Tempestad Lighthouse (Poesía) Criptograma Chest & Charts – Far Cry 6

Tempestad Lighthouse (Poesía) Criptograma Chest

Tempestad Lighthouse has one Criptograma Chest in it with interesting located charts. With over 15 Criptograma Chests and 30 Criptograma Charts, Far Cry 6 has made these collectibles better and the journey of finding them even more excitable.

If a player succeeds in opening all the 15 Criptograma Chests they will automatically unlock the That’s Puzzling trophy or achievement.

Criptograma Chest in Tempestad Lighthouse

Each Criptograma Chest will require you to find 2 Criptograma Charts nearby which will then help you open the chest by acting as keys. Each Criptograma Chest that you successfully open will rewards you with a piece of high-grade armor.

Every Criptograma Chest has blue markings in the game that guide you in the direction of the Charts. You will also find a wind chime available at each chest and chart.

The jingling of these wind chimes will help you hear them from far far away, thus making the whole process of locating them very easy.

Criptograma Chest Poesia Walkthrough 1

Although the Criptograma Charts are never outright located they are always found near the Criptograma Chests, in the same area. These Criptograma Chests are marked on the minimap and have a white chest icon on them when you get closer.

None of the Criptograma Charts or Chests are missable so you need not worry about them. Players will be able to find them after the story in free-roam. To keep track of them you can click on Collection and then Criptograma Charts.

Tempestad Lighthouse (Poesía) Criptograma Chest

The easiest and quickest way to collect all of them is to get rid of Anti-Aircraft Cannons in the map and fly the Avispa Buzzer – a helicopter found in the FND Special Forces Base located in the northeastern area of Valle De Oro.

The Avispa Buzzer can land in water and will let you follow the sound of the wind chimes easily. You will not be able to purchase these in the game. Read on to find out about the ones around Far Cry 6 Tempestad Lighthouse!

Tempestad Lighthouse Criptograma Charts Locations

The quest begins at the Tempestad Lighthouse. You will find it quite easily on the map. Firstly, you will require a boat or you could try swimming to the location for the first chart.

You will be able to find the Rooster at the Tempestad Lighthouse located in Costa del Mar. Head to the northern part of the Lighthouse. Go straight from the jetty with the chest on it. You will find the card waiting for you on one of the rocks. Tread carefully though, dangerous enemies prowl hungrily in this area.

El Tigre once said: “When two fighting roosters are placed in the cockpit, both will fight each other until one of them dies. Always be the winning rooster.”

In-game Description

Players will find Yara Libre near the Tempestad Lighthouse too. To find the second chart you will need to follow the blue markings at the coastline until you have reached a position from where you can grapple up on the cliffs.

Criptograma Chest Poesia Walkthrough 7

The other Criptograma Charts like Dog and Pig can be found at Costa del Mar, El Ojo Cenote. El Trompo and Sunrise Mariposa Flower can be found in Lozania, Verdera. You will find the Yaran Queen Butterfly and Shark in Aguas Lindas, Ocaso Bay.

Other Criptograma Chests

All Criptograma Chests and Charts Locations

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