How to Farm Insurgent Leaders / Insurgency Challenges (Oh No You Don’t! Trophy) – Far Cry 6

Oh No You Don't Trophy

How to Farm Insurgent Leaders / Insurgency Challenges or the Oh No You Don’t! Trophy Guide is no walk in the park. But worry not, we will guide you all the way!

The How to Farm Insurgent Leaders / Insurgency Challenges (Oh No You Don’t! Trophy Guide) will require you to take out 3 Insurgent Leaders [Bronze]. Remember that these Insurgency Challenges will only be available for play after you’re done with the main story. Keep reading to find out all about it!

How to Farm Insurgent Leaders / Insurgency Challenges (Oh No You Don’t! Trophy Guide)

After you are done with the Main Operation: The Battle Of Esperanza you can start with pressing the Touchpad. Now you will find a new tab called “insurgency”. There will be weekly challenges with one Insurgent Leader per week.

Every week you’ll have 4 objectives to complete before you can take an Insurgent Leader down.

Oh No You Don't Trophy Location

You will need to completely destroy a bunch of military targets located in the insurgent zones indicated by white map icons while finishing a Special Operation at the same time.

Although the Insurgency Challenges can trigger offline, the required Special Operations is only playable online.

Farm Insurgent Leaders / Insurgency Challenges

You will still be able to play Special Operations all by yourself by connecting to the internet and starting on the quest with the help of the quest board in your camps. You would be able to exploit Insurgent Leaders in a row without having to wait for 3 weeks.

The easiest way to do so is to finish the first Insurgent Leader off normally, which means you would have to complete all the 4 requirements in the Insurgency Menu (an FND Base, Anti-Air Cannons, Checkpoint, Spec Ops Mission).

The Leader can now spawn and be tracked in the Insurgency Menu. Once you have killed the first Insurgency Leader make sure you pause, go to the menu, and then system to Quit to Main Menu.

This will make sure your game is saved. Now close the app, go to your PS5 Settings then Network followed by Settings, and Connect to the Internet. Uncheck.

Go to your PS5 Settings and change the Date and Time manually. Put a date 12 weeks in the future from the present date. Manually set the date to 12 weeks in the future to make sure the timing matches up with the Insurgency Challenge cycle.

It will take you 12 weeks to cycle through the Insurgency Challenges through the same region again.

As the game chooses a different region every week, in 12 weeks players will be right back at the place they were in the beginning. Now reenter the game.

Note: We advise you to take a look at the Insurgency Menu to see which Spec Ops it wants you to play. The game was launched on 7th October so make sure all the missions are available. Fast forward 12 weeks to get missions.

Now go to your PS5 Settings, Network, and Settings again to Connect to the Internet. Start by repeating the Insurgency Challenges again.

Kill the Insurgent Leader at the end and repeat the above-mentioned steps again to spawn the third Insurgent Leader.

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