to climb up.

There you will be able to get your second chart and Esperanza Criptograma Chest is completed. Place both the chart on the starting point and as a reward get the chests gear.

Esperanza Cathedral Chest

Same as the earlier one you will have to start this walk-through by having a gun in your hand. You will find a blue color building and a blue arrow to denote the direction on which building you have to climb up using a grapple.

Climb up by jumping in the building and you will reach the starting point of the walk-through where you will have to place the two charts that are been found.

From there follow the blue color cloth in order to reach out for the first Esperanza Criptograma chart. You will be traveling on the building, that is jumping from one building to another and in the final, you will be able to view the first criptograma chart, and don’t forget to keep your ears open because only your hearing sense will help you out to reach for the chart.

After collecting the first charts get into the building through the door that is next to the first chests and jump towards the opposite of the building and come out through the other door.

Just opposite to where you stand you will be able to hear the bell chimes and that gives you the indication that you are close to the second chart and you can find them too nearby.

Now get back to the Esperanza Criptograma Chest and place both the chests there and as a reward, you will get leg gear.

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