Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Chest And Charts Location

Far Cry 6 Verdera Criptograma Chest And Charts Location

Running for the worthy credits is one most lively point that makes role-playing action games to be more attractive. All the hindrances and positives a player faces are one such object in the game. Finally resulting with great awards seems to be the happy ending here.

Verdera Criptograma Chest is one among the quest to be completed by the players which is not lesser in its adventure nature. It holds up all the required lines of actions that the user has to cross in the name of Verdera Chest.

The Object

The thing to complete in Verdera Criptograma Chest is unlocking two chart items by finding and opening up the reward of the mission. Going search of these scripts are called as Verdera Chest.

The Beginning

Criptograma Chest Verdera Walkthrough 1

The location of this play is Verdera, Lozania. Firstly the player has to step forward to what the chest is about. All that matters here is the blue marking. Having this as identification the player should follow the Verdera Criptograma Chest in Far Cry 6.

Initially, the player has to climb up the first top from where he/she is in the building. And by following the blue mark the other top. Walking a few steps straight there he/she finds a ladder-like step.

Making use of that the fighter should go up. Here is the box of start having mentioned to find the remaining two Criptograma charts to complete the quest. Going for it one by one and finally placing it in the box unlocks the reward of Verdera Criptograma Chest.

Mission Walkthrough

Criptograma Chest Verdera Walkthrough 2

To go in search of the first chart the player should head towards straight. He/she has to go to the straight opposite building using the helping line.

Criptograma Chest Verdera Walkthrough 3

Walking through the roof here there is a blue mark. Climbing the roof again which has its end leads to the next few steps of the walk and again heading towards the top blue mark.

Criptograma Chest Verdera Walkthrough 4

After crossing two to three blue markings on the building roof the player now finally finds one chart which is needed to unlock the Verdera Criptograma Chest being stuck on the straight pillar having a tank on its top.

Criptograma Chest Verdera Walkthrough 5

Having one in hand the player now has to go in search of the other. Just nearer to the first chart, there is an arrow mark that heads towards the next one. By following that the player walks through the top layer of the building.

After two crosses the user should take the left having a smooth top floor that leads to the next one by the wooden pathway. And again from there to the next one using a pathway the player now climbs the top. Here are also the connection ladderway to the roofs of the building.

Heading to it and finally approaching the blue mark by climbing up the player finally finds the second chart for he/she is in search of. Collecting that and opening up the box which requires it gives the reward of Verdera Criptograma Chest and ends the mission.

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