El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest And Charts – Far Cry 6

Being a pro, lite or mid-level player requires almost all efficient skills equally to be used in all parts of the quest. No advantages or benefits to any class as every failure of them leads to further great role-playing action video games. Therefore giving the best in each level and class is prominent for the final victory.

EL Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest And Charts are interesting missions having many highs and lows to be crossed. Every move here makes the play to be so attractive and as well as very simple and easy. Every player can do this mission so without any missable points as a complete end to El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest.


The main objective here is to find both the Cryptogram Charts for El Dorado Cabins in Far Cry 6. Getting both the charts required gives the completion of El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest And Charts.


Criptograma Chest El Dorado Cabins Walkthrough 1

The Cabins here are marked in the South of Serpentine Park on the map. The player has to arrive there for the quest of El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest And Charts.

First Chart

Criptograma Chest El Dorado Cabins Walkthrough 2

The player is now presented in the place where the chart is. The player has to get down and move the way straight. Here another hindrance is about the alligators on the way.

Keen attention is required for players’ protection. After getting down and crossing the net the player has to take his left and walk a few long steps through the same way.

By moving up straight here the player reaches the Gator’s place. Keeping his/her weapon ready now the player has to follow the arrow mark scripted in the Rock. Following up the arrow leads the player to cross the water.

Turning around once in a few moments and ensuring there is no danger present ahead is very essential for the smooth flow of the walkthrough. After crossing the waters there is another mark placed on the rock which had its end that is the chart the player is in search of. By grabbing it one part of El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest And Charts ends.

Second Chart

From there it’s time to move towards the second one. By turning around the player has to now head towards the lighthouse. Moving of few steps through waters and following the blue marker the player hedges nearer to the chart.

Following the blue marking scripted on the rock, he/she takes the alternated left and right to the end either by swimming through waters or walking on dry land. Taking up the waymarked with blue crosses gets the proper result of the quest. Here is the other end of the water land.

Walking a few steps straight there is an identifiable lighthouse in the midst of the water. Nearer to that there is the second chart scripted on the rock completing El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest.

Finally returning to the starting place and collecting the required reward El Dorado Cabins Criptograma Chest And Chart completes.

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